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  1. Looking for a barrel only for an 870. Any one able to help?
  2. rarms

    25 cartridge boxes

    Sorry I wasn't clear. I am looking for 3 or 4 empty boxes, that would have originally contained 25 cartridges I realise a clay ground is the easy option, but my local one is an hour away, and don't even know if they are still running with covid.
  3. Anyone out there have some empty cartridge boxes they wouldn't mind considerately folding and posting to me? Will pay for postage and time, just have loads of loose cartridges and need to have a tidy up!
  4. Id be interested in a few empty boxes if thats possible? Don't mind paying for postage obviously and they should flat pack?
  5. Sent you a PM yesterday, has this been sent yet?
  6. NRA (US) Prodec style 12g 25 rounds, breakout holders , ideal PSG £17 posted Israeli Weapons sling, metal attachment points with slide over silence sleeves £8 posted Yes please, let me know payment details
  7. Chris Potter can only do Briley chokes! Might just buy another gun at this rate!
  8. Brilliant. Thanks. I'll give him a call. Im after just a standard factory choke rather than a specific aftermarket one and Teague will only cut his own thread. Anyone else know of anywhere that can do it? Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the comments. Yes I want to cut a multi choke thread in a single barrel. I am willing to give it a go myself but would get it done in a lathe. I am not particularly fussed if it works or not as it will be a cheap spare barrel for a semi that I want to try a project with. If anyone has had choke threads cut by anyone in the UK apart from Teague I would be grateful for contact details. Failing that then back to my original question of does anyone have or know of a tap and reamer in the UK before I go and spend £250 on PTG or Brownells...
  10. Anyone have any experience in cutting their own choke? Anyone have a tap and reamer I could borrow/rent? Found a few in the states, but crazy money!
  11. Sorry to thread resurrect, but why did it need to go to an RFD?
  12. rarms


    Yes please. YHPM
  13. 4 x H&K G3 mags. £5 each 1 x Uzi Mag loader loader. £5 Lee .32-40 2 die set with scoop, shell holder and approx 40 re-sized .30-30 cases some fired - £30 Lyman .455 Webley three die set boxed with Lee shell holder - £30 98 x .455 Webley cases comprised of: 30 x UMC, 18 Mixed & 50 New professionally converted from .45 Colt - £40 79 x .30-30 cases comprised of: 19 PRVI once fired, 40 Hornady once fired & 20 unfired Winchester centenary nickel cases - £20 70 x .45 Long Colt cases - 34 Magtech & 36 Remington - £10 Sinclair Rod Guide for Winchester Mod 70 .223 - £4
  14. Having a clear out, can post, cost will be £3 per parcel: 4 x H&K AR15 .223 Mags. £7.50 each 4 x H&K G3 mags. £7.50 each 3 x 25rnd Uzi mags appear as old surplus stock but don't think they have ever been in a gun. £10 each 1 x 32rnd Uzi mag, good condition but has been used. £12 1 x Uzi Mag loader loader. £5 1 x SLR/FAL mag, imperial not metric and dated 1959. £15 100 x MKE ZQ 7.62x51 once fired cases in boxes of 20, boxer primed. £7 60 x .308 once fired brass (45 PMC & 20 Federal). £5 Lee .32-40 dies and shell holder and approx 40 re-sized .30-30 cases. £45 20 x .300 Winmag cases, three fired, 17 unfired but primed - £5 collection only as primed 20 x .30-30 Winchester factory rounds - £10 collection only with FAC allocation
  15. As header, 7.5 shot, 28 gram load, plastic wad. Two slabs. £30 a slab or £55 for the two. Can deliver daytime within Hanmpshire, or collection from Worthing in West Sussex.
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