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  1. Sorry left the last part of the 1st posting
  2. bottletopbill


    Took my HW35E out last night 1971 version 22. Just had ten minutes at targets have not shot with it since buying last year. Shoot two rats and a squirrel will take it out again but might be up for sale soon as two good to sit in safe and would be a waste.
  3. Can you not post it to Met police SCO19 Firearms unit Floor 21, Empress State Building, Empress Approach, Lillie Road, London, SW16 1TR. , ; PLEASE PUT IN YOR CHEQUE MADE OUT FOR THE MAYOR sorry it will tell you how to word the cheque and the fee all the best
  4. Could this be a vulnerable man who was attacked not all disabilities show and people presume they are
  5. If they catch a rapist sentence them. A man who rapes women should be put in a female prison for twenty years hard labour. The guy raping men should do his time in a gay wing for other's to enjoy and abuse. They will only enjoy it for a short while then after time will be screaming for humane right's
  6. Guy's we all sound vintage to other member's still got my HW 35E 22pellet rifle
  7. Great to see other's being helped to gain there ticket as I was by a P/W member to get my ticket .
  8. Buy a cabinet for five guns to save buying twice. ?
  9. Had the same problem as you posted this on this site a Great guy from Dover took me under his wing for a weekend of shooting various calibre rifles and gave me a letter for Met police. Got 22lr ticket for 100 rounds only so keep trying to get some one to mentor you . Hope you get your ticket
  10. If you live in south east/ Kent border try some at country way guns in west malling. Spent over a thousand on one shotgun and other guns more went to a shop in welling. Best gun I kept was a free one from a Pidgeon watch member a BSA x11 the rest got sold as i found this to suit me the best and fitted me
  11. 1975 First licence white post card no id or permission or any proof at 18 years old kept gun laying around my bedroom as lived at home still. No one bothered to check my mate used to walk past the police station at 4am with shotgun in bag never ever got a challenge and never had a licence we later found out. First shotgun was A Baikal £26.00 new hurt like hell
  12. We may have a shortage of Hops as only growing a third of the hops this year ?. And they say drinking as increased in lockdown.
  13. It is who you know in the legal system from the bottom to the top back handers and gifts always help.
  14. As he been sacked from police. Surely he can not remain a police officer or ever carry a firearm in the police or in normal life and never allowed to ever have a pet.
  15. E BAY sell the balls about £7.00
  16. And take the tax man as a breeding dogs
  17. Bet grandad is calling him a T--t as he moves to the country life in the sky RIP
  18. Sad loss was not a jumped up idiot my mate did some carriage driving against him. Loved his country life and mixed with all RIP
  19. Biggest F/U I ever made gave up halfway through for a relationship. It never lasted as I resented her for not letting me complete the course with my mate he got is wing's and berry .I lost my balls in that net that is my excuse for quitting
  20. So never completed the seven jumps to earn his wings or berry
  21. So did you push him out of the basket
  22. As BASC asked Mr Packham or other's for there support in dealing with hares as farmers want them gone due to illegal activities. We have to protect shooting as we will get the blame and not the illegal people who just do not care .Would be a good cause for BASC to fight and let other's know we care.
  23. So sad sorry, We now need to get harder on punishment given out no excesses .
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