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  1. 1998 landcruiser amazon. Got put down as a named driver 😃
  2. Engineered all day long. Unless you want that gappy look. As said, can get unfinished board easy but painting them 😕. Definitely lay different to existing boards as it will be more stable and I would ply over old floor first. Even get a couple of bags of self levelling compound to fill any dips and hollows at least. Quite simple to do with a straight edge. Also and good quality moisture resident underlay like a timbermate duralay.
  3. Sod 110v. From what I’ve heard, saws that are 110v suffer with power (not enough grunt) issues. Possibly not true on all brands but definitely the Festool kapex 120 in 110v has had lots of complaints. Depends on use I suppose.
  4. Why would I justify that! Who knows what went through his head and what actually went on. I blame the parents as who in there right mind let’s there child stay there. No matter who he is. It’s all ****** up
  5. Haven’t watched it and not sure if I will so can’t properly comment. I can’t really mkw my mind up. In a lot of ways he’s guilty as hell as having young boys stay round is just plain weird but then he had a childhood of stardom and a father who beat him. Maybe he did just want to go back to being a child. I don’t know.
  6. Yep when funds allow, a pro sport is on my hit list.
  7. Guess what chaps, my Makita combi LXT of over six years of age has started playing up this morning 😩 hit and miss on the trigger and sometimes starts slow and increases in speed
  8. Haha I get aching hands using plunge saw routers etc let alone hand drills! I could do with that Hilti drill as I have a scar on my wrist from a chop saw and if a drill snatches, it pulls the scar tissue and bloody hurts 😂 The hilti jigsaw looks pretty good and interested to see how it compares to the mafell P1CC.
  9. Beyond comprehension 😂 Proper tradesman though. Using adzes, axes and drawknives. I did a little bit of it when I was an apprentice and was interesting. House in a day 😱 crazy
  10. It makes you think how the hell did anyone manage before they were invented!
  11. Erbauer multi tool blades are surprisingly good for the price.
  12. winnie&bezza

    Brit Awards

    She doesn’t need to speak when doing what I would like to do with her 😂 I think you’ll find that she had a bit too much of the free booze
  13. Even if you did get chosen to go to heaven, you’d trip and fall on the way up 😂😂
  14. Sounds like a top bloke 😂
  15. Jesus Christ! When will someone buy this. Can’t believe it hasn’t gone
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