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  1. Tough to gauge/height, i know D and E took a good chunk of lead! It was the midi (c) that caught me out!
  2. Were you using light shells? Mine does this with 21g cartridges not having enough recoil for the inertia block
  3. Its a great ground, Jason the manager has a grand vision for the place and its just getting better.
  4. Cant help with the 20 but love my 12!
  5. Where do you use? I find myself at Churchills at Swinton and Park Lodge which are both 35p a clay, I'm in Wakefield as well so always on the look out for somewhere new to try.
  6. Beautiful, love these big old tanks, future classic. Very tempting.
  7. Beautiful gun, wish I had the funds for it! Good luck with the sale
  8. Deerhunter woodland mosstone cap wanted in a size M (57 - 58cm) Thanks
  9. My W. W Greener Monarch (I think!)
  10. Are you sure it's 30" not 28"? Tempted with you being just down the road
  11. Brook taverner do some good stuff
  12. Ah too short for me but good luck with the sale
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