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  1. You could narrow it down even more by reloading, then ammo is always available no matter where you are.
  2. .243 is more than enough Deer Act 1991 states minimum calibre and minimum muzzle energy (.240" and 1700 ft/lbs) for the lawful shooting of Deer in England. But for fallow red and sika in Sctland and northern ireland you need 1700 ftlbs n ireland 100 grain and scotland 1750ftlbs and 2450 fps 100 grain. .243 will do the job but these are minimum requirements in law here, you can go bigger and have more choice in bullet weights bullet construction and performance.
  3. Get a 2506 brilliant round fast flat you have from 75 to 120 grain bullets at good velocity, available in a many different rifles.
  4. What do you all think is key to making the owl decoy work well, is it possitioning of owl or a better looking decoy over the plastic decoys, Would flocking or feathering a plastic help or is a stuffed owl needed for best results do you think.? Interesting you two had results with plastic decoys and i like the crow in claws touch that sounds it could be worth pursuing at some point.
  5. Lets hope reason and common sense prevails in the consultation, i am pleased packham is involved his rhetoric is so anti shooting his credibility with right thinking people is becoming compromised. What is frightening is just how out of touch with reality these people are.
  6. You might not get every 24 and 28 gram load to work in the hatsan, you will have to try a few different ones until you find a powerfull type of cartridge. I am sure something will function it, try RC SIPE they go well. Remember gas semi auto guns have lower felt recoil than the inertia driven guns, benelli have those springy rubber cush drive stocks (comfortech) to try and adsorb recoil in the SBE models these days, their attempt to help reduce the felt recoil in inertia driven gun shooting magnum ammo. My experience with inertia guns is that if you have them cleaned and oiled right they work fine, i have to admit though i have seen A benelli M2 hang up more than i would have wanted in a pigeon hide, they were using hull high pheasant and that gun did not like that ammo at all. So i dont feel Inertia guns are as full proof as they are often said to be. In the cheap semis i would get a Baikal myself but nothing wrong with hatsans and some others, you want to shop around see whats available, there are other options these days, young bloke in our club as a ATA he likes it and never seen it jam yet. The armsan A 612 and 620 get good reviews some on this forum have them they seem popular. My advice is Semi auto Baikal ..
  7. Thanks for reply, i never had much success with my owl decoy i might give it a try again, some videos on you tube seem to show them working , i think i have not been using it in the right situations.
  8. Used SRM Terror .705 Rem choke £100 posted UK & Mainland .
  9. Walking the dogs tonight i could hear corvid activity in the distance, soon as i got out the car, walking up the track could see crows into an alder clump clearly upset about something . There were about 7 mobbing a tawny owl . My presence did not seem to deter them at first but the dogs running around and the fact i was stood watching them they left off but circled around gradualy dispersing after a few mins. The Tawny was not phased it just sat there moving into a thicker part of alder and i walked off left it to it. This time of year suppose crows on metal owl was in wrong place at wrong time. I then got to thinking the owl decoy i bought ten years ago and how it had never really proved that good as a decoy. Why is this ? Is it me not sighting it right or is it that its not a tawny or anything they recognise as an owl, or are crows smart enough to know a lump of plastic from a real Tawny owl.
  10. B B

    shoot vehicle

    I am in a similar position looking for a shooting car. Sold my LWB teranno which was fantastic but getting old and i let it go when the opportunity presented itself. Ever since then i have been on the lookout for something suitable and can not find anything that quite fits the bill and yet is frugal on fuel . X trails are ok but i have looked at a few and driven a mates a lot and they just do not do anything for me . Two cars are on my short list at the moment i have mates who have both and i like everything about both of them. These are in order of preference Jeep Cheroke patriot or liberty 2.0 CRD manual. or a Mitsubishi outlander or forwork version. Both these cars have 2.0 litre TDI VW diesel engines and they are a nice drive good off road and under your 3 k budget. I like the jeep the best my mates is a big mileage 269 000 miles 2008 (57 reg) he got it used with 140 000 miles on it 4 years ago he has done 30 000 in it a year and apart from servicing its needed very little the alternator clutch pulley disintegrated at 180 000 miles he had a weeping power steering pipe picked up by mot last year he just had to tighten up , and apart from tyres last year its been reliable. its good off road comfortable and a nice drive. VW 2 litres are apparently prone to turbos giving trouble, but mate has had no trouble but he changes the oil regularly perhaps this has helped with reliability of turbo.
  11. Had a super nova was good a little heavy but worked great, not had a 535 but had a 500 for several years of the two guns To use i liked the 500 more but i think the super nova is better made overall. Of the two i think i would go for the super nova .
  12. A friends son is doing MOT training updates , and he said the lecturer told them MOT testers could wear head cams wile doing MOTs, now i can not see this happening myself but it goes to show they are thinking looking into every avenue they can dream up.
  13. Its all right deleting such restrictions but now its simple to plug in a bluetooth adapter to the obd 2 port and a phone add you can view live data wipe codes and police or vosa will be able to check if such things have been tampered with just off their phones not even a need for a laptop or vag com /lexia tec 2 any dedicated software. If its deleted nullities your insurance its a big risk for what you gain and breaking the law as the potential to put your bank balance in jeopardy or perhaps your gun licences. when restrictors come in best to just accept them . Vosa pulled in a mate who inocently purchased a AUDI a6 it had been de DPFed and holow cat visualy just a cat but borred out and lined in steel so it even felt sounded good when tapped, but vosa found it and he was lucky to get away with a warning cost hin around a thousand pounds to replace everything to standard again . they are shutting the door on the tempering and modifying with newer cars, and as more and more new technology becomes available i think it will get more difficult to bypass things.
  14. Red Rubber Grease works.
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