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  1. If you've read some of the things people have wrote about him on Facebook I wouldn't be surprised if it happened, and he'd be there with the aim of provoking something like that. It's not the people attending game fair who need to hear the facts and see WJ, CP, Avery for what they are, it's the people who would never go to a game fair.
  2. This. The game fair debate would've turned into a farce, probably have projectiles aimed at him from the crowd and he'd of been a victim, furthering his cause. A open debate, on neutral ground broadcast live on social media would be the best bet in my opinion with experts from our organisations representing the shooting community.
  3. Surely, when the crowd funding etc to challenge the general licence was gathering pace, the shooting organisations should have looked at the GL, seen what flaws were going to be exposed and sat down with NE much sooner and tried to come up with a solution whilst there could be a transitional period, before it came to this and being forced to pull it over night. I need to be a member of a org for insurance whilst out shooting, but am totally stumped as to who gets my money. All I know is I won't be paying basc again.
  4. Agreed, although it never seems to happen, people would rather anonymously moan then forget it happened. Although You can bet if someone had a dodgy curry and put the restaurants name up, no one would batter an eyelid.
  5. No, why does me questioning your training cause you to be so defensive? It's gone from a tug to a wriggle, if the tug caused no pain then why do it? And if it's a painless wriggle then the dog would probably see it as rewarding, so doing it whilst growling would confuse it at best.
  6. This is what ****** me off about the gundog world. I agree to an extent that it could ruin the person's reputation if its not true etc BUT... The person is taking money off strangers for training their dog, so it's a business. Every business is now open to reviews on the Internet be it TripAdvisor, rate my whatever and so on. For some reason people treat gundog professionals like some mafia crime organisation where no one dare speak their name. If they believe in what they do and how they do it then they'd have no problem justifying it to anyone might use their service, and the customer can decide if they're happy to go ahead or Not and go elsewhere. But instead we'll keep on moaning on forums and call them cruel ********.
  7. So a tug on an ear is acceptable, but a kick isn't. Where do you draw the line? One man's ear tug is another man's kick, with each probably being able to justify it to themselves. When in reality both are used to cause pain to a dog, which is wrong.
  8. Who was the 'top field trial trainer'? Your friend should have walked away if he wasn't comfortable with how his dog was being treated, and decide what methods he's happy with and find a trainer who uses them. The person he went to sounds like he still uses methods from a time when people knew no better, but times and attitudes have changed and its unnecessary, and bloody cruel. Problem is, he's a top trial trainer so it must be the right way to do it, and he was probably taught that way by a top trial trainer etc etc....
  9. Is the current advice still not to pay, or have basc given up on it?
  10. Yes 3.5 inch chamber. It was left to me by a relative but it's not my type of gun.
  11. hi, would u be interested in a swap.for a bennelli super black eagle auto.

    1. Hi. leigh 

      I have got 4 - 4bore paper cartridges eley but plane red cases

       looking for £10 each or 35 for the 4


      1. They Obviously don't have the 'real impact in politics' they claim then.
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