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    I have been shooting for around 30 years. I started off shooting rabbits, pigeons and crows on my uncles' farms. Being the only member of my family who shoots, I have had to work hard to get shooting. Things finally came good for me about 20 years ago after a long spell of letter writing to wildfowling clubs.
    I was invited to interview and accepted as a member of a wildfowling club on Strangford Lough. Sadly the club has now folded, but the contacts I established through it mean I am seldom stuck for a place to go.

    I am a member of a Game Shooting syndicate and that takes up 10 Saturdays of the season. The other days of the season sees me in pursuit of my "first love" - wildfowl. Geese are not too numerous here in N.I. so it mainly involves the pursuit of ducks.

    Pigeons are a February and summer pursuit.

    I have 2 dogs - two labs, Ted and Bear.

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  1. Big Al

    Oily rag

    Very kind dougy, but I'll make another using the advice on here. Thanks for the offer though! I wouldn't deprive you. One man losing his rag is enough- one and a half men losing their rags would threaten global peace.
  2. Big Al

    Oily rag

    Cheers guys. I was just having a frustrated moan. It had fallen out of the cupboard I keep my gun cleaning / maintenance stuff in. Lesson learned. Great looking punt OF! Not sure about ditchmans y fronts though .....
  3. Big Al

    Oily rag

    Up until this week, I've had a brilliant oily rage for rubbing down my guns. My father started using it in the 1970s. It was a ripped up piece of his old pyjamas. I inherited it in the 1980s and have used it everytime I've cleaned a gun since then. It was soaked in oil and a rub with it put a lovely sheen on the barrels. Well, my wife was having a clear out this week, and chucked it. Gone forever. I only realised as I was cleaning a gun after a few clays yesterday. I feel like I've lost a family member! Is there a quick fix alternative , or will I have to start from scratch again? I reckon the pyjamas were 100% cotton. Any preferred fabrics ?
  4. Irreverent, anarchic, unpredictable and extremely funny. RIP Freddie.
  5. It looks very like what we refer to as a slasher. Mounted on a stout wooden staff for clearing brambles and rough scrub. We have used them to remove tree limbs and even small trees. A very effective hand tool. Keep the shaft long to save your knuckles!
  6. Great watch Millrace. That should be compulsory viewing for DLA assessors.
  7. Sorted now. Many thanks to Maxus Hunter. It was great to meet up Tony. I've saved your number - please save mine too and we can keep in touch.
  8. Hi Tony I think quarter is Improved Cylinder (IC) - four nicks. I'd be interested I that one if you'd like to sell. I think we live closeish to each other, but I may be wrong. Could you pm me a price? Many thanks
  9. Thanks Cranfield. I'm not really one for the clays but tried this last year for the first time and loved it. A carton of cartridges doesn't last too long!
  10. Hi I am on the look out for an Invector Plus quarter choke for my 525. Anyone got a spare?
  11. It's not my video, but I am in it. Many thanks to Urbalshinny for giving me permission to post their video. I only started shooting flushes last year, and they are mighty craic.
  12. I went and shot both today. I bought the inflex one as I am more familiar with the 30" barrels. Thanks for the replies guys.
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