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  1. Michaeli

    Large gun cabinet

    Thank you, will do
  2. Michaeli

    Large gun cabinet

    Hi all, I'm after a large 8+ gun cabinet or a 5 gun cabinet for rifles. (Max 600mm wide) Let me know what you have, i travel a lot with work so can collect most parts of the country. Thanks Michael
  3. Michaeli

    gun cabinet x6

    Hi there, Do you still have any for sale? Thanks Michael
  4. Michaeli

    Brattonsound Cabinets

    Do you still have any for sale?
  5. Hi all, My spaniel is approx 7 weeks gone so only another week or so left and have just been let down by my vets who wont dock the tails. Can anyone recommend a vets in the Nottingham area. Thanks Michael
  6. Michaeli

    Free BSA sportsman 15 .22lr

    Still got it but will be scraping it either tomorrow or Tuesday if not picked up before then.
  7. Michaeli

    Free BSA sportsman 15 .22lr

    😁 I think the three legged Peruvian tree rats will be ok but I predict the cost of albino naked mole rats will increase by approx 12.5789%
  8. Michaeli

    Free BSA sportsman 15 .22lr

    Possible but it’s the costs and tbf I just need it gone ASAP. Don’t have the time to wait etc.
  9. Michaeli

    Free BSA sportsman 15 .22lr

    Hi all, I need to move on my .22lr BSA sportsman 15. it works perfect and groups well at 50 yards. But it’s not great looking. It’s been painted at some point. it has scope mounts which work fine but again don’t look great. The rifle is free and all you need is a free slot. Now for the catch, it needs to be collected from Nottingham (NG4 3SF) by end of this weekend, if not it’s going to be scraped on Monday. it has a Simmons 4x32 scope on which can be had for £15 and I also have a slim line Parker hale mod for it (need a slot) for £20. feel free to ask any questions. Thanks Michael
  10. Michaeli

    Gun smith / screw cutting help needed

    Ouch, the exact reason it needs to be done correctly ?
  11. Hi

    If you're stuck My black lab is a good pedigree he comes from "Faeri Hall Gun dog kennels in Essex" He came from a game keeper. I only use him for deer tracking though.


    1. Michaeli

      fox red labrador stud dog

      Hi there, old post i know but is he still for stud? Thanks Michael
    2. Hi all, I'm looking for a stud dog for my sprocker bitch. Were looking for a working Springer spaniel or a small working lab. Willing to travel and were biased in Nottingham. Its all a little bit of a rush as she came into heat 2 days ago. We had a stud dog lined up but unfortunately he passed away 2 weeks ago (unknown reason yet) and were now looking for another. Please feel free to message me and we can discuss more. Many thanks Michael
    3. Hi all, I’m currently messing with a BSA .22 Lr sportsman I’v made some scope mounts and it shoots really well so i now want to put a mod on it. so I’m looking either for a gun smith or an engineer / machine shop that can help, pref near to nottingham, but I do travel with work. the down side is all the trigger and tube mag are all fixed to the barrel so the barrel can’t just be removed and put in a lathe. any ideas or help would be great. thanks michael
    4. Michaeli

      Theoben Rapid 12 .22

      Hi Paul, Really sorry, forgot to update the sale thread. The chap paid his deposit and collecting next weekend so good as sold until then. Thanks again for your interest Michael