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  1. If you would prefer to use this on the fowl I'm sure someone with a dog would take you out. If not good luck with the sale.
  2. Hi folks, this is my 10. If anyone is intetested im happy to meet. Im in the NE at least once a month and the wash in the season. I will consider sensible offers and can chuck in some reloading cases wads etc.. for the right price.
  3. I use this model on the Marsh, its lasted a good few seasons despite numerous soakings and internal rust ups. Prety econonical on the batteries too. Not the brightest but enough to keep you on your feet and out of bother.
  4. In my experience local knowledge or others experience have helped more than anything else. If you have an area in mind it might be worth just posting it up. The basc do a permit book which think covers some of the shootable reserves and will advise you Yes or No if you ask them if you can shoot a specific area. Jon
  5. Thanks for the replys chaps, i think caution is the best approach as you say. jayDT10, this is the scenario I have had at the back of my mind! Looks like I'm going to need to do some door knocking, oh well might get some shooting permission out of it! Jon
  6. Hi folks, Up until now my dog trainings been goinng pretty well and I'm fast approaching time where a dummy launcher and/or starting pistol would be beneficial. I live in a really built up Area but with surprising amounts of waste/Recreational ground Dotted tthroughout. Where do I stand using the launcher and blank firer in these types of areas? Best regards Jon
  7. Hi All, Does anyone know where you can do the DSC1 course on a weekend? I'm trying to arrange a course for myself and a friend before the end of Feb. I'm based in the midlands but happy to travel anywhere to get it done. Thanks Jon
  8. Providing you get the length of the loaded RTO cartridge as short as or shorter than your factory load you'll have no problems (you may have a slight additional tollerence here but usually not a lot), fired case length is irrelevant, is the cartridge loading into the chamber from the mag which will jam not the one being extracted.
  9. Cheers Logo, I'll get one knocked up Sat. Jon
  10. Hi All, Im after a bit of advice re kennel size And shape. I've just finished building my new pups run and am about to start on the kennel. He is crated inside at night the moment but will be moving him outside as soon as everythings ready. My questions are what size should I make the kennel, and would you go for a sleeping box in a shed or kennel with draft partician? The run the kennel will be going in is 2.5m x 2m if that helps. Cheers Jon
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