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  1. Don’t buy Gaurdian - poor Chinese quality - Toubron are decent albeit Chinese manufactured too but far better IMO
  2. Does anyone have a Yildiz pro black in 20 bore 30 / 32" ? How do you find it to shoot - light,heavy, balance, felt recoil, pointability etc. Most of all build quality and finish, value for money etc.
  3. A really interesting thread - but I do find it strange that people still stuff 32g cartridges through lightweight SxSs. I know people who do this too and generally say ohh I love my SXS but it’s hard going🤷‍♂️ I shoot SxS 95% of the time and only ever shoot 28g I have never once felt undergunned, and can hold my own with the ultra fast cartridge Black Gold brigade, to those who do shoot 32g + shells in their SxS try some 28g ones you may be pleasantly surprised, and I guarantee you will enjoy the experience a helluva lot more !
  4. I know this has been flogged to death, and I do apologise in advance. My Honda CRV is nearly at the end of its life - the subframe is becoming increasingly crusty, so after 170k miles it's time to say goodbye soon- I have a budget 20/ 30K this shall be my main car and shoot vehicle doing only occasional soft off road work. I've been looking at, in no particular order, Skoda, Subaru, Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Audi, and with clenched teeth Land Rover! Any feedback most welcome
  5. +1 for Teales quality at sensible money
  6. Hope you dont mind me asking but how do you rate the Karroq ? I do fancy them
  7. I recently inherited an AYA best quality boxlock - what a work of art it is, and it shoots brilliantly, just so well balanced
  8. I have a 2006 2:2 CTDI with 170 k on it! it’s a second generation one, the only major thing I’ve done is a clutch at 100k it’s still on the original exhaust!! It’s without doubt the best car I’ve ever had, I shall be replacing it next year with another CRV there’s plenty nice ones out there. The only disadvantage of the first and second generation ones - is the ground clearance could be better, the fuel tank gaurd sits low, so you need to be aware when off road, I know the third generation on, doesn’t have this issue.
  9. I have ran a Honda CRV 2:2 Diesel for 7 years it’s 15 years old with 170k on the clock - it’s been super reliable, the only major thing was a clutch at 100k I run it with a decent set of all terrain tyres, it’s never let me down off road, you just need to know it’s limitations, I’ve even went past a few lightly loaded pick ups off road so it’s not that bad, the only downside is the limited ground clearance, mines is the MK2 I know the 3 generation on have better clearance. It shall be getting replaced in the next year by another Honda 100%
  10. I shoot mainly SxS but I bought an f16 30” sporter with palm swell and stock weights last year for some clays, I’ve shot absolutely great with it straight out the box. I have since tried it on a few game days and I have to say I find it so easy to shoot, it feels as though I can’t miss with it, my mate has the game f16 it’s very fast and a lot lighter. I do find the sporter is the perfect driven game gun, but I stick to my SXS for walking up. In short buy one, or at least try one I think they’re brilliant and with a great trigger too, I don’t find the non auto safe an issue, if I did I would get it changed
  11. I agree 100% I recently sold a beautiful Damascused barrelled 30" English gun SxS NE with no pitting and 25 and 26thou barrel measurements cased for £450 on a commission basis through Graham, a true gent indeed, I suspect £25 is optimistic though. It's still on his website marked as sold its off to USA
  12. It's worth £250 tops in the current market imo, but even that may be optimistic if the barrel measurements are poor. It's such a shame,but the boxlock non ejector market is so seriously depressed at the moment. It's crazy the amount of really nice boxlocks that are floating around just now, and I doubt the market will improve anytime soon sadly
  13. Yep that’s me too - I definitely shoot better with my Blaser, but I do like to miss in style with various SxS. How is that beautiful Dickson performing? I was in Graham McKinlays only last week and I was drooling over some of the stuff in there 😍
  14. It’s a fair and true assessment of my ownership, and nothing else, always good to get different opinions. I think 🤣🤣
  15. Had one for three years but straight hand not like this Americanised type. Nice guns but not a real SxS, far to thick in the stock / hand. Single trigger !! just doesn’t compare to an English boxlock or a nice AYA, only my opinion 😉
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