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  1. So they can reduce recoil massively in this new poroduct, so maybe the future plan in steel cartridges is reducing the recoil for people with light game guns if they can are allowed to increase the speed of them. Also I would agree with the comment before is that they are planning a bio steel wad of some sort.
  2. I have see on the gamebore Facebook page a q&a session with the George Digweed and a gamebore staff and they discussed a new wad they have developed. due to be released in 6 weeks says it reduces recoil etc and it’s also to replace fibre.
  3. Does any one remember the first time they used a magnet I had got a home made magnet by chance and the bloke said they are deadly, I had to have it and this was in 2002. After reading about them in various magazines the £50 I paid seemed ok as they were something like £200/300 in the adverts i remember settting it up in the garden and turning it on but seeing it fling round at a rate looked totally stupid and I had the farmer taking the mick out of me saying I had been had. I set up on the swathed rape not knowing what it was all about and I remember that by the time I walked back to the hide and stood up I saw a pigeon going round it. I got around 50 on the day and the farmer said a few days later that someone was shooting the other day, well he didn’t know what to say when I said it was me. i dont think many people were using them in my area and the results were great and am still using it to this day.
  4. Just to show you all an eley lightening 36g cartridge that was loaded wrong at the factory. You can see from the pic that the wad has been squashed and the steel shot has gone down the side of the wad. I only notice because it wouldn’t go into the chamber of the gun. I sent it to eley to see what they had to say and they did reply saying it was just a mistake and had no issues in that batch number. The steel would of traveled down the gun without a wad to protect the barrel.
  5. Just got a new magazine cap for the auto from beretta estore. The new one does not have a small pimple in the thread to stop it unwinding, the end cap gets a bit tight to undo so it will just unwind the magazine thread which would take the gun apart from the inside. Leaving me unable to unscrew the end cap. good job I kept the old one
  6. I will take these if still available. could you PM me your details please 


    1. 2 boxes of 25 Eley bismuth 3 inch 46gram 3s £35 each one box is in perfect condition, the other box is damaged and about 5 cartridges have discoloured brass but nothing wrong with them. Not many of these around now. Morpeth area
    2. Remember this from one foot in the grave. It is very relevant to what’s going on with the GL issues. If I have put it in the wrong section please move but it’s very good.
    3. Try a new recoil spring and mag spring. Very cheap from beretta estore and you will get it the next day. I replaced them last year and the new springs were an inch longer than the old ones. The power that the bolt went forward was very noticeable.
    4. Just watched a new film on YouTube of Dave Carrie, he is on a duck drive at talks about using steel. At 11:03 in the back of his range rover is is a slab of hyper steel from game bore. Not sure I’ve come across these yet has anyone seen them.
    5. Cheers for the info, didn’t think that eley would be rio.
    6. Hi All with regards to empty cartridge cases are all British cartridges loaded in cheddite cases, gamebore/eley/express. Also RC cases are they just RC cases or do they have a name. Cheers
    7. Look at ballistic products website and go to TPS wads then click on a wad and there is a link to new data for TPS wads
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