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  1. Got the F16 grade 4 sporter - comes up great shoots well - Impressed so far
  2. Thanks chaps - ended up with a Blaser F16 grade 4 sporter - comes up great and shoots well
  3. Has anyone paid for a wood upgrade on a Blaser ..? - I looked at an F16 the other day (Which I really liked) as I do like plain actions, but the standard wood was like plywood, which I find a bit off putting. I know the wood doesn't make it shoot better - so just wondering if anyone had upgraded the wood, and their thoughts.
  4. I have around £3.5K to spend on a new / used over and under - it will be used for game shooting (mainly driven) and some sporting clays. What should I be looking at..?
  5. Does anyone have experience of the Blaser F16 game or sporter ? Is the wood upgrade worth it ? Is the game model well balanced ? also I have read its very light, and dosent handle recoil well ..? Is the sporter the better all round option ..? - It will be used on an equal measure of game (mainly driven) and sporting clays. Honest thoughts appreciated
  6. Does anyone have any experience of changing from a side x side to an O/U - I am struggling lately, and I am thinking of going to the Dark Side
  7. As I said in my original post - I loved the Lyalvale express 28grm fibre paper, virtually no recoil and performed well
  8. Had a great day on the partridges today shooting my side by side - decided to be really traditional, and used Lyalvale Express paper cases, given to me by a friend to try, I have to say these were a real eye opener, and performed without fault, they were also virtually no recoil, which did surprise me, as I have been led to believe they can be quite punchy. I fully intend to use these for the rest of my game shooting this season - has, or does, anyone else have experience of these cartridges..? I read of many people, some of my friends included, say they can't get on with side by sides because of recoil etc - no wonder when you feed them crazy loads, try some of these Lyalvale 28 / 30g fibre in paper cases. Another plus point was the smell of the spent cases😍
  9. I have seen a few of these, Chinese made and of poor quality in my opinion, they're cheap for a reason - if you don't want to pay Croots money, go for a teales I have one and for the money its on a par with the best - you get free initialling too. My brother has an Ogdens its very good as well
  10. Ha ha ditch the wellies - buy the best pair of boots and gaiters within your price range, and you will only wear wellies for washing the pick up
  11. That Bosher is bloody gorgeous - and the bargain of the century, I wish I could afford it 😟
  12. Alex Dalgleish in Eaglesham - top man
  13. Take a zero off your price and I may be interested
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