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  1. Ive got an Airwolf MVT if you’re interested, based in Newcastle though
  2. Mutiny

    fac air

    Got an Airwolf MVT IN .22 if you’re interested
  3. I’ve got a pinkfoot one, really like it as it’s easy to get a decent sound out of although I haven’t been able to get out to try it on the foreshore yet
  4. I work on building sites all week with hundreds of other people - I cant see how being on the foreshore 5/600 yards minimum away from anyone else is putting anyone at risk more than when I am at work?
  5. 1 hour and 10 for me, but I cant go anywhere closer as there isnt anywhere closer, so I’d say that’s reasonable.....
  6. Mine is the .705” - I haven’t had a chance to get out and try it out yet though
  7. I think the v3 models are Remington choke, but I’m not 100%
  8. Terror are making the tight ones again, mine came in the post last week
  9. Have a look at Millie’s Wolfheart food
  10. I think as long as people are aware that these gps/google maps setups are an aide memoire rather than a substitute for actual knowledge then they should be ok, I agree there is nothing better than hands on experience - but if crossings/entrances/exit points on a map are used with a bit of common sense (I know that could be a big ask!) then they could become the foundation for a good level of knowledge on their local patch. I guess the problem with this is that all this recon is best done outside of the season, and a lot of interested newbies seem to leave it until the season has started
  11. I get what you’re saying, but arent we better served with more people getting interested in Fowling instead of numbers declining into obscurity? If using digital maps and marking waypoints etc on these is what helps to bring new blood into the sport surely its worth it? Less wildfowlers means less club fees and permit money used to lease/buy wetlands, and less money for wardens In areas which operate permit schemes. Less money for wardens in these areas means money for their wages and costs need to be topped up from other sources - at what point would they be deemed not financially viable
  12. Thanks Jim, handy tip! I’ve done a little bit of fiddling today, and they’re looking better - I think #5 is spot on. I won’t be loading any more now until I have some cork spacers to use instead of these felt ones. from left to right 1. BB X2 spacers 2. BB X3 spacers 3. BB x3 spacers 4. #2 x3 spacers 5. #2 x4 spacers Thanks for all your input so far
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