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  1. Thanks for the info. Its a 6 trap game trailer so would be £150 each trap. Possibly only adapting 2 or 3.
  2. Hello, I have 6 traps that all throw standard clays. Is their an easy way of converting the carousel tubes to take midi clays? I have contacted Bowman and they say I need midi carousel at £120 + VAT and different knife separators. I am thinking a plastic tube inside the standard clay carousel to hold the midi and pay for the different knife. Has anyone done anything similar? Thanks
  3. An exquisite day, not to be missed. Glad to be involved for the third consecutive season for the back to back date in January! Just a word of warning....don't take the £20 bet!!!!
  4. As above, Wanted Thanks
  5. Its now a secret group by invitation through a current member. PM - Received Thanks
  6. No ear pieces. They cost £75 new for 4, so they're not going to get you to communication from mountain to mountain. Now sold Thanks
  7. 4 x walkie talkies for sale. Not bad little pieces of kit for the money, no longer needed. Bought new last season. Come with chargers and 4 radios. £35 posted.
  8. I visited today and was very impressed. It's not to the scale of the midland game fair but neither are the entry prices... At only £10 for adults. It's only their second year and hopefully, given the turnout today there will be more trade shows and agin makers row. Fantastic day, throughly enjoyed and it's great for Lancashire to have such an event. Well done
  9. Let's hope the weather is kind and the woodcock are in force. See you in December
  10. That's terrible! I hope everyone is on the mend.
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