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  1. Ha ha ditch the wellies - buy the best pair of boots and gaiters within your price range, and you will only wear wellies for washing the pick up
  2. That Bosher is bloody gorgeous - and the bargain of the century, I wish I could afford it 😟
  3. Alex Dalgleish in Eaglesham - top man
  4. Take a zero off your price and I may be interested
  5. You could wear them with ordinary trousers - but they are primarily designed for use with breeks, with or without gaiters
  6. That's great - Thank you, reassuring to know as I am a ten too
  7. How did they come up size wise.....?
  8. Thanks for that (did i miss) I have ordered a pair tonight - with free postage too, I am working away just now or I would've called down. they are only around 60 miles away.
  9. Does anyone have these ..? They have an offer of their 11" Cervos size (nine and ten only) down from £300 to £200 - Looks a good deal ......!! Think I will take the plunge they do look quality.
  10. An absolute belter at a cracking price - good luck with your sale
  11. Thanks Dibs for the reply - I have none of those I am afraid
  12. I have an old Lanber that I use for hide / pigeon shooting, there were two chokes in the gun when I got it, these are extended, and numbered 10 and 5, which I believe are full and half, can you still buy these chokes..? the chokes appear to be almost welded in, I think I would need a pair of stilsons to remove them. Is there a key for these ,or were they originally screw in by hand ? The safety catch has failed too, I see this is a common fault with these guns, does anyone have any experience of repairing this fault, is it a DIY or smith work ? obviously I don't want to spend much, as its only for sitting in the hide, but at the same time it fits well and I shoot well with it.
  13. What would be your swap options - game or clay / sporter - over and under or SxS ..?
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