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  1. winnie&bezza

    Punchbag bracket weight limit

    I’d always go ceiling mounted if possible. You can move round the back and better for ‘body shots’ m. Less likely to miss and hit the wall too 😂 I bought a 1tonne lifting strap and wrapped it over a noggin I fitted in between 2 joists. If joists are visible then there’s quite a few ways to do it. Link to the ceiling mount?
  2. winnie&bezza

    Air Arms Pro sport .22

    One of those is next on my list!
  3. winnie&bezza

    Gun christened!

    Looks like a supergrade to me. I do love a Winchester. Perfect start 👍🏻
  4. winnie&bezza

    TBS Wolverine knife

    Haha typical 17 yr old then. Maybe a knife collection thread then!
  5. winnie&bezza

    TBS Wolverine knife

    I think I’ll go to town on the knives when kids are older and I have surplus money 😀 has there ever been a members knife thread? I don’t recall seeing one.
  6. winnie&bezza

    TBS Wolverine knife

    I do have collecting tendencies but I also don’t like to have too much to choose from especially guns. It plays with my head that maybe I should of taken so and so one etc.
  7. winnie&bezza

    TBS Wolverine knife

    True. I’d like to have more to be honest if I could.
  8. winnie&bezza

    TBS Wolverine knife

    How many knives have you got TC?!? You buy most that come up 😂
  9. winnie&bezza

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    You lucky lucky man
  10. winnie&bezza

    Perkin knives

    Yeah I remember that now. Who was it again?
  11. winnie&bezza

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    I’ll have first dibs on a Dickson round action if anyone has one going free. It’s just a sign of the times. Newer and younger shooters coming into the sport 99% of the time will go for an O/Us. Im 32 and would happily have just SXS.
  12. winnie&bezza

    Perkin knives

    Bloody hell figgy, why did you have to introduce me to emberleaf 😩
  13. winnie&bezza

    Perkin knives

    Errrrrrrr 😉 I bet it is. Nice to see cultures still taking care in craft. Obviuolsy up to you but would be nice. I’m ready to pull the trigger on one of the smaller neck knives first.
  14. winnie&bezza

    Perkin knives

    Just looked, how they are that cheap I don’t know! They look good quality at least 4-5 times the price. Buy one Redgum and let us know as I’ve got my eye on a few
  15. winnie&bezza

    Perkin knives

    Will have a look myself. I agree on some of the quality from India is great quality. They have craftsmen who can make amazing things without the high tech tooling we have. Only got to look at the carving they do.