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  1. My mum has some rats in her garden and wonder if this would be a suitable tool to make them go away?
  2. Superfelt fibre 4 £66 or any reasonable offer
  3. Would like to purchase,i am in bournemouth.




  4. Do any of these guns take 3.5 inch steel by the way?
  5. I wonder if you have any cartridges included please? Tim
  6. Is the monocular still available pleas?
  7. timclarke


    Not sure at all if this is the right section but here goes. We are at last ready for another dog. 4 adults in the house, no other pets. Rarely left alone. Big garden and back onto fields and woods. Lots of exercise no problem. No gundog duties. Must be friendly with other dogs. The only requirement really is to be short haired because we go out in all weathers and it's all clay round here.
  8. Yes, sorry for your loss, I'm sure you gave her a good life though and at the end of the day day what more can you do..............
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