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    I have been shooting for around 30 years. I started off shooting rabbits, pigeons and crows on my uncles' farms. Being the only member of my family who shoots, I have had to work hard to get shooting. Things finally came good for me about 20 years ago after a long spell of letter writing to wildfowling clubs.
    I was invited to interview and accepted as a member of a wildfowling club on Strangford Lough. Sadly the club has now folded, but the contacts I established through it mean I am seldom stuck for a place to go.

    I am a member of a Game Shooting syndicate and that takes up 10 Saturdays of the season. The other days of the season sees me in pursuit of my "first love" - wildfowl. Geese are not too numerous here in N.I. so it mainly involves the pursuit of ducks.

    Pigeons are a February and summer pursuit.

    I have 2 dogs - two labs, Ted and Bear.

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  1. Thanks Gerry. Did you get anywhere with the Killyleagh club?
  2. Thanks greylag- I gave it a miss today as it's like summer here today too! Hopefully the widgeon will start to appear soon. They really can get you worried. Ted seems to do it on most flights! I'm aware he is 8 now but he seems to be ignoring that fact.
  3. I just found this on YouTube. A little gem from the same series as the Ernie James programme (A man between 3 rivers). The past is a different country.
  4. Kind words again OB. Thanks. It's too warm at the momentto even consider donning chest waders, so I might give this weekend a miss ....
  5. Thanks Cranfield- some locals say that Lough Neagh is big enough to have the moon's gravity cause small tides, but I've not seen any evidence. A much bigger effect is caused by the fact that 6 large rivers flow into the Lough and only one flows out. They say the Lough only takes 4 hours to rise an inch but it takes 24 to drop by an inch. There are flood gates at Toome which control the level but even so, severe flooding is possible. The eel traps, also at Toome, catch millions of the Lough Neagh eels which are exported to the continent. There are also many commercial eel fishing boats on the L
  6. Is it new? Killyleagh Wildfowlers have been on the go for many years. Part of the Strangford joint council.
  7. Wow. That's an epic retrieve and would scare the life out of me. Thanks for sharing that.
  8. This shore is private and by invitation only. Rab and I went down for a flight on Saturday morning and it was very windy! Challenging shooting conditions and retrieving conditions for Ted. As usual, Ted outshone us both. I hope you enjoy - sorry for the wind noise.
  9. Thanks Figgy! You've got a good wife - mine wouldn't even consider looking at them!
  10. Aye - they are well educated already. Once it was fully light, they didn't want to commit.
  11. Both dogs do it. Real water babies! Cheers Terry. It's a very special place. It could be easily spoiled by greed, so I'm careful to not overshoot it.
  12. I enjoyed that. Great footage with the shotcam. Thanks for posting.
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