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  1. Late to this party but i Know of one chap who used to beat on a game shoot i was part of in lincolnshire. This chap Was 100% from south yorkshire police area Barnsley area if i remember right.. Story was he was he was up for renewal he had a air rifle not sure of make or type, but on inspection / interview policeman noticed this air gun. FAO got it tested unsure of exact details if he took it there and then or came back latter no idea, but bottom line was this lad lost his FAC and shotgun certificates this airgun was just over 12ftlbs, lad had no idea. but he broke the law so his licence went for over two years. That force was 100% south yorkshire this happened mid nineties early 2000s from memory.
  2. Nice! that wont get stuck easy.😎·
  3. CV carbs on motorbikes ! I have just re emerged from two weeks of pure hell, trying to tune My nephews XS650 Mikuni CV carbs to run on individual filters. This will be the case on Most probably all bikes with CV carbs but Yamaha XS2 650 1974 M reg. Straight off if your bike still has its original air box and filter set up my advice is DONT TOUCH IT. Ok its ugly black and needs hiding but Cv carbs need the air boxes chamber and volume flow to let them function acceptably. the bike in question was a pile of parts he bought in a drunken ebay whim back in the winter, He did an ok job of assembling the bike he had a frame stove enamelled and resprayed the tank himself and it looked good Norton style pea shooter exhausts and it bursts into life and ticks over great, but try to ride it and it had big issues. He brought it to me with the carbs off and in a cardboard box. I set too stripped and cleaned them put them back on and it was no better i changed the pilot jets from 132s main 42 pilots to 135 mains and 45 pilots, ran better but still holding back. Seriously difficult to set up on the original filters he had, they were effectively blocking the carb breathers in the mouth of the carbs mikuni BS 38s. Tried some more filters bought off EBAY uk these were better no restriction on the rubbers, and , after trying a couple more jet options i ended up at 135 main and 45 pilots and 2 1/2 screws out and a small shim washer under each needle. Only way i could get it running acceptably. If by me posting this i deter any wannabe tuners from chopping up the black airbox then thats is a good thing. I can only describe the faffing around with these carbs as frustrating verging on annoying , Believe me DONT DO IT run it stock on the air filter side cv carbs are a real pain to get running on individual filters.
  4. Hatsan in left hand new would be a gun fits your criteria. Hatsans are reliable work great unbeatable for the money new. Used shotgun the world is your oyster most semis will be fine last a lifetime, Browning beretta benelli Winchester the better known brands are good used buys. Right handed vs left hand shooter. i shoot left hand been using semi autos over 45 years, in that time had one left hand gun a 1187. it was fine, but so were all the right handed ones too. I heard about the gas blow back firts time around 1988 i heard it from a left handed 1100 shooter at a clay ground, he warned me, and 30 years latter thoudands of rounds i never had a singe issue ever. Even with 10ga semi autos all right hand again never had a problem ever , Just saying.
  5. Lies and half truths eddied to fit in with his chain of thought are what makes these people sound plausible. The hapless individuals who helped fund their exploits, must by now be aware that they were just funding an anti gun group with no interest in conservation.
  6. He is cluless personaly i would not entertain him, there is nothing to be gained from interaction with such a fool. Island gun as just posted what happened when the moron is given real facts. he will only use anything said as propaganda if he can so why entertain the fool.
  7. Avery clearly reads the comets on here or elsewhere and its clear he is clueless on ammo conservation most things and for heavens sake don’t educate him. His ignorance continues to do him justice let it stay that way.
  8. Only those in pyramids and only when the Pharaohs are out shopping. Yes BASC have it all there in one place .
  9. 19 crows this morning. running total 340
  10. Well done BASC a job well done a victory from common sense, once real conservationists get involved this is what happens.
  11. I think it probably will have been, I imagine it was given up at the 1996 -1997 buy out, AFAIK the 455 webley was in the 1992 guidance as obsolete then.
  12. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10336-019-01667-6?fbclid=IwAR2ZoP4pZ7Yze18lSnJz42B1bUtMjanfUXBJAAYw1vMP9hK3Gz24-5YR1TE
  13. Interesting video Mudpatten some good points raised and explained. The haters are going to hate its just the way they are you can not reach these its pointless trying to, all you can do is support BASC and the other organisations in their uphill struggle against the opponents of our sport .
  14. Yes agree well done BASC given the time allotted a fantastic job.
  15. Some time around 1996 1997 Expanding ammo became a requirement on your certificate if you wanted to buy use own any , at the time if you had an old cert you had to send it back get expanding put on> if you were a target shooter you would not be granted that condition. If you wanted to shoot vermin with solids it was up to you, i have shot many rabbits with T 22 winchester and eley tenex. If Dundee wrote you a letter or not is down to them and how they chose to advise it had no weight in law.
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