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    1. As a motor bike / car tester the lighting regs are a vehicle can be tested for road use if lights are 1 permanantly disconected 2 completely removed 3 painted/ masked over and test cert saying daylight use only no lights fitted
    2. armsid

      cash payment

      AVB while i take note of use your phone to pay in this area we have holes where the phones do not work so phone banking is out in certain areas and until the system is hack free i will use cash
    3. armsid

      cash payment

      NEville, my point entirely. You have first hand experiance and should be a warning one size fits all does not work
    4. armsid

      cash payment

      Went into town this morning and decided to buy a bacon roll .Nowallet darn it still had some cash in my pocket.Went into shop ordered roll, asked price and handed over cash.and was toldNO CASH ONLY CARD i told the assistant forget it and realised that cash is no longer king but my point is can they legally refuse cash i bet the card conpanies love it It might be free at mo but what if every transaction however small attracts a fee in the future? also the idea of keeping contact details for thee weeks how safe are your card details
    5. Why do we let this rubbish into our great country give them benifits housing healthcare yet DENY a Fijian ,Ghurkas and others who fight for this country the right to reside here
    6. Neville, sorry to here about John met him myself as you said firm but fair rip
    7. will all of these people from the "enslaved colonies" hand back their passports and refuse to take our benifits and leave this racist country or refuse to accept Rhodes scholorships They do not integrate but live as they did in their old home country yet we ask them to accept our way of life but still refuse. I GREW UP IN COVENTRY AND WENT TO SCHOOL JUNIOR AND SENIOR WITH BOYS AND GIRLS FROM EUROPE AND ASIA BLACK AND WHITE AND HAVE NO PROBLEMS NOR THEY WITH ME THEY WERE/ARE STILL SOME OF MY BEST FREINGS ONCE THIS STARTS GAINING MOMENTUM WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? graveyards civic buildings will they have to deploy 1 black cop and 1 white cop to every incident to avoid being called racist will they stop arresting blacks that cause trouble because a white cop turns up or vice versa a black cop turns up to a white criminal the race card will spill over into the workplace i have seen it i am not racist just being realistic
    8. so colston was a slave trader.Tell me any country in Europe or West Africa that was not in the trade? Muslims, Christians Jews were all slave traders Some of these were blacks selling blacks to anyone It went on worldwide in peace AND in war. germany used slaves to keep companies going in wartime some big names still in business now .As been said before if it had been ethnic killing ethnic nothing would be said This is just an excuse for rent a mob
    9. while i agree that these morons are out to cause trouble the main issue is ALL LIVES MATTER but after seeing bikes thrown at the police and their horse i wonder how much further can these people lower themselves.they seem to revel in trouble and mayhem and will no doubt find them on the demos for re animal rights and whatever demos they can find. but it would be interesting to find out who is furloughed on benifits while the rest of us have to think of the future health and monetary wise and they are spreading the virus BUT DO THEY CARE ?NO because normal life is not for them ALL LIVES MATTER THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD THINK ABOUT NOT THEIR OWN AGENDA AND WILL THE ANIMAL WELFARE GROUPS CONDEM THEM THROWING OBJECTS AT THE HORSES NO IT IS NOT ON THEIR AGENDA ONLY DEMOS TO CAUSE MAYHEM AND SPREAD THE VIRUS
    10. Good old Nigel! if we go abroad for a holiday we have to quarintine for 14 days in case we we have covid,19 have these people been quarintined? If a truck driver UNKOWINGLY BRINGS IN ILLEGALS HE IS FINED it is a crime plus the british welfare system is better than the french they don.t give free housing .or free healthcare just think about it you want to come here as was said before just dont speak english your classed as disabled claim your gay you cant be sent back you rob and thieve you wont be sent back your prisons aren.t comfy enough oh and bring any virus you want the country is on its knees so they enter France this is the first country they enter.
    11. armsid

      Sir Stirling Moss

      met this fine gentleman many years ago while working for Practical Classics at NEC Got his autograph great loss R I P
    12. when this country voted to join the common market factories started closing and moved abroad at the same time aaccountants told businesses they did not need to train workers as there was now an endless supply from europe the training schools and apprenticeships went coventry was a prime example the Butts College of engineering closed due to lack of demand as the companies recruted from europe. The french will not employ non french workers unless there is a shortage of french in yhat skill group If they do employ someone non french and there is a french capable and willing to do said job the company must employ said person above foreigner ALSO THIER DOLE IS FOR 2 YEARS.They also have a policy that if you retire and still work you forfit your pension This is thier way of cutting unemployment
    13. oowee has said further restrictions in the need to travel and the death of distance look how many factories have closed in past 40 yrs where the workforce lived close by and did not have to travel by car but walked car shared or used other means bus cycle etc the factories shut work went where it was cheaper and people had dive 20 plus miles each way to find work putting pollution up road chaos in the forefront. i give example the A46 near melton is a at a standstill for a time between 7 am and 8.50 am trying to access the M1 almost 12mls of traffic all driving to work. so cutting car usage is not an option unless work is brought back to local level and public transport improved The school run should be curtailed if you live coseby Many mums take their kids to school and they live 20 mins walk away this is done twice daily.as regards EV.S if you have pacemaker you cannot drive or work on them it is much the same as not being able to use an airport scanner AND JUST TO ADD PRACTICAL CLASSICS MAG. WROTE AN ARTICLE LAST YEAR ABOUT DRIVERLESS CARS ELETRIC BUILT BY THE ROAD RESEARCH LAB a cable was laid under vthe M4 between newburt and reading whe it was built in 1961 3 cars a mini vanguard estate and citroen ds all picked up power from the cable and travelled between the two points ernest marples transport minister was in one of the cars Aand replied they wont catch on the 3 cars are in the transport museum in london HOW FAR AHEAD WERE WE AND HOW FAR WOULD WE BE NOW IF WE HAD CARRIED ON
    14. and at the time of ringing the bells last one out of europe turn off the lights and switch on in the uk to brighten our future
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