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  1. Cracking little rifle for someone and these are wisper quiet with Weihrauch silencer
  2. yes mate I can post for £150 if you would like it. I'm just off out after some Rabbits but will answer any questions in the morning. cheers.
  3. yes mate, you will have much more range with a better IR such as Dragonfly or Solaris. I have too much NV gear now so just wanting gone hence good price
  4. the distance really does depend on the scope its mounted on and what you're shooting at, I haven't used this for a while but would think 100/150m would be max for shooting. what scope you using,?
  5. thats great work there Jerry, the Reds are lucky to have a friend like you.
  6. 5 inch screen, battery and charger, leads and Sony camera mounted in a housing, ideal for a night vision home build, just needs a tube the right diameter fir your scope and a bracket to mount the screen, top quality camera with IR filter removed, all works as it should. £40.00 collected
  7. Add on NV set up, works very well with Hawke sport or Hawke HD scopes or similar budget scopes. Must have parallax adjustment to focus the image. Good for spotting out to around 180m and rimfire and air rifle shooting distances no problem. comes with IR and 2x 18650 batteries, you will need a charger though. Cheap as chips as having a clear out, cant go wrong for £150 collected.
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