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  1. Still access issues with the farmer for access at the north end, the footbridge down by tealhole is out of use as it is damaged/unsafe so you have to cross the creek as best you can without it. Plenty of birds about this season though
  2. You could try a goldenrod gunsafe dehumidifier or similar; dehumidifier might be a bit of a misnomer as it appears to be a heating element, but it might be worth a look
  3. Might be worth checking if the money has been taken - I’ve tried ordering chokes for two different guns from them on separate occasions previously and both orders got cancelled and my money returned. I also tried to order a gaep shell holder at one point as well and that got cancelled and refunded
  4. I use something called Ammo Pro Gun XS-2 salt neutraliser - its a liquid in a spray bottle, I just give the gun a couple of squirts of that and then wipe it over with a rag before I head home and it seems to be doing the trick.
  5. All sold now thanks gents
  6. Mutiny

    Cheap remchoke

    As above: not fussed on style or constriction, I’m just looking to confirm compatability on a gun before I buy an aftermarket choke so the cheaper the better Edit: 12 bore
  7. Tikka T3 Supervarmint 5 shot .223 magazine. £35 posted Lee hand press, with ram prime and 2 breech lock bushings. I may still have the case lube and funnel too. £45 posted Tikka T3 Supervarmint bottom “metal” (original, plastic) plus fixings £13 posted BKL airgun/rimfire 30mm low scope mounts. These look unused. £14 posted
  8. Mutiny

    Rifle stuff

    All sold thanks gents
  9. Mutiny

    Rifle stuff

    Dies and knob provisionally sold. Sorry Rob I’ve already had an offer on the bolt knob, but I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work out
  10. Mutiny

    Rifle stuff

    Lumley Arms carbon fibre bolt knob for Tikka T3. Looks like its never been used £30 Redding deluxe die set - .223 Rem Only used to test. £65 Accushot Monopod - unsure on which model this is, but the photos show the range of adjustment. £70 Collection from Consett, Co. Durham, or can be posted
  11. Ive got an Airwolf MVT if you’re interested, based in Newcastle though
  12. Mutiny

    fac air

    Got an Airwolf MVT IN .22 if you’re interested
  13. I’ve got a pinkfoot one, really like it as it’s easy to get a decent sound out of although I haven’t been able to get out to try it on the foreshore yet
  14. I work on building sites all week with hundreds of other people - I cant see how being on the foreshore 5/600 yards minimum away from anyone else is putting anyone at risk more than when I am at work?
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