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  1. Thanks all... Long Stock I take it its best to call ahead to Coppins? Cheers Dave
  2. Morning all, Having just moved down to Lincs, near Louth has anyone any good recommendations for shops for getting hold of non tox.. As my season hasnt really started yet as Im waiting on Lincolnshire firearms getting my new certificate out to us then Im intending on joining North East Lincs Wildfowlers as they seem to have a some coastal shooting very close to us. any advice would be much appreciated.. thanks Dave
  3. Hi, Your not mad, just a little insane, though that has to be said for all Land Rover drivers,.. Having owned something with a green oval for the past 12 years I wouldn't be without one... Yes you hear the horror stories and there are many, but its like any vehicle, they have there good ones and there very bad ones! If you haven't already done so, try and borrow one for a few days to see how you can get one with it. Ive a 300Tdi 90 which is excellent, we took her on a little road trip in October, down to the South of France and we played the toll road avoidance game, she even got a duty f
  4. Hi to all, Newbie on here, just moved down to near Louth in Lincolnshire... Been shooting now for over 16yrs mainly wildfowling in East Lothian, but wanting to get back to some pigeon shooting and wildfowling down here in between the job hunting.... All good fun... Cheers Dave
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