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  1. landofficer

    Alliant Steel Powder

    Look at ballistic products website and go to TPS wads then click on a wad and there is a link to new data for TPS wads
  2. landofficer

    Confused from Birmingham

    If ssb150 can produce a 32g load with a bit of speed it would be good. Have been looking at other powders that can produce fast loads but as said it would cost a fortune to make them.
  3. landofficer


    Hi cartridges still for sale, will check to see if fibre but I think they are
  4. landofficer

    Mossberg Moderated .410

    Gun has been sold
  5. landofficer


    Update on 410 cartridges 14.5 boxes left. £80 collected
  6. landofficer


    Yes all 3inch
  7. landofficer

    Mossberg Moderated .410

    let me know if you what to take a look at it cheers
  8. landofficer


    Hi I have for sale a few 410 cartridges in boxes. 14 boxes eley subsonic 18g 6s 2 boxes lylavale 16g 6s 2 boxes eley 18g 6s and 23 loose mix of fioochi/lylavale Price £100 collected Located Morpeth Northumberland cheers
  9. landofficer

    CZ 455

    Yes I’ve had new springs put in but that was ages ago and been ok until now even though not used it for a bit.
  10. landofficer

    CZ 455

    Hi i have a bit of an issue that need help with. I have a cz 455 .22 that is going off when I close the bolt quickly but not so when do it slowly. The bolt head had some crud around it so have cleaning it off but when dry firing it is still does it any one else had this cheers in advance
  11. landofficer


    Any suggestions derbyduck on what it was.
  12. landofficer


    A red brested goose is very black in flight, at a distance you might not tell that it has a red throat.
  13. landofficer

    Steel carts for driven shoot

    6.5x55SE Would you be kind and let me have your info for the 20b load in steel. Cheers
  14. landofficer

    Beretta 391

    Well vmaxphil it was something to do with the gas vents, took apart the gas piston bits by looking on the net on how to do it and got a chainsaw file and bent the end so to poke it into the gas holes, they didn't seem to be blocked but some stuff came out. I've replaced all the mainsprings firing pin and had it all apart and sorted all manner of problems. I would say to any one buy a new auto just take the standard warranty and just get the parts direct from beretta as it only take 2 days for them to arrive. So save yourself fuel cost going to a gun dealer and the time it takes for them to send the broken part to beretta to ***** to see if it is under an extended warranty or just over use or miss use.
  15. landofficer

    Beretta 391

    I've ruled out the carrier as it's not jamming the same way as before. I've checked the new springs and are fine, the old spring was a bout an inch shorter than the new one. You tube came up with the same problems but nothing to solve it yet.