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  1. Anyone had any leather repairs done recently - Looking for recomendations, I have an old sentimental cartridge bag thats needing some TLC
  2. Not to my taste - but a stunning bit of work, there’s a trigger missing too, after all it’s not a proper SxS with only one trigger!!
  3. Ive had Aigle wellies (Full Zip) for 8 years with no issues - the sole is worn through just in the past week, so a new pair it is - and guess what / they will definitely be Aigles
  4. What the length is the stock and is there any cast on the stock - Do you know how old it is? Thank you
  5. This could be me🤣 I've had a few too - though maybe not as many as 17 ( just counted its actually 18 - however I've shot a Blaser for the last two years, which is probably the gun that I should've had long ago... It just seems to fit - balance perfectly, my game shooting has improved to such an extent, that I feel as though I cant miss. First pheasant day this weekend so hopefully the wheels don't fall off. I counted on our syndicate last year and 5 of the guns were mine at one time 😬
  6. Love my Musto packaway light and waterproof and quality - worth every penny
  7. Apart from Wildfowl I use the same cartridge for everything
  8. I am struggling to get my usual supply of my preferred game cartridge locally - RIO Royals 32g Fibres. My local shop dont have a great choice - it appears to be Eley or Gamebore. Do I jump on the Black gold bandwagon? they are slightly more expensive than the RIOs, most people I know seem to love them, but is it just hype? Or is it, a Just Cartridges job
  9. I’ll take it in 5 years if it’s worthless - they’ll be no issues with steel, I shot steel through my no2 last year choked 1/4 1/2. Don’t believe a lot of the scare stories
  10. As you say such a shame about the pad, but get that covered in nice brown or oxblood leather it would look great
  11. I purchased an ex demo Blaser f16 Sporter last season - I shot the tail end of last seasons game days with it, and I clicked with it straight away. Its got stunning grade 5 wood too. It just seems to fit me better than anything I have ever owned, and I've been around nearly 60 years. Its just so pointable and you feel as though you are never going to miss with it. if your doing a bit of walked up shooting it may not suit your needs - but for driven game and sporting clays I cant fault it. When I purchased the Blaser they set up the stock weights to suit my shooting style - who knows
  12. Does anyone have a Blaser f16 15mm Recoil pad they want to sell ?
  13. Does anyone have experience of Hoggs Moleskin Breeks, are they generously cut ie waist size / height of cut / waist height ..? I would generally be a 38” but was thinking of 40” ...?
  14. Looking for a bit of advice - how does Deerhunter clothing come up size wise .? I am a normal XL 46/48 chest does a Deerhunter of the same size come up larger or smaller ..? Also their waist sizes how accurate are they. Thank you
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