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  1. Yes I met him at the Gamefair donkeys years ago .Real nice fella.In factI looked it up and he was a Superintendent when he retired.
  2. Wasn’t Colin Greenwood the editor?He was a retired Police Inspector I believe which is unusual as he championed private gun ownership.RIP.🤔🧐
  3. Yes I see it no offence but it seems rather cluttered?There again, I’m not a target shooter perse.
  4. What’s reticule look like ?
  5. Can you do pics of Zeiss?Your phone does pictures??
  6. Yes please PM payment details.
  7. Food transport installation?🧐🤔
  8. Says Burton-on-Trent in his profile.
  9. fallowbuck

    Rabbit Skins

    Anyone have any?Need them for training dummies!Thanks
  10. mix up obviously No 4 is a boxlock only.
  11. fallowbuck

    face masks

    Any different colours?
  12. Mine is standard T3 light barrel .
  13. Medium I think ?A Minox Z5i 56mm scope clears barrel by a few millimetres.
  14. As above very good condition no faults screws all good.£60 posted.They are for Tikka T3 etc also the plastic inserts are all good.
  15. As above it’s the 4rd capacity.
  16. I’llhave the Green half choke please
  17. Ok mate send payment details please
  18. That’s correct Fox Reds are quite rare now buts that’s what they’re called.
  19. Isn’t it a Fox Red Labrador?🧐🤔
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