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  1. Loved that thanks for posting
  2. I was out this evening on our local marsh , and skein of 35 circled then got back in formation and headed north . A rare sight down here but very nice to see .
  3. sounds like you have found your answer , a few of us have fished it for the past 5 yrs . and had some great days out on the boat . cant say we have caught anything bigger than , I think 4.2 lb . but the fish fight well in there . follow the wind on the drogue until you find the fish . the rangers are helpful with advice of flies and where the fish are . hope u catch well . this yr we have decided to go to wales for our trout fishing holiday . morty
  4. Your going to have to put more pigeons in a row , can hardly make you out in the photo , lol Great report .
  5. Nice report , and some nice plump mallard . Mmm
  6. Sometimes it's worth going out just to see that , and listen to the marsh wake up .
  7. I'm away at the mo , so will let u know when I get back ......
  8. Not sure if u meant morty or motty !! But I spoke to clay n game again this wk , and they hav sorted me a powder out now so I can load 2.5oz of tungsten . Not sure what the problem with powders was all about , but I here game bore may be loading there own 8 bore shells . Would it be possible game bore r holding back on load data and powder etc , ?
  9. I remember when I was a kid and waiting every wk for my mag to come through the door . It was called The Victor , some war soldier type mag . I couldn't wait to read it , and now every wk I look forward to reading your reports . They give hope to people like me Mr average who doesn't know the bee all and end all about pigeon shooting , but we learn from people like u PC . So keep posting for the majority , I for one will be looking forward to next wks report . I went out yesterday and shot a flight line , one of 3 crossing a field . Thought I picked the right line , but no it was
  10. thanks for your reply , will have another word with c&g , and see what what they can come up with . cheers thats really helpful , er not .
  11. Phoned yesterday , they said I could load upto 2oz with AO . I want to load 2.5 oz . And they are testing other powders to replace the CSBO . Looks like I might hav to wait a bit longer . Thanks for your reply
  12. Hi All Looking to home load 8 bore . 2.5 T/M , and having trouble getting powder . Does anyone on here know of any please , tried 3 supplyers this morn and all out of stock for this type of load . Greatfull for any help Morty
  13. Great evening out , never a dull moment on the marsh . Well done on your first pintail something I'm still after , and well done for picking the mallard . That's why we take our four legged friends .
  14. Great story with a superb out come .
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