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  1. B B

    Load lugging

    Never used one but often thought about a golf trolley as long as its walking up headlands paths with few ditches to cross should do the job and folds up in the boot of even a small car.
  2. B B

    Is fowling still as popular ?

    I do not think wildfowling is in decline, but i think some areas of the country are seeing changes in wildfowl activity and some of these areas a drop in wildfowlers clubs members / visiting as a direct result. But overall i think we are holding our own.
  3. B B

    How far do you drive for your fowling?

    Distance anything from 5 mins each way local to 40 mins to three hours 30 to 150 miles to the east and 21/2 to 31/2to 4 hours to the west 130 to 180 miles . Not counting Scotland which can be 4 hours salway to 10 or more right up north . Traveling is just an inconvenience in wildfowling Its the most expensive aspect of the sport for me if i lived over the west coast i would save a fortune on diesel and think i could just about satisfy my hunger for the sport over there without venturing east anymore.
  4. B B

    Soft 20

    Dont think you will have any trouble, the 56Es are a nice light little OU but most side by sides are as light if not lighter so think that load or any typical 7/8 factory load will be fine in it. The Baikals at 53/4 lbs is not typical Side by side 20s they are heavy built things the baikals.
  5. B B

    Soft 20

    Not heavy recoiling out of Baikal SxS 26 inch . 5 3/4 lbs
  6. B B

    The best shooting sticks

    Nice set up and i think in some sittuations ideal, but in cases when a simple quick to use layout is needed, i use this i made on 15 years or more ago still use it to this day and is one of the best things i have ever made or bought in my opinion. http://www.varmintal.com/abifu.htm
  7. B B

    Soft 20

    Hope you find a cartridge you are happy with but remember there is more to recoil than just velocity and pressure , a big contributor to felt recoil is GUN FIT if the gun has long enough stock and fits you well the lack of physical mass in the weapon might not be as relevant as it first seems.
  8. I used them a few times in my side lock and they did not register as heavy on recoil, but im old now and come from a time of heavy loads in wildfowling go to 3 inch load was 1 7/8ths oz years of such loads mean recoil is there but it dont register as anything out of the ordinary. But i get what you are saying they are lively agree and the do work good.
  9. B B


    Use Leather riding gloves majority of the time , i have done years now, wool is warm even when wet but they dont grip well enough and neprene ok but never seem as warm as natural leather to me. but will admit in the wet i do like neprene in rain its probably best compromise in such conditions.
  10. Not sure if they are \still about but 18 months or so ago i got 6K of some Jocker LAs , these were bought at 150 a thousand , still got 4 k so i am ok for a year or two yet. Looking at prices now i think i can add £50 a thousand at least by the time i need some more ammo. Anybody seen any of those jockers LAs about nothing special but the work ok, interested to know if still around.
  11. B B


    Update! Another aquaintance of mine did buy this truck, £185 in belts bolts and idler and it all turned out fine for him with around 4 hours of is time putting it together one stuck caliper and a buld in headlight and its up and running, Seems to run nice he just took it up to Inverness wildfowling last week did over a thousand miles in it with no issues. So i suppose it goes to show you can be lucky sometimes. It was the condition of the crank threads that i was scared of, and also i was not comfortable the L200 was what i wanted in a 4x4 knock about. More i look around more i am tempted to just buy another teranno may be a SWB comercial van cheaper tax and big enough for my needs now the children have grown up.
  12. B B

    Friends show car

    It looks a nice\ car but those looking at it in the pictures do not look that happy they all got long faces. Sorry ill get me coat. LOL!
  13. B B

    best size chamber on fibre

    Fibre wads can mean the typical a fibre wad all by itself just dropped on the powder maybe compressed a little the shot added and crimped, this is the way many manufacturers do fibre. This is cheap and simple but it may or may not impact on performance /velocity / patters this as touched on here already , and can be bore chamber sensitive to some extent in some guns. If you want reliable fibre wad ammo that crawls all over plastic wadding even beating it you need to do more to ensure effective gas sealing from the very start of the combustion proses. Inverted card cups over powder felt then harder fibre wad section and undershot cards give little if any disadvantage to the plas wads, to such loads if you wrap and buffer things get even better. Fibre wadding works as well as the attention to detail you give it, as a wad its no better or no worse, and if you add inverted cups with little else you would have good reason to boast they will work in anything and perform better. Try a few on your equiptment with inverted cups this is the way to go with fibre wads and in itself is a good place to start to sort out any fibre problems that might exist.
  14. B B

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Is the recoil aspect of the o/us weight over the SxSs relevant now? . Back in the day when i shot trap 32 gram or more then yes recoil was an aspect, but now they shoot 24 gram dont they? a 6 1/2 lb game gun IF IT FITS YOU! Should be just fine.