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  1. I hav bsa s 10 in .22 jb blue print fac +30 ftlbs depending on pellet will do 40 shots from a fill what more could you need I could use a bigger budy bottle 70 shots
  2. is it fac or sub 12 ftlb try predator air guns look on google they keep every thing you will ever need you won't get metal mags any more so if you still have the sh~t indexing system I can send some pics on how to modify the plastic ones
  3. quick update the h+n sniper range of pellets are **** they are nothing like the range right pellets A not heavy a nuff B not even the right shape *** h+n ?so who's dies have they brought? C my gun slings them every where but where I need them to go oh well a pellet testing I will have to go fu#* h+n
  4. have found them thanks stu but can't find the heavy for sale any where
  5. help wanted in finding any one who knows a shop that still has some in stock pls pm me with any details if you find them many thanks and appreciation ,I know they do not make them any more but my fac s10 loves them have been using for last 8yrs / does any one know if h+n will reproduce them under there own name as I have been led to believe that they have brought all the moulds and machinery
  6. dose anybody know if you can get spare remote controllers for the uk shoot warehouse turbulence rotary machines / or how to convert it from remote to normal as the on button is knackered on mine
  7. cheers mate much appreciated I brought the s10 in fac guise and so far have been well impressed bunny's to 65 yards on multiple occasion's
  8. can anyone show /send me a pic of how to modify a mk 6 bsa magazine to work in the older indexing type guns s10-t10-r10 ect many thanks
  9. iv been offered a bsa s10 a aa s410 xtra adjustable power model or a rws excalaber possably a bsa scorpion t 10 wich one would any of you guys prefer and why { yes my shooting is better than my spelling I was in a hurry}
  10. there is a scorpion t10 on gun trader at the moment is this the model you where referring to

    1. £500ish to spend on fac 22 air not to worried about age of gun looking for views on accuracy and reliability and ease of spares if nessasery
    2. thanks for your views guys my next question is which cal will do the most damage / best stopping power/less wind drift + is it true that fac air can be used for shooting such pests from trees ie upward shots unlike rim fires ect
    3. I have a slot for fac air and am wondering .25 at 25/30 ftlb or .22 at 25/30 ftlb being used for rats sqizers pigeons rooks and crows witch cal would suit the job best ?
    4. my sec1 shot gun was granted with no probs what so ever I simply quoted the wildlife and countryside act 1981 and to my surprise when the cert turned up also inc alq for any other vermin on any land on which I have authority to shoot I find mine invaluable for crows and sqizers and yet was told that there is no provistion for this type of gun to be used under the condition for practice at clay grounds even though a local ground had all ready said that I would be ok to use as long as only 2 carts loaded at any one time as of any semi auto, they would still not let me have that condition added
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