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  1. Hello everyone, sorry its taken me a few days to get back to you I have been dealing with some family issues. The price wouldn't include the carcass and as Toontastic says it would be broken down into three stages, the £70 is for the time and advice stalking with an experienced guide whose job is to get you into safe and sensible shooting range of a target deer. The second price (cull prices shown in original post) is for the shot plus the head for any medal class animal. If you were looking to take the venison home it would be charged at £1.00 per 1lbs with head and feet removed on the
  2. Hello Ladies and Gents I have a some fantastic deer stalking on offer with high quality muntjac, roe and fallow that all being in very promising numbers across several extremely scenic farms in north Wiltshire and south Oxfordshire. We aim to provide days for all levels of deer stalking experience from those who have never been before to those with years under their belts. On the day of the stalk you would be met by one of our experienced and friendly guides and taken through a pre shoot brief. Whenever possible we would head to a separate part of the farm to check zero and ensure both y
  3. We will be shooting the woods until the leaf cover comes back and no longer shootable
  4. Hi everyone I am running crow/rook/jackdaw roost shooting sessions again this year. Shooting will take place in a wood that is approx 6-8 acre that is highly populated with corvids on average we are seeing over 400 birds nightly in this long standing roost. The shoot is based in North Wilts, just a few miles from the Royal Wootton Bassett area. Roost shoots tend to be 1.5-2 hours with the very best shooting at very last light, this shoot offers many different shots that will challenge any shooter. Shoots start with meeting in Royal Wootton Bassett with a brew and quick pre shoot brief followe
  5. Cheers for your help walker570, managed to get on a couple of walk one stand one days last year and trying to get that again. Can't find any days on guns on pegs for under £500 which to me is far too much for a day out in the country side
  6. Hi I am trying to pick up a few days this season on driven pheasants ideally in the south west but can't seem to get info into small local shoots that won't break the bank. Is there anyone out there that can point me in the right direction or know if anyone looking for guns on anything in the south west through to Oxford? Cheers for any help
  7. Hi everyone I am looking to try and get onto a dsc 1 course or something that would count as the same qualification. I have called basc and still waiting to hear back from them but the person I talked to didn't seem to think any other course is important as it might not be recognised if I went for dcs2 (something I am not really worried about at the moment). At the moment the soonest dsc1 course I can find in my area (south west/ wilts) is April and due to commitments I have I am not able to wait until then. Does anyone know of anywhere I can either get onto a dcs1 course (willing to travel p
  8. Wilts#Dave I have sent you a PM about your questions.
  9. Hi everyone I have a chance for up to 2 guns at a time to come decoying Canada geese over stubble fields near Royal Wootton Bassett, north wilts. This will be decoying at first light, meet and have everything set up ready to go at first light. Curently we are seeing an average of 50 canadas every morning. The bag limit would be 3 canadas per gun due to landowners request to avoid birds being wasted after they have been shot. No extra charge for taking the birds home with you. There will be at least 1 guide between guns but most likely a personal guide for each gun. Well behaved dogs are very
  10. Hi guys I know many people don't use ferrets at this time of year as the ferrets have their minds on other things. I have been asked by one of my permissions to use as many methods as possible to reduce the rabbit numbers as they are causing so much damage. They are being lamped on a regular basis but it isn't enough. The permission is in the chippenham area. Just to be clear this is a one time offer to someone with ferrets and equipment to come and help me out, hoping for a decent bag as there are plenty about and I a happy to share any out. If you have any questions or want to take up this
  11. PM if you are interested with only genuine offers direct contacts preferred
  12. I run a part time pest control business and one of the farms I control has a bit of a rabbit problem. Due to previous shooters who from what I can figure out couldn't shoot straight there are a fair amount of rabbits but wont sit for the rifle when with night vision. I do not have ferrets but as there are many clear warrens that took well used to me I am looking for someone who owns and knows how to work ferrets. looking to mainly use nets with possibly a shotgun out to deal with any runners. The land in question is situated in north wilts. This is a one time offer not a full permission to be
  13. Hi guys I have sent of my fac and looking to find out opinions on what is the best .22 rifle on sale today. I am looking to get something brand new rifle with a thumb hole stock preferably, bolt action not semi auto. I have been looking at some rifles like the browning T bolt or the CZ 455th stealth. Any advice/ comments are welcome Thanks guys
  14. Hi everyone I have just sent off my fac forms, one of the rifles I am applying for is a .22lr and wanted to know opinions from you guys on what you recommend. I know that I am looking for a bolt action over a semi, thumb hole stock preferred and able to fit a moderator any suggestions welcome guys thanks
  15. Two spaces remaining for a mainly crow shooting day on Thursday the 25th of September. Paddymax123
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