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  1. Alex Dalgleish in Eaglesham - top man
  2. Take a zero off your price and I may be interested
  3. You could wear them with ordinary trousers - but they are primarily designed for use with breeks, with or without gaiters
  4. That's great - Thank you, reassuring to know as I am a ten too
  5. How did they come up size wise.....?
  6. Thanks for that (did i miss) I have ordered a pair tonight - with free postage too, I am working away just now or I would've called down. they are only around 60 miles away.
  7. Does anyone have these ..? They have an offer of their 11" Cervos size (nine and ten only) down from £300 to £200 - Looks a good deal ......!! Think I will take the plunge they do look quality.
  8. An absolute belter at a cracking price - good luck with your sale
  9. Thanks Dibs for the reply - I have none of those I am afraid
  10. I have an old Lanber that I use for hide / pigeon shooting, there were two chokes in the gun when I got it, these are extended, and numbered 10 and 5, which I believe are full and half, can you still buy these chokes..? the chokes appear to be almost welded in, I think I would need a pair of stilsons to remove them. Is there a key for these ,or were they originally screw in by hand ? The safety catch has failed too, I see this is a common fault with these guns, does anyone have any experience of repairing this fault, is it a DIY or smith work ? obviously I don't want to spend much, as its only for sitting in the hide, but at the same time it fits well and I shoot well with it.
  11. What would be your swap options - game or clay / sporter - over and under or SxS ..?
  12. Any chance of some better pictures please ...?
  13. I have a Teales Devonshire one - excellent quality, and will last a lifetime, I done loads of research before purchasing the teales, especially with the free Initial embossing it provides great value - don't see the need to pay Croots money, I also know someone who purchased one from fur feather and fin, not the best in my opinion. Another one worthy of serious consideration is from Ogden's shooting supplies.
  14. One of our syindicate has an F16 it’s only 18 month old and looks and feels like it’s 18 + years old, the finish to both wood and action seems poor - even the chequering has worn significantly, and is really loose in the action.
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