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  1. The trouble with democracy is no matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in. More seriously, I reckon UKIP will make some surprising inroads at the next election
  2. shakari

    Mandela died

    Sorry. It was your silly comments about foreign aid & the MP etc that showed you didn't know what you were talking about but either way, enjoy your retirement. LOL! What you actually said was: Thats interesting revisionism with regard to europe and wwwII. Ever heard of the marshall plan. Perhaps you should check out the expenditure and then revise up for the 21st century.
  3. shakari

    Mandela died

    Dr D, I don't care who you are or what you do for a living.........If you knew anything at all about what you were talking about, you wouldn't (for example), have made the utterly ridiculous comment about Botswana not having much corruption etc. I don't pretend to know everything about Africa but I do know more about it than most here & am certain I know a lot more about it than you do.
  4. shakari

    Mandela died

    Dr D It's perfectly true & that's why so much foreign aid money disappears up it's own ****. Having spent more than 3 decades doing business and working there, I've been hustled for bribes by everyone from ministers to game scouts and have taken great pleasure in telling them to voetsak. LOL Trust me, I know what I'm talking about and without meaning to cause offence (though I probably will), you don't. .
  5. shakari

    Mandela died

    Don't mean to be hostile at all. 1) I didn't call anyone ridiculous. I called the comparison ridiculous because it is. 2) Neither did I but see directly above. 3) I didn't say nothing, I said less and more. However, although they did get aid from the US by way of the MP, they did also have to pay war reparations before the MP came along. (+/- 3 years between the end of the war and the beginning of the MP) Believe me, the truth is the Africans couldn't organise a one car funeral procession and there's not one of 'em (the politicians) that isn't as flaky as a nine bob note......
  6. More or less retired now but simply adored my job....... not always so keen on some individual clients though.
  7. shakari

    Mandela died

    Ridiculous comparison. The MP ran for about 4 years and was from the USA to Europe. African countries have been in receipt of foreign aid from umpteen different countries and even more NGOs for decades and have obviously copped many times more....... One of the main differences is that whilst most of the MP monies more or less got to where it should be, the VAST majority of foreign aid to Africa goes straight into the Swiss and other private bank accounts of Ministers and others in positions of power and a good percentage of what's left is usually misused entirely....... and I'll be
  8. shakari

    Mandela died

    Love him or hate him, it was a helluva good thing he was there at the handover of power because it wouldn't have been half as peaceful as it was without him. The sad thing is his Rainbow Nation that he made so many sacrifices to create is now dead and buried and the ***** who came after him have squandered his sacrifices entirely and when Madman Malema becomes President as he surely will one day, he's going to destroy the country entirely so God help everyone, especially the whites when that sad day comes.
  9. A bottle A book A DVD A fishing rod A flying lesson or other activity
  10. I haven't had the opportunity to make any for years but have recently found 4 gallons of the local white lightning in my cellar.& as we don't have sloes here, I'm using coffee beans & fruit to make several variations on the theme & I'll be using coffee filters for the job when the time comes.
  11. Can't you use filter coffee filters?
  12. shakari

    Mandela died

    Amazing how many ***** there are in the world!
  13. shakari

    Mandela died

    One of those bombs came close to nailing me in the 80s........ I was at the (IIRC) Rand Show in Jo'burg with a couple of friends. We sat down & had something to eat, put our rubbish in a nearby (2 or 3 yards away) rubbish bin, walked away, turned a corner & a bomb that must have been in the same bin, exploded! Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm a bit cynical about the 'freedom fighters'. LOL
  14. Assuming you have phone banking you can do it that way & FWIW, my bank does it at no charge & within 3 banking days. As has been said, Paypal is another good option & pretty much immediate.
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