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  1. Remember this from one foot in the grave. It is very relevant to what’s going on with the GL issues. If I have put it in the wrong section please move but it’s very good.
  2. It’s filmed 2 weeks ahead. Matt Baker does his filming for it on a Friday that’s why he is not on the one show as does countryfile somewhere. They will get to it at some point I’m sure
  3. Try a new recoil spring and mag spring. Very cheap from beretta estore and you will get it the next day. I replaced them last year and the new springs were an inch longer than the old ones. The power that the bolt went forward was very noticeable.
  4. Just watched a new film on YouTube of Dave Carrie, he is on a duck drive at talks about using steel. At 11:03 in the back of his range rover is is a slab of hyper steel from game bore. Not sure I’ve come across these yet has anyone seen them.
  5. Cheers for the info, didn’t think that eley would be rio.
  6. Hi All with regards to empty cartridge cases are all British cartridges loaded in cheddite cases, gamebore/eley/express. Also RC cases are they just RC cases or do they have a name. Cheers
  7. Look at ballistic products website and go to TPS wads then click on a wad and there is a link to new data for TPS wads
  8. If ssb150 can produce a 32g load with a bit of speed it would be good. Have been looking at other powders that can produce fast loads but as said it would cost a fortune to make them.
  9. Hi cartridges still for sale, will check to see if fibre but I think they are
  10. Update on 410 cartridges 14.5 boxes left. £80 collected
  11. let me know if you what to take a look at it cheers
  12. Hi I have for sale a few 410 cartridges in boxes. 14 boxes eley subsonic 18g 6s 2 boxes lylavale 16g 6s 2 boxes eley 18g 6s and 23 loose mix of fioochi/lylavale Price £100 collected Located Morpeth Northumberland cheers
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