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  1. It’s a fair and true assessment of my ownership, and nothing else, always good to get different opinions. I think 🤣🤣
  2. Had one for three years but straight hand not like this Americanised type. Nice guns but not a real SxS, far to thick in the stock / hand. Single trigger !! just doesn’t compare to an English boxlock or a nice AYA, only my opinion 😉
  3. Absolutely gorgeous and good luck with it, I speak to Mr McKay Brown regularly whilst out with my dogs, an absolute gentleman, who always enjoys a good chat about his life in the gun trade. May I ask who done your leather covered pad ...?
  4. I like my Teales one, good quality and decent prices
  5. Thank you for all the replies - I am working away from home for the foreseeable future, as soon as I’m back home I shall stick up some pictures, thanks again for all the information it’s greatly appreciated 👍
  6. Ive inherited an AYA best quality boxlock which has 28" barrels and is really nice condition, has anyone any expierience of these boxlocks. It appears to have been finished to finished to a reasonable standard, with a scalloped action - it looks like a westley richards, and with what looks to be hand engraving
  7. Anyone had any leather repairs done recently - Looking for recomendations, I have an old sentimental cartridge bag thats needing some TLC
  8. Not to my taste - but a stunning bit of work, there’s a trigger missing too, after all it’s not a proper SxS with only one trigger!!
  9. Ive had Aigle wellies (Full Zip) for 8 years with no issues - the sole is worn through just in the past week, so a new pair it is - and guess what / they will definitely be Aigles
  10. What the length is the stock and is there any cast on the stock - Do you know how old it is? Thank you
  11. This could be me🤣 I've had a few too - though maybe not as many as 17 ( just counted its actually 18 - however I've shot a Blaser for the last two years, which is probably the gun that I should've had long ago... It just seems to fit - balance perfectly, my game shooting has improved to such an extent, that I feel as though I cant miss. First pheasant day this weekend so hopefully the wheels don't fall off. I counted on our syndicate last year and 5 of the guns were mine at one time 😬
  12. Love my Musto packaway light and waterproof and quality - worth every penny
  13. Apart from Wildfowl I use the same cartridge for everything
  14. I am struggling to get my usual supply of my preferred game cartridge locally - RIO Royals 32g Fibres. My local shop dont have a great choice - it appears to be Eley or Gamebore. Do I jump on the Black gold bandwagon? they are slightly more expensive than the RIOs, most people I know seem to love them, but is it just hype? Or is it, a Just Cartridges job
  15. I’ll take it in 5 years if it’s worthless - they’ll be no issues with steel, I shot steel through my no2 last year choked 1/4 1/2. Don’t believe a lot of the scare stories
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