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  1. Watched this programme other night about Dublin port 5 Albanians caught in lorry trailer by ships crew arrested at port by Garda taken to police station and brought back next day no entry back on boat back to Rotterdam no soft touch there Could do with these guys here
  2. I like the part in the letter any channel are they working for all channels or just BBC? Does that mean if you cannot get BBC on your set they can still come after you? The quicker they become self funding maybe Packham could use Wild Justice to fund it as he thinks it is his private platform
  3. armsid

    Niel Woodford

    Anyone you know had money invested with him? Feel sorry for those that lost money but am angry he is coming out of the woodwork to start again even though millions of pounds are still owed. Who is to blame? It is like a limited company screwing its suppliers (who may fail with life changing consequences for its staff) going bust and then restarting with the same boss Who pays for all this?
  4. armsid

    UK Military.

    This is the EU controlling OUR ARMY and the vaccine grab just shows what they are. France closed its borders to non EU citizens coming in or out to contain the virus we will see if anymore illegals come in from there
  5. armsid


    I see Boohoo have bought the online side of the business for 55m with the loss of 12k jobs The pension scheme has a deficit will the taxpayer (us) be on the hook for this?
  6. Had someone move into asfordby few years ago bouhgt cottage near church cheap great then came round with petition to stop bells being rung for weddings and worship and funerals got told FOXTROT OSCAR by locals
  7. The EA/DEFRA have known for years that dredging a river has to be done but like all agencies its about money.It has been stated many times that building on flood plains is no good but our thirst for housing and ripping up of trees and failure to dredge waterways will have dire conseqences Ask your elders when they last saw a river being dredged. .We cannot keep blaming global warming exclusively we have to look at when we build on flood plains where is the water going to go? If you look at some old photos of river bridges from 60 yrs ago and compare the water height to the bridge arch then to
  8. armsid

    value of life

    Reading an article about Lord Sumption (judge)saying not all lives are valuable Mine and everyone elses life is valuable Is this how the Establishment view us? This was on BBC and he was talking to a lady with bowel cancer how insensative
  9. armsid


    TFL are working with Eurostar to try and get financial help as it will go bust by April A lot of top business men says we taxpayer should bail it out.,It is majority owned by France where is their input?
  10. Probably because like the Remainers here they thought they should be the winners as their views are right.
  11. We need to stop giving aid to China and use it at home.This pandemic has shown how reliant we are on China at the expense of our own workforce, and also fact that they can walk in and hoover up our companies(conspiracy theory was this what they wanted the West on ifs knees financially) The more we buy from China the more our dole queu will rise.
  12. We have had ample time to prepare for this, 4 years infact so why is there problems now?Before the EU it was the Common Market and lorries were sealed with a customs seal and paperwork faxed ahead to the port which was then checked before departure. Simple. How do other non EU countries Turkey, Albania etc get their goods into the EU?
  13. Companies could have been training workers to the level required post brexit and manufacturing could have upped their game and used the time to manufacture auto parts building materials consumables etc all the commodities we import in case of no deal or deal or did they think we would stay after all the scaremongering.The shackles are off bosses if they are any good should should be asking for investment in this great country there are vast markets the commonwealth countries we abbandoned to join the EU .What an oppurtunity for everyone.
  14. Happy New Year from Asfordby, David.
  15. armsid

    HMS Hermes

    Good reliable british workmanship
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