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  1. Id be interested in a few empty boxes if thats possible? Don't mind paying for postage obviously and they should flat pack?
  2. Sent you a PM yesterday, has this been sent yet?
  3. NRA (US) Prodec style 12g 25 rounds, breakout holders , ideal PSG £17 posted Israeli Weapons sling, metal attachment points with slide over silence sleeves £8 posted Yes please, let me know payment details
  4. Chris Potter can only do Briley chokes! Might just buy another gun at this rate!
  5. Brilliant. Thanks. I'll give him a call. Im after just a standard factory choke rather than a specific aftermarket one and Teague will only cut his own thread. Anyone else know of anywhere that can do it? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the comments. Yes I want to cut a multi choke thread in a single barrel. I am willing to give it a go myself but would get it done in a lathe. I am not particularly fussed if it works or not as it will be a cheap spare barrel for a semi that I want to try a project with. If anyone has had choke threads cut by anyone in the UK apart from Teague I would be grateful for contact details. Failing that then back to my original question of does anyone have or know of a tap and reamer in the UK before I go and spend £250 on PTG or Brownells...
  7. Anyone have any experience in cutting their own choke? Anyone have a tap and reamer I could borrow/rent? Found a few in the states, but crazy money!
  8. Sorry to thread resurrect, but why did it need to go to an RFD?
  9. rarms


    Yes please. YHPM
  10. 4 x H&K G3 mags. £5 each 1 x Uzi Mag loader loader. £5 Lee .32-40 2 die set with scoop, shell holder and approx 40 re-sized .30-30 cases some fired - £30 Lyman .455 Webley three die set boxed with Lee shell holder - £30 98 x .455 Webley cases comprised of: 30 x UMC, 18 Mixed & 50 New professionally converted from .45 Colt - £40 79 x .30-30 cases comprised of: 19 PRVI once fired, 40 Hornady once fired & 20 unfired Winchester centenary nickel cases - £20 70 x .45 Long Colt cases - 34 Magtech & 36 Remington - £10 Sinclair Rod Guide for Winchester Mod 70 .223 - £4
  11. rarms

    Mags and Brass

    Having a clear out, can post, cost will be £3 per parcel: 4 x H&K AR15 .223 Mags. £7.50 each 4 x H&K G3 mags. £7.50 each 3 x 25rnd Uzi mags appear as old surplus stock but don't think they have ever been in a gun. £10 each 1 x 32rnd Uzi mag, good condition but has been used. £12 1 x Uzi Mag loader loader. £5 1 x SLR/FAL mag, imperial not metric and dated 1959. £15 100 x MKE ZQ 7.62x51 once fired cases in boxes of 20, boxer primed. £7 60 x .308 once fired brass (45 PMC & 20 Federal). £5 Lee .32-40 dies and shell holder and approx 40 re-sized .30-30 cases. £45 20 x .300 Winmag cases, three fired, 17 unfired but primed - £5 collection only as primed 20 x .30-30 Winchester factory rounds - £10 collection only with FAC allocation
  12. As header, 7.5 shot, 28 gram load, plastic wad. Two slabs. £30 a slab or £55 for the two. Can deliver daytime within Hanmpshire, or collection from Worthing in West Sussex.
  13. I have had aerosol paints delivered by hermes before if that helps
  14. As header, looking for all or some of the parts for a Mossberg 500 safety. What have you got? Thanks
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