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  1. They Obviously don't have the 'real impact in politics' they claim then.
  2. I don't think anyone can expect basc to perform miracles, but as said they need to cut us the best deal possible and make it fair for everyone. They've had at least two years to achieve this but instead took the stance of ' don't pay and it will go away', which was never going to be a long term solution. For me the 'voice of shooting' needs to start being heard or I'll be off elsewhere.
  3. Beginner and advanced retriever training dvd's, few light scratches on discs but both play fine. Original dvd's in original cases. £26 with postage. Prefer bank transfer but will accept PayPal if buyer pays fees. Thanks
  4. reidler

    Broadcasting seed

    Thanks, think I'll get it done tomorrow. The forecasts changed and given a few showers for the rest of the week so fingers crossed.
  5. I'm planning to broadcast some forage rape as a catch crop for this season. I know it's best to do before some rain is due, but the long term forecast is dry for the next fortnight at least. There's been plenty of rain over the past few weeks so would others go for it and get it done now, or wait and hope for some rain? I'm aware it's getting late in the year for it and don't want to leave it too much longer. Cheers
  6. reidler

    Churchill History

    That is poor from Churchill. I recently did the same with atkin, Grant and lang and got a photo of the ledger entry, plus the date, customer and cost and where it was made. All for £25 which I thought was fair.
  7. Price dropped to £1600 or its going to be part ex'd. Got 250 pigeon cartridges that can go with it as well.
  8. reidler

    Brady of Halesowen "SCOTT" gamebag.

    If you decide to sell it pm me please, I may have it off you
  9. reidler

    Helikon trousers

  10. reidler

    Helikon trousers

    Have sent you a pm
  11. reidler

    Helikon trousers

    According to their website medium is 32"-35"
  12. reidler

    Helikon trousers

    Helikon bdu trousers, size medium, colour coyote (brownish). Never worn still with tags on, £18 posted. PayPal preferred. Thanks
  13. reidler

    Pigeon decoys free

    I have some plastic pigeon decoys to give away for free, preferably to a youngster or someone just starting out. There's 13 full body and 3 shell. Not worth posting, so collection only. I'm about 5 miles north of lincoln. Anyone wants them message me. Cheers