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    Airsofting, Photography, Walking and Dog training.
  1. ETO

    Been Quiet Lately..

    Kent; harness = pulling, collar/slip lead = loose leash walking. My dogs are intelligent and I don't insult their ability to differentiate between those two and the words "With me" and "Hike" Red - you bet! I'm in bright pink too so you can't miss me! Thanks for the wishes, I had a brief chat with him online this morning.
  2. ETO

    Been Quiet Lately..

    A bit of both. I had a go with a friends pointer and I couldn't keep my pedalling up with him. On flats I let them pull but on muddy bits or up hills I pedal. And yes - I have a cold and chesty cough at the moment.
  3. Hey guys, Not been posting much. The OH set off back to camp Tuesday evening and he will be shipping off to Afghanistan Tomorrow. We've been manic making sure everyone has seen him before he goes - his brothers wedding. And I've been getting into a new sport with the dogs. This is a video of the pupper and Jack running - the sport is called Bikejoring. It is the only thing I can do that doesn't clash with the commands of gundog training. It's also a quicker way of exercising them before I go to work. Next week we will be ramping the gundog stuff up as Pen is going to Catton Hall G
  4. Good luck! I board a shih tzu and she will take on all my dogs - including the Shepherd mixes! I know of a pug that retrieves pigeon.. So why not a Shih Tzu?
  5. I suppose you could. I know of people who have put whole sprats in, pigs skin.. Here's the thread from the forum where I found out about it. There are loads of ideas once you get through everyones post. But I will say - if you are doing it for human consumption - cook the meat first, cool then put in the dehydrator, unless you like raw meat.. http://www.petforums.co.uk/dog-health-nutrition/283238-im-love.html
  6. Amazon - Andrew James Dehydrator - £35 Not sure about bacteria - I imagine so - but if it's for the dogs then bacteria is nothing to them. Vension liver was from http://www.wildmeat.co.uk/ The diced Turkey thighs - cos I didn't cut them up smaller before hand took 3 days to dry. So some things take longer than others.
  7. I was thinking of making it a small business but can't be doing with taxes and licencing etc.. I do have some beef strips doing at the moment actually The dogs woke me up stupidly early and I thought they really needed the toilet - but their noses went straight to where the dehydrator is.
  8. Ouch! Bet it was fun though Mine don't get much offal in their meals - they get one meal of offal a week so these are great. However I took Lou out yesterday with the Turkey Thigh and he's never worked for something so much. So I'll definitely be dehydrated whole meats more now.
  9. I've been busy dehydrating a range of things for the dogs and my small furries - I've saved a fortune on dog treats and since Louie seems to have a grain intolerance my dehydrator has become a life saver on treats. Lamb & Pig Kidneys Lamb Hearts Venison Liver Salmon Slices Diced Turkey Thigh Pig Hearts And for the small furries Apple Rings Banana Slices
  10. Oh my lord! Have a rolled up newspaper handy!! He's a frigging puppy! There are two ways to handle resource guarding. 1 - hand feed. 2 - leave the dog alone. The first method you start by giving him his food in your hand - don't look at him or attempt to touch him do this for a week or so then say "Good boy" extend your vowels when doing so it's soothing and rewarding. Then gently stroke the dogs head - if he grumbles - you've moved on too quick. Continue on until you can then put the food in his bowl. Only put little bits in his bowl at a time and when he's done with that bit,
  11. So glad I scrolled - thought you'd had a personality transplant then!
  12. Where did I say he hit them? I don't kick my dogs. I don't use a stick, they might get the odd leash pull - but other than that - everything is positive. Him swinging it around - they must have all been hit with it at some point. Not quite as many but I can stop all 5 of mine before they eat AND direct them to their bowls. Without using anything but voice and hand signals. If he'd had done the same - I would've been more impressed.
  13. If he didn't have the whip it would be more impressive IMO.
  14. I'd happily take her on if I didn't have Jack (foster). The thing is - take her off the rubbish food, put her on some decent quality stuff. Give her some exercise (I'd do hydrotherapy to build the muscles first) then cycling etc and everytime she barks outside the house - straight back home. If she was dog aggressive she'd be the same as Benjie. Benjie gave up the barking out of the house within a week of me just taking him home again. And teaching him to speak and be quiet on command. They can be homed together or separate. So if you know of anyone looking for a pet dog or a challenge th
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