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  1. Paul taylor

    Starlight Arrow NV

    final offer £260 posted for everything
  2. Paul taylor

    Hawke Vantage scopes for sale

    anyone want the other scope £150 posted?
  3. Paul taylor

    Camo bucket seat/Decoys/Net

    Hi I will take the lot and can collect this week some time if thats ok
  4. Paul taylor

    Hawke Vantage scopes for sale

    £120 scope provisionally sold.
  5. Paul taylor

    Starlight Arrow NV

    go on then, price drop to £280 or £270 if you dont want the torch.
  6. Paul taylor

    Hawke Vantage scopes for sale

    2x Hawke Vantage 4-16×44 Side Focus for sale. 1 in pic with box is near as damn it brand new, has been zeroed on air rifle and shot with twice before being removed, other one has no box and is a little older but apart from a very minor mark on side turret looks brand new, both looked after very well, both have medium sports match mounts. £150 for new £120 for other, would post at cost but prefer meet or pick up. cheers.
  7. Paul taylor

    Starlight Arrow NV

    Hi all, hope I am not going to regret this but I am selling my Starlight Arrow add on NV kit along with a T67 type IR torch and mount with batteries but no charger. I would recommend this for air rifle and rimfire ranges but would do further with something like a solaris laser IR. Works good with cheap Hawke scopes or MTC Mamba/Mamba lite, you will need parallax adjustment as with all digital NV. I've used this for a few years now with no issues at all from ratting at 7m out to Rabbits at 100m ID out to around 200m Only selling as im buying dedicated NV scope. £310.00 posted
  8. Paul taylor

    S & M

    getting good these camera phones?
  9. Paul taylor

    heat treating 01 steel

    Forth Rixons?
  10. Paul taylor

    Huggett Belita

    weihrauch are very good. I have a Twink on my 40ft/lb air ranger and that does a great job.
  11. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    well. looks like T33 was correct. Nipped up filling probe and leak looks to be gone, just need pellet probe seals to arrive and she will be like new. Thanks for the help T33?
  12. Paul taylor

    Starlight Arrow

    Good kit at a good price. I do well with mine.
  13. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    Hi T33. I have already ordered some o rings for the probe but thank you for your very kind offer, it's much appreciated. never even thought to try nipping up the fill probe even though I had wondered if that's where the leak was. I will bring some tools home tomorrow and give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again. Paul.
  14. Paul taylor

    Springer Spaniel “Crabbing”

    mine also does this, always has done and as said before, straightened out once up to speed.
  15. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    Cheers Drut. given me some where to start?