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  1. How can we deport illegal immigrants when Border Force (our gatekeepers) take out court orders stopping Rwanda flights? Likewise all the human rights lawyers and other handwringers that endanger you and i and our communitties?How can France refuse to take them back when they have arrived here escorted by the French Navy ?They got into France from Germany Spain or from the Med. or the Netherlands Only EU citizens have free movement in Europe without a passport so how have they got to the beaches without any of the authorities knowing
  2. We stopped training our own people to do skilled work whencompanies and governments allowed workers (trained) to come and work here.Our unemployed stayed unemployed because they were unskilled.our tech colleges in Coventry shut down as engineering declined in favour of European industry and the Governments of all colours knew that without training and investment in British citizens. British jobs that our dole queses would increase leading to the ones in work having to retire later and taxes having to rise to cover unemployment and older skills leaving no training at post school level.France has a policy of employing French people before others the dole is 2yrs max When the family and visit friends in France you see hardly any English working for the French as i was told when asking about jobs to check for myself French jobs for French people Probably why the migrants come here we will employ anyone and with us welcoming them with open arms and failure to train our own and force them to work tin hat on
  3. So international law means we have to "rescue" the migrants in boats but what about when the French escort these overcrowded boats to our waters surely they are breaking international law by doing this or again are we the mugs? (Just for interest Albanians run the car wash in Melton and have done so for some time) also how have these Albanians come across the EU without papers through numerous border checks.
  4. if we keep losing industry in the uk we will be an importer of everything just to keep the green idiots happy .This will increase our unemployment in all sectors and will increase our living costs as everything will have to be imported adding to more emmissions to bring goods here by sea or air but hey ho the greens will not care as our carbon footprint will be zero and the country skint as prices soar .Horse and carts anyone?
  5. Border force are actually bringing in illegal immigrants to this country are they people traffickers? because they damn well arernt checking them in at passport control like we do when entering our own country after visiting another country and how many of us have had passport trouble at the ports if our passport is dated wrong?
  6. for sale 1000 small rifle primers no longer needed £90.00 collect from melton mowbray tried to download pics will do so asap
  7. armsid


    When are the courts going to send her to jail? Drunk driving driving while banned speeding .If that had been any of us we would have been locked up or a 10 yr ban but no not her and the message it sends out..........
  8. Iceland left the EU and reclaimed their fishing grounds which were leased back with qoutas The Scottish trawlers had to be scrapped under EU rules costing Scotland jobs in all fishing sectors yet Sturgeon forgets this in her ambition to join the EU which would cause the same problem as in N.I How does Turkeys border control work for goods passing from non EU country to the single bloc? Or Albania ? Northern Cyprus ? Both have borders with EU. Are there problems? Just the EU flexing its muscles to show any one else that has seen the EU,s dictatorship feathers ruffled that leaving is not in thier remit and wont be allowed
  9. Starmer was the Attorney General how many lies/ untruths did he cover up to gain convictions? Would you trust him to run the country?
  10. How much wheat will the EU share with us after some countries refusing to stop Russian oil and gas? Putin will have all the wheat and hold us to ransom unless all countries stick together and help Ukraine
  11. Saw the report on bbc1 and the info the presenter showed to the lawyer for one of the post office owners stated that every effort made to protect the bosses and the Horizon system .They knew there was problems but as stated the higher up the tree you are the safer you are. There seems to be a culture in this country you can go bust take lots of smaller companies with you rob pension funds break banks cause all sorts of trouble for the country its citizens the environment cause deaths in war by lying and get highly rewarded for it. This culture needs jailing at the least and treated to the same justice as the postmasters were ie bankrupted given criminal convictions then let them relish on what they have left which should be zero
  12. The cost of keeping these dinghy occupants is £100.00 per day in hotels local to me ,plus g4s patrols at the hotel .This is insulting to our own people who live on less than this. £70.00 for the room £30.00 for food it stopped when they started causing trouble and they were moved on.
  13. sme brave men fought there who would have thought that old v bombers could fly there and bomd port stanley airfield and return salute to all involved
  14. I find round here that staffies are seen as status symbols for the dealers and can be as nasty as their owners out of control do not respect any one and the trend is not recinding you can put as much legislation in place as you want it will make no difference until people are trained to look after dogs and their children as well We will always have out of control dogs and out of control parents of out of control kids and so it goes on I do not know the answer but until either liability insurance is compulsory and the dogs keepers /owners are penalised properly (this is usually with house insurance ) but how would you enforce this?
  15. Russia and Ukraine supply vast amounts of wheat gas andcooking oils etc to Europe .With Ukraine under Putin,s control he can charge what he likes for these commodities because we are to reliant on others for fuel when we have plenty ousselves it is Germany that is in hock now to Russia for gas to fuel electricity generation as the Green Party made them close down the nuclear power plants and become solely reliant on gas
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