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  1. I would also add that the workshop guys at the dealer need a kick. To decline to test the alternator when a battery fails the test and you have reported sulphorous smells shows incompetence. It takes seconds to test alternator output voltage.
  2. What was the result of the charging test, once the Assist guy had got the engine running. That is very easy to do, a voltmeter across the battery and amp clamp round the battery leads. That would show if the alternator were overcharging, which I bet it was. Did you receive either by email or hand written a report of the breakdown detailing what he found? If he didn't do a charging test then he needs a good kick as that is a vital part of any flat battery diagnosis.
  3. And he was resident in Herts so the Met not involved in licensing him. I understand the range was shut down by Epping Forest Council on planning grounds
  4. No ticket required. He was operating under an exemption from FAC to run pay and play ranges. This exemption was intended to allow shooting galleries at funfairs and the like. It seems the authorities take a view that this exemption does not apply to him as his case in court shows. Was he operating within the terms of this exemption? Quite possibly. Was he operating dangerously ? you bet. A charge under health and safety type stuff might be more certain of a conviction than one of illegal possession of firearms. The case continues.
  5. Winchester 1200, 1300. Other than that neither
  6. Personally no I would not. But some might like the look. How would it invite trouble? Reading between the lines, I feel it may be helpful if I explain why I have the extension even though it's no one else's business. I've been very active in Practical Shotgun over the last 33 years. I took the decision to go along the 20 bore Standard Division route some years ago, so I sourced the mag extension from the USA and a yank brought it over for me at a major European match. The gun I intended to fit it to, turned out to be not so suitable, and with advancing years and reducing dexterity I now shoot Open Division box mag. It just so happens that the extension fits Hatsan, and others, I wish to sell the Hatsan, and a prospective buyer may wish to go to S.1 with it. I have no other use for it. I also have a 20 bore slug mould to go with it, but I expect some one will see that as inviting trouble too.
  7. Please explain why this is misinformation
  8. You are absolutely correct. My S.2 gun is S.2 because the mag tube is crimped to limit the capacity. Fitting an extension has no bearing on that. In order to increase the capacity either the crimp must be pushed out or the magazine replaced with one that is not crimped.
  9. Its no trouble for anyone. A S.2 gun is a S.2 gun. If it has a mag extension fitted it's still S.2.
  10. Even in the Practical Shotgun world pistol grips are very rare, because they get in the way of the loading process. The only exception to this is the Open Division box mag guns which are mostly AR or AK designs. Red dot on a field gun, why not, I'm trying it for some of my wildfowling this winter, but you need to spend good money. Mine will be going back on my Practical gun as soon as gooseing is over. As others recommend, Armsan etc auto in 20 bore....or even better, the Hatsan 20 pump that I'll soon be offering for sale. Its Sec 2 but comes with a mag extension.........
  11. For Sale 75 Hull Sterling Game 28g fibre no6 25 RC Semimagnum 32g no5 25 Bornaghi Semimagnum 32g no6 50 RC Sipe 28g fibre no6 25 Eley Grand Prix Bismuth 25g fibre no5 19 Remington Nitro Magnum 3" 1 1/4oz no4. some brass corroded 13 Express Special Twenty Fibre 30g no6 25 Eley VIP 28g no5 Now found 25 Express Special 20 gauge 30g fibre no6 £80 the lot. Collect from Swanton Morley NR20
  12. A couple of hundred over Wells yesterday.
  13. If I were looking at starting In PSG I would get a 2nd hand 2+1 auto of a brand that has a good reputation. As you like Beretta I would go with a 391 or 400 series but make sure it has the ability to take an extended mag. Then further down the line sell/trade/derestrict to s.1 or better still keep, and buy a s.1 gun of same make and similar model to keep it company In the cabinet. With Berettas there is a certain amount of parts commonality so you could try different barrel lengths etc. Don't forget if you go for it the cartridge holder caddy things get pricey at the top end of the game so you need to allow for that in the budget.
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