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  1. A scallop trawler from Newhaven sank in the channel . hopefully the crew were saved . this is the same boat that was in skirmishes with theFrench boats a few years ago when the french boats launched flares rockets etc onto british boats legally trawling and the French not wanting to share
  2. Apparently the cost was 10 million plus to keep him in *luxury* and has been said could have gone on better causes but that is a humane society for you
  3. armsid


    were they not extended due to lockdown ?check gov uk site
  4. Even more ideas from OTS saying income tax start should be dropped to £1k 3 times more people will pay tax at this rate or £5k twice as many will pay and if your on benefits still tax free
  5. armsid

    Nice killings

    i see another offended Muslim attacks and kills innocent people in a Catholic church.How much longer can the French stand this before something kicks off?
  6. armsid

    oil tanker

    Sky news oil tanker from Nigeria on way to Southampton taken over by stowaways is this the new way to get to the UK
  7. Why does it happen in this country? Postmasters/ mistresses jailed bankrupted and their lives ruined because of a computor glich which was proved only after an appeal even though the glich was known about.before some were prossecuted.The point is the ceo of the post office must have known of the problem yet spent x millions on court cases and after the appeals were won proving the Horizon system was flawed is rewarded and goes on to another high payed job and takes no blame. This happens in banking and other high flying jobs. Your comments please
  8. i was made redundant from JAGUAR in the 90,s last in first out basis and i had 22 yrs in maintenance .The plant closed 2 yrs later after many promises that it was safe. the main problem now is we do not make anything, but import and companies were not taking on apprentices as they could recruit from europe ready trained so lots of jobs are minimum wage ,call centres can be located anywhere on the planet so finding good jobs at this time that will pay mortgages will be hard to find and the bosses know this
  9. I see Peiti Patel wants to build centres for asylum seekers on our offshore islands I.O.MAN Shetlands etc. What,s your views
  10. armsid

    hare coursing

    Just read about keeper nr Sandringham attacked by 3 men with dogs coursing hare on newly cut fields They were caught 4 dogs with them all from Wisbech area. how bad is it in your area?
  11. Anyone remember her from The Avengers ?
  12. armsid

    high streets

    Watching the old programs The Sweeny (nostalgia) you can see busy high streets bustling with people going about their daily activities shopping browsing etc. then fast forwards 40 yrs.If you are old enough (no disrespect meant) it should be possible to see why the high street has failed..Look at the jobs and industry lost in your local area compared to 40 yrs ago and you see the reason for the demise answers please
  13. So the Italians have rescued the occupants of the listing boat ? Will Banksy or the Italians clothe and feed them?
  14. My fathers brother was doing his national service as ww2 broke out He was on ground crew and was proud of thisbut never said much to me about his time in the RAFJust 5 years before retirement from his post war toolmaking job he took over running the RAFA club Douglas Bader House in Coventry THEY SHOULD NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
  15. As semi auto said it took a personal robbery to wake up a retired magistrate to the everyday life the citizens of the country endure. The judiciary should be from ordinary folk who know what real life problems occur and the aftermath of these deeds Many a time sentences do not reflect the victims mental and physical trauma and are mostly a liberal attitude towards the offender .If sharia law was in this country (i hope it never does) there would be more executions for murder hands chopped off for theft you would know who the crims were rant over
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