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    I have been shooting for around 30 years. I started off shooting rabbits, pigeons and crows on my uncles' farms. Being the only member of my family who shoots, I have had to work hard to get shooting. Things finally came good for me about 20 years ago after a long spell of letter writing to wildfowling clubs.
    I was invited to interview and accepted as a member of a wildfowling club on Strangford Lough. Sadly the club has now folded, but the contacts I established through it mean I am seldom stuck for a place to go.

    I am a member of a Game Shooting syndicate and that takes up 10 Saturdays of the season. The other days of the season sees me in pursuit of my "first love" - wildfowl. Geese are not too numerous here in N.I. so it mainly involves the pursuit of ducks.

    Pigeons are a February and summer pursuit.

    I have 2 dogs - two labs, Ted and Bear.

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  1. Hi Tony I think quarter is Improved Cylinder (IC) - four nicks. I'd be interested I that one if you'd like to sell. I think we live closeish to each other, but I may be wrong. Could you pm me a price? Many thanks
  2. Hi I am on the look out for an Invector Plus quarter choke for my 525. Anyone got a spare?
  3. I went and shot both today. I bought the inflex one as I am more familiar with the 30" barrels. Thanks for the replies guys.
  4. Thanks. The only difference is brought about by the barrel length. The 30" feels much more front heavy. The 28 inch is much more lively. But my main gun is a 30" B525 Grade 5 Prestige, so I'm quite used to the 30 inch.
  5. I am considering buying another B525. I have looked at 2 Game 1 guns. One I am looking at is 2014 30" barrels with an inflex pad. The other is 2011 28" barrels with the ordinary bakelite pad. There is £150 between them - as I don't get too excited about barrel length the main difference is the pad so I'm just wondering what anyone thinks of inflex. Thanks.
  6. Big Al

    Septic tank pump

    Thanks Lord v. I have been buying from the manufacturer of my tank. I'll give TT a call. The goliath is what they had in the tank from new so when I got a second I automatically went the same as it had lasted 15 years. Thanks for the help.
  7. Big Al

    Septic tank pump

    Yes - a float switch is screwed onto the pump. The first 2 pumps I had were TT. Maybe I was just unlucky with the second one.
  8. Big Al

    Septic tank pump

    Thanks foggy. The flygt are expensive! But I'm sure very reliable. How do you find the grundfoss? I could stretch to them! Do you know which pump would do a 4 -6 person household? I appreciate the input.
  9. Big Al

    Septic tank pump

    Aye. My brother has a Balmoral and had no bother with it. I'll see if I can find out what they use.
  10. Big Al

    Septic tank pump

    The tank is a domestic "biofilter" product from FM Environmental in Newry. Big outfit but seem to have moved onto much bigger things than domestic tanks. I can't find domestic tanks on their website any more. Thanks for trying.
  11. Big Al

    Septic tank pump

    Unfortunately I can't. The ground where I live is very clay. I tried it initially and had to go for the tank which is drained into the storm drain.
  12. I've had an electric septic tank for close on 20 years. The first pump (The one in the tank from new) was a titan goliath th. It lasted nearly 15 years. When it finally gave up, I went to the people I bought it from and they provided me with another for the princely sum of £200. I fitted it and off it went. The second pump (also a goliath) failed after 2 years. I took it back to my supplier who opened it up and informed me the seals had given way, the unit was flooded and was wrecked. They also told me that they had started using a different pump in their tanks as the goliath was not as reliable as it once was. For another £200 they sold me the new pump. Two and a bit years on, and it has failed too. For a few weeks there was a rumble from it,like a bearing rumble, and then it packed in. I know if I go back to my supplier they'll sell me another pump for £200 But if it's only going to last 2 years I was wondering if any of the cheaper ones available would last as long? Or is there such thing as another bomb proof pump that will last me another 15 years? If it'd last I'd be happy to pay a bit more. It's a bit of a specialist long shot for PW but if there is anyone in the know out there I'd be delighted to take advice. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the picture. That looks pretty substantial. Well done Sir.
  14. I really like the look of that. Is there any chance of a pic of under the seat?
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