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  1. Paul taylor

    S & M

    getting good these camera phones?
  2. Paul taylor

    heat treating 01 steel

    Forth Rixons?
  3. Paul taylor

    Huggett Belita

    weihrauch are very good. I have a Twink on my 40ft/lb air ranger and that does a great job.
  4. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    well. looks like T33 was correct. Nipped up filling probe and leak looks to be gone, just need pellet probe seals to arrive and she will be like new. Thanks for the help T33?
  5. Paul taylor

    Starlight Arrow

    Good kit at a good price. I do well with mine.
  6. Paul taylor

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    four Magpies and one Jackdaw decoyed with frozen Magpies and shot with 12g Total 21
  7. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    Hi T33. I have already ordered some o rings for the probe but thank you for your very kind offer, it's much appreciated. never even thought to try nipping up the fill probe even though I had wondered if that's where the leak was. I will bring some tools home tomorrow and give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again. Paul.
  8. Paul taylor

    Springer Spaniel “Crabbing”

    mine also does this, always has done and as said before, straightened out once up to speed.
  9. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    Cheers Drut. given me some where to start?
  10. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    Cheers. 20 hunter. I can do bottle and pellet probe without taking rifle apart so may just do the ones that deffinetly need doing. just need to know how to take bottle off safely.
  11. Paul taylor

    Daystate Air Ranger seals

    Evening gents. I have an FAC Air Ranger which is leaking a small amount when I fill the bottle with air, Also O ring on pellet probe/bolt is worn so passing a ittle air. just wondered if anyone on here knows the procedure for removing the bottle or has any manuals/instructions for said rifle. could even be tempted to strip and replace all seals if anyone has instructions to do so. Thanks in advance?
  12. looks nice that Steve. Good guns these, I have a friends in my cabinet and shoot well with it. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Paul taylor

    Static caravan

    we have had ours for 3yr now and love it, weekend can't come quick enough. best friends from home have plot next door and made new shooting and fishing friends since buying. 2k a year plus couple o bottles gas at £50 each. bought at a damn good price and vans ok on site as long as they don't look rough and detract from the sites appearance. Fishing on Trent Inc in price and only 45mins from home so no excuse for not going there. you do have to use it a lot to make it worth while or you may as well spend 2/3k a year going on holiday somewhere. we get March through to end of October so caravan season ends and pheasant season starts so busy all year 😁
  14. Paul taylor

    Mixed vermin

    very good. I wood love a nice bit of woodland to shoot in.
  15. Paul taylor


    a Gentleman as ever Davey. Hope you are all keeping well pal👍