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    1. this is too graphic for the snowflakes .Excellent piece! packham will say its fake but if piers morgan gets his act together and basc does give our side
    2. Trump is patriotic to his home country America first is his motto .This man should be leading brexit could you imagine him saying to junckers "The last time a junckers flew over the uk it got shot down" could you here the remarks? he is coming to commemorate the d day landings the rest of europe should do the same a good guy we need more in politics like him to sort out the snowflakes
    3. just read the info from WYN seems like the landowner applies for the licence not the individual or am i missing something ?
    4. armsid

      foreign aid

      this is in todays mail
    5. armsid

      foreign aid

      just read about Aktis Strategy the company for aid in Irag,Syria,Somalia,Libya,Afghanistan gone bust owing millions to suppliers,staff,and security. Where has all the aid money our taxes gone? Foreign aid is a good cause but i ask where has the money gone?
    6. just read sunday mail proffessor tombs economist and what he has written is very good and actually states we are better off out of the EU.he tells of our economy and manufacturing declining further if we remain. On another note why can the idiots/MPs tell us exactly what we will look forward to by staying ie what new laws, regs.i doubt this will happen
    7. i voted to leave and all the mp,s do is argue about terms and the best for the uk .pity they didn,t argue about all the job losses in the steel industry engineering etc but not a whimper the specials brought out a song ghost town all about the death of coventry as an industrial city .what have we got on the old factory sites kfc b&q carpet kingdom and houses .we as a country should have kept some skills back but no the butts tech closed along with the high skilled staff this happened over 20 yrs ago what did gov do go to eastern europe to recruit lower paid workers and pay tax credits all done by brown why? to drive wages down .we cannot make a nut and bolt let alone a decision that could change the country .we are doomed!
    8. while it is devastating news about honda it is no surprise with EU having tarriff free trade with japan. pity all the whingeing by remoaners over job losses were not voiced when we joined the EEC or Common Market as it was by the political parties at the time both lab. and tory.This opportunity gives us a chance to create more jobs .the younger PWmembers cuold look and see how many jobs were lost in UK since we joined this white elephant .the first time to have avote on membership and the gov. make a dogs dinner ofit
    10. armsid

      Merry Christmas

    11. pjnfireman is spot on no wonder brown signed up when he was labour leader . He stuffed our pensions and now we find out this. Pity it has taken till now to find out. This is scary we should have been told before Brexit vote might have been 100% to leave thanks pinfireman
    12. we voted to leave the EU the first vote since 1975 (other countries had votes on different treaties,we did not} and gave the message by a majority to LEAVE.but all we hear is we need the single market and free movement why? The remoaners go on about jobs, hang on i was an apprentice at morris engines in Coventry after the vote to join the common market jobs were lost to europe and coventry and other manufacturing cities making all sorts of goods started to decline what did the govn.t off all colours do ? nothing. no panic as there is now.As vince green said ealier we were net positive on debt look at us now This is what the EU bosses want us in negative equity for EVER . I cannot get ajob in france why? the gov actively encourage french jobs for french people unlike here
    13. just to add EU bosses have told Italy to tear up their budget proposals as it is not in keeping with the rules and the pictures in Italy show they do not like being told what to spend they could reject the euro deck of cards comes to mind
    14. i got my pension last may n.i. paid since tstarted wok redundant at 41 self employed till now new state pension ? £137.00 plus company pension .until we have companies paying good wages and not zero hrs jobs the countries pension bill will rocket as less n.i. and tax being paid and the goalposts being moved again for those still working
    15. check connections on wire from alternator and wire connections on battery or starter where alt,wire goes have had bad connection on amicra and connection looked good when tried with meter no good hope this helps
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