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  1. I have permission to shoot on a couple of local farms. I never get a big bag, but I am grateful for the owners letting me wander freely about their property. Was out and about this Monday gone, saw 2 Buzzards wheeling about, loads of tits (great & blue), the backside of a deer, a butterfly, a squirrel (out of range), sadly no pigeons. But did come across this little lot: Whoever does this is a moron. Come on mate, they're bright blue and you piled them up nicely but couldn't be ***** to put them in the bin. I will admit to loosing the odd empty now and again, but at least I m
  2. Proud? I could hardly squeeze my head through the front door after that performance
  3. Hi all, Just sharing pics of my new gun. It's a SFS tuned HW80K that's a smidge off 20ft lbs. Tony & Co did the business on this gun, and it was well worth the drive from Bristol to collect it. I've finally got the hang of it now, I know how it likes to be held and the accuracy is there. I love the uncluttered days out with this rifle, pocket of pellets, mars bar, bottle of water.........freedom. Anyway, yer tis: 4 shots (kneeling) from 30 yrds, Air Arms Diabolo Field 15gn...........room for improvement, but I'm happy for now.
  4. I have a small permission that brings me plenty of quiet time, away from the stress of every day life. Often there's not much about, and I've never pulled any large bags. But I do get to feel free.........for a short time, and I'll put food on the table if I'm lucky.
  5. He's got that "You owe me £50!" look about him. Nice shot.
  6. Apologies to the OP, it's gone off on a tangent again. Won't be responding further to this thread, ATB
  7. It's not a huge sweeping generalisation at all. You both know damn well that there ARE people attending clay shoots who do not themselves have a SGC. And why do you keep telling me things I already know ? 1. Of course a .22rf is dangerous if used incorrectly.....you're not inventing the wheel with that peach. 2. Do you honestly believe that every shooter who turns up at a clay shoot is asked to produce their cert before being allowed to shoot a round? You're off your box mate. I've shot compact sporting at a CLA game fair...wasn't asked to produce SGC..........Ian Colleys in Glos (a
  8. Here we go. 1. The only ranges I've been to were military. So no to that one. 2.The shoot is very well ran by a CPSA coach. Yes he does deal with things promptly, but do you expect him to stand behind every shooter on every stand? Get real mate....you're just being pedantic. And I never said that I'd regularly witnessed ridiculous behaviour, please read my post again mate. I was referring to some numptys who were not regulars at this shoot, pointing guns in unsafe directions, and loosing of a shot into the floor whilst stood in the stand......they laughed, I reported the matter...
  9. Jeez, I think there are some reckless burks in this world of ours. I've had some experience of shooting rifles in the past, but more recently (last 5 years) I've been bitten by the clay pigeon bug, and also the real blighters. I read various gun publications and have found myself wanting a rifle. I'm going back to basics and have ordered a HW80k .22 FAC (only around 20ft lbs max), but I haven't gone for FAC power so that I can clip a squirrel in the shoulder and still nail him !! You shouldn't be shooting any beast unless you can put a shot schmack into the kill zone. I'm all for prot
  10. I think it's time to look at the simple/ cheapest option for sorting this FTE problem. MartynGT4 has witnessed the failure when shooting clays. I'm dead quick on the reload side of things, and we had the thought that the empty cart is still fully expanded and is gripping the barrel, and coupled with the rough surface of the chamber is likely causing the extractor to slip off the rim. And usually happens on or around the last pairs on the stand (shot 7 - 10) so things are all hotted up by then I suppose. The carts next to the pheasant in my pic were just put in shot for effect, I actual
  11. I don't think anyone should attempt to dive right in on the full bore scene without having gained sufficient skill/ experience with smaller calibers first. As Deer Shooter said, please learn to walk before you try and run. It amazes me that people often ask the sort of questions that easily identifies them as someone who is not ready. Had they a real desire to get into the scene, one might imagine that they'd done a little reading on the whole subject............am I mistaken? I'm not having a pop mate. ATB
  12. I love the Wingmaster but it's not without it's flaws...............sometimes it doesn't eject (chamber too tight? wrong type of carts?) I've had to put a comb raiser on it, I have way more success with my side by side hammergun !!! Need to spend some time on the pattern plate me thinks as I've stuck a laser sighter thingy in it and the beam is hidden completely by the bead. whereas the beam hits just above the bead on my hammergun. Anyone else had any accuracy problems with the 870? At least I've had some hits with it eh?
  13. Will terrorists be looking to re activate old german MP40's from WW2? Allah ur akbar, gott mit uns !!!
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