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  1. old_n07

    FAC - Medical Certificate Invoice

    ^^^^ This - all they did on my renewal is put a digital marker on my record that says that the police must be informed if I suddenly become unsuitable to own a firearm through stress or howling at the moon etc which is money for old rope
  2. old_n07

    FAC - Medical Certificate Invoice

    And I thought my GP surgery were robing **** when they wanted £30 when I renewed last month 😮 My FLO did say when he came round to do my inspection that he had advised a few people who's GP's were playing sill beggars to ask the GP to see there own medical record and this is a free service - you get a code like letting someone view your driving licence - then you can give your FLO the code and he can see the records The only downside is that the FLO gets to see everything on file warts and all.
  3. old_n07

    Project Binky

    I know from reading the Landy restoration threads and other motoring threads here that many of you appreciate the mechanical side of things - especially the "built not bought" mentality. The two guys that are building Project Binky which is an Austin Mini GT-Four hybrid (Turbo Charged and 4WD) are definitely mad but have some serious fabrication skills, they are currently up to episode 20 of the v-log and I've really enjoyed watching them get to where they are up to now and I thought you chaps might appreciate what they are doing Episode 1 here and their Youtube Channel is here N07
  4. old_n07

    Rowley Gun Club - Croxton, Staffs

    Might be worth giving Tony a call, really nice chap - had a few lessons off him myself https://sites.google.com/site/clayshootinginstructor/about-us
  5. old_n07

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    No, they are due tomorrow according to Amazon so fingers crossed
  6. old_n07

    Prescriptions shooting glasses

    I know a couple of people who have these safety glasses with the built in lens frames - they got their own optician to provide and fit the lenses to them https://www.topgunclothing.co.uk/shooting-glasses/premier-plus-protective-shooting-glasses At £30 + lenses they don't break the bank
  7. old_n07

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    This link has some pointers of what to look for: https://canadianfirearmsblog.ca/identifying-counterfeit-impact-sport/
  8. old_n07

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    That's if you buy them via the UK site - if you get them off the international site (via .com) they are £38 delivered including import duties and VAT
  9. old_n07

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    No problem, mine are due next week so I'll let you know what they are like - my HL's are about 5 years old and the cups could do with a freshen up and hopefully they will seal better around the arms on my specs.
  10. old_n07

    Electronic ear defenders (howard leight)

    You can get replacement cups for them off Amazon that are gel like the ones on the MSA Sordin ear deffenders http://www.valhollgear.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Valholl-Gear-Replacement-Impact-Headphones/dp/B0719D35HM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1541032237&sr=8-1&keywords=Valholl+Gear
  11. old_n07

    Which Presure washer

    Nilfisk here as well Is it just me or do the Sthil washers look just the same as the Nilfisk ones but just a different coloured housing
  12. old_n07

    Identify a Font

    The font used in the website is Karla, but is it the font used for the company name on the book cover \ logo in the menu bar that you are after? https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Karla
  13. Genuine Apple magic keyboard (British English) and magic mouse 2 set (2017) I've got 2 new unused sets that came with some iMacs that had to have a wired keyboard and mouse so these were surplus to requirements - £85 posted Magic keyboard Magic mouse 2
  14. old_n07

    Adding photos

    I find it easier using a hosting site like photobucket then using the IMG link from under the uploaded photo paste it into the post and the pic is displayed when you preview \ submit it
  15. I use the anvil on the back of the bench vise as a striking block, I don't hold back in giving it a good whack and the Frankford one I have has stood up to the abuse - although if I have a few to do I will use the Hornady cam-lock as it's kinder on the ears and quicker