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  1. i see that the appeals put in by the convicted post masters has been upheld and convictions overturned.Now they are going to try for compensation and rightly so but will those responsible at the Post Office and Fujitsu be convicted of perjury? Your comments please
  2. The problem with these incidents the authorities distance themselves from reallity and now have 3 generations out of control all on bennifits (they wont work) and so it goes on.I used to live in Coventry and had a few cars stolen by the yobs off the local estate where police were cautious to go except in force. I found out later when talking to someone from the posh end of the city they did not believe this could happen Again out of touch with reallity and the real world. We need a back up force of some kind ex military ? might sort it out but i wont hold my breath.I feel for the decent folk o
  3. This reminds me of a film starring Michael Caine called Harry Brown a bout a retired pensioner ex Royal Marine same scenario .He took them on and cleaned up the estate much to the annoyance of the police, Worth a watch
  4. armsid

    council tax

    I know that council tax goes to paying for services etc, but the amount of peoplenot paying and causing the increases year by year is frustrating, Students in full time education who live in a house pay no council tax and some of the properties contain more than 1 person, So if your 40 yrs old and enrol for full time education ie take up a course to change career you might not have to pay council tax as i do not think there is age mentioned you could save a fair bit but the services suffer as lloyd90 said so poll tax is the best as long as everyone pays, If you have a city/town with large n
  5. armsid

    council tax

    Just got next years council tax bill .And on it is council care tax almost 10% of my bill (i have single discount) what is it for my old age care or old age care for all in local comunity?If this is the case those who dont pay council tax will get off scot free. I know old age care is a hot potato at the moment due to funding but if a house has more than one occupant how is that worked out?The poll tax was a way that EVERYONE paid something but this became a no no. and could now be the answer to council funding if the councils get their houses in order Your comments please
  6. armsid


    I see Greensill the finance behind Gupta the steelworks savior has gone bust. What are the implications for the steel industry now?
  7. A very moving post,Condolences from Melton Mowbray
  8. Watched this programme other night about Dublin port 5 Albanians caught in lorry trailer by ships crew arrested at port by Garda taken to police station and brought back next day no entry back on boat back to Rotterdam no soft touch there Could do with these guys here
  9. I like the part in the letter any channel are they working for all channels or just BBC? Does that mean if you cannot get BBC on your set they can still come after you? The quicker they become self funding maybe Packham could use Wild Justice to fund it as he thinks it is his private platform
  10. armsid

    Niel Woodford

    Anyone you know had money invested with him? Feel sorry for those that lost money but am angry he is coming out of the woodwork to start again even though millions of pounds are still owed. Who is to blame? It is like a limited company screwing its suppliers (who may fail with life changing consequences for its staff) going bust and then restarting with the same boss Who pays for all this?
  11. armsid

    UK Military.

    This is the EU controlling OUR ARMY and the vaccine grab just shows what they are. France closed its borders to non EU citizens coming in or out to contain the virus we will see if anymore illegals come in from there
  12. armsid


    I see Boohoo have bought the online side of the business for 55m with the loss of 12k jobs The pension scheme has a deficit will the taxpayer (us) be on the hook for this?
  13. Had someone move into asfordby few years ago bouhgt cottage near church cheap great then came round with petition to stop bells being rung for weddings and worship and funerals got told FOXTROT OSCAR by locals
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