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  1. I have one almost identical - beautiful guns, and at a very fair price, good luck with the sale πŸ‘
  2. I have the 11" stalking boots had them 3 years they're still like new but I do maintain them well - also bought a pair of shearling wool rubicon's in a B sale they're also fantastic, with only a small leather crease,which had to be pointed out to me ! I visited to try them on etc Really nice people plus it was a nice wee run down
  3. https://www.tourbon.com/gun-slips-bags-cases/gun-case/tourbon-hunting-canvas-and-leather-side-by.html Ordered this @Β£177 with free postage will see what arrives, thanks for the replies πŸ‘
  4. Has anyone every bought Tourbon gear from e bay ? I've been looking at their canvas and leather strapped shotgun cases - they look pretty decent, but it's hard to find any reviews, I know they're made in china, but so is plenty of other shooting gear, they certainly look a step up from the guardian stuff, any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  5. Anyone got any good contacts who can add some figure and darken a plainish stock on a Scottish boxlock that I intend to give to my Grandson for his 21st birthday
  6. I’m the same - I hate recoil too, I shoot game with my Side by Sides all the time now and only ever use 28g 6s and do just fine, far more enjoyable too. I sometimes use my old Lanber on clays, but mostly just shoot my SxSides. I was lucky with my sale of the f16 I didn’t lose a lot, but their resale is extremely poor, especially if trading to a dealer - if I was ever going down the new OU route again I’m afraid it probably wouldn’t be a blaser unfortunately ☹️ Maybe Worth doing a bit more research on the felt recoil, good luck with whatever you go for πŸ‘
  7. Just sold a grade 4 F16 sporter, decent gun for me, I shot well with it, but only on game, someone in the syndicate has the game version- it’s really light and very quick, not for me. The main reason for moving it on was believe it or not was the recoil, seems crazy to have that on a heavier sporter, but can only call it as I found it
  8. Someone has just got the bargain of the century πŸ™‚
  9. Around 4 years - but I've just bought another one picking it up tomorrow from Alex Dalgleish I did notice your BQB that you picked up at Westlands that's lovely, I'm raging I missed that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. I had a 486 Parallelo straight stock used it for three years - eventually moved it on, I personally think they're too thick in the stock at the hand, and they have a trigger missing πŸ˜‰ I much prefer my AYAs and English guns, I shoot with mainly a best quality boxlock or 53
  11. No problem I need to go and have a rethink - your 53 needs to be in my cabinet πŸ˜‰
  12. Good evening Would you be interested in any swap / cash adjustments..?
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