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  1. What happens if you have had equity release? who gets first dibs Perhaps a system where the family is paid to care for their parents thus saving the system money?
  2. i am paying £112 per year on my council tax for social care This is done irrespective of the number in house ,As gordon said we should put the money into this country or we risk going broke then who will give us aid?
  3. good post but anyone with pacemaker or insulin pump cannot use or work on one it is the same with airport scanner got told this on MOT training 2 yrs ago
  4. Saw an article by Danny Hopkins editor of Practical Classics about the road research laborotary running electric driverless cars on a new stretch of the M4 between Newbury and Reading a nine mile stretch the cable was sunk in the road and the cars picked up the signal The year? 1961 if you google road reserch lab it comes up The cars a mini, citroen DS and standard estate If we had continued with this how far ahead would GB be now?
  5. Just put INCELL into Google and read a topic by The Daily Dot (Canadian paper) and tells why they are dangerous and gives all the warning signs that give them away. It also tells of the toronto incident (april 18) when a driver drove down a pedestrian walkway and killed 9 injured 16 and then went on INCELL and it went virall
  6. The sentience Bill going through at the moment needs to be thoroughly looked at as it also affects fishing as well as shooting
  7. Paul as your in Leicester try and get the old seal out and go to somewhere like Fosse Bearings who have a good range of seals and are very helpful
  8. Slough Borough Council has issued a section 114 notice effectively declaring that they are bust What are the implications and who is to blame
  9. armsid

    Card only sales.

    this area is not completely covered to even use mobile phone and there have been a few outages in local shops and no one could pay for goods for afew hours i use cash as i do not like my details being given to strangers and until the system is totally secure will continue to do so How would you get paid at a car boot? or in a market If the business refuses cash i go elsewhere
  10. How would they know that you had payed without checking in your w/screen ?Without reg no. on ticket what can they prove?
  11. Our dear friennd CP is having the ban on grouse shooting debate heard next week by MP,s wonder how many MP,s will be in attendance to hear the idiot,s proposals
  12. RSPB will not thank you ,Your fishing is now gone for the time being, Hopefully you will get the fish back soon, (more twitchers might turn up worrying about any wildfowl in the area affected by the spill) but i dont think the RSPB want you to have any credit for your work
  13. armsid

    D Day

    Just saw the picture of the D DAY Memorial in D Mail Its perched above Gold beach in Normandy engraved with the names of those that fell on D Day 77 yrs ago this w/end We should never forget them and this is the best way We must still remember all forces personell past and present for their service to this country
  14. Single use plastics are the problem. The answer? look how we shopped years ago milk in glass bottles cordials in glass bottles pottatoes in paper sacks you picked fruit and veg yourself and used paper bags to put them in coca cola and other drinks in glass bottles and cans ALL reusable what changed? We have glass jars and other goods made in China to save a few pennies at what cost to the planet? Surely it is better to make goods here rather than have a boat consuming thousands of gallons of fuel and pollution We could and should recycle all the containers that bleach, oil,and all these type of plastics as they do not break down naturally also it stops them being dumped in landfill and round the country. There is so much multi use plastic and other products that could be reused but again cost for a proffit is at the forefront As scully said we would need to chop every tree down in the world to be able to grow enough food to sustain us and that is without competing with wildlife who i am sure some loon will say they have priority Your comments please
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