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  1. Strange, because that is exactly how the zero hours contract I was on worked. I always knew working hours (they never changed, 7:30 - 3:30). And the days I was required to work could change at the drop of a hat due to the nature of work
  2. Should have stated I’m in the UK not NI
  3. I’ve had magazines posted to me from dealers in the UK, and from the USA via Brownells with no issues
  4. How much you looking to spend?
  5. Mutiny

    Sub 12 or fa

    I have shot rabbits at 100yds with my Daystate (40ft/lbs) when the conditions are right. I never tried past that range - if I wanted to shoot further I would just use my Hmr, but I cant see why it wouldn’t do it after working out all the drops etc
  6. Excellent condition, barely used. Probably collection only due to size. £100
  7. Mutiny

    Fac rifle

    Ive still got mine, but its fancy, and theres no dive bottle!
  8. I love an all black tattoo, my right arm is mostly black save for a few bits I had left blank. Id love more tattoos, on my hands etc, but I am concerned about being able to get a new job etc so will probably stick to ones that can be covered if necessary
  9. Mutiny

    Fac rifle

    How much you looking to spend? I’ve got a Daystate Airwolf MVT I’m looking to sell
  10. This will be my first season, so I’ll be out on the first although I’m expecting the binoculars to see more action than the shotgun
  11. Mutiny

    Pilot's headset

    I’ve got a pair of light speed Zulu 3’s if you’re interested, worn for 2 lessons! Fantastically comfortable, think I paid around £900 for them
  12. Mine has the lockable ammo compartment and a small shelf up top. Other than the lock issues I’m happy with the cabinet - it seems well enough made and it feels quality it terms of the bolt retraction and hinges etc.
  13. Maybe I’m wrong and it isn’t the black diamond version then - I’ll get a couple of pictures posted in a bit
  14. I have the 10 gun version which I bought around 4 years ago. They no longer make spares for the lock assembly etc for mine - they changed the spec slightly not long after I bought mine, so I’ve had to resort to using the key as the solenoid doesn’t release using the keypad. Good cabinet, but I feel I’ve been let down by their aftercare
  15. This will be my first season, so my main target is to get out on the foreshore and get under some birds, with the golden ticket being a shot at some geese
  16. I think the V1 is Mobil choke, might be worth trying to find a someone to lend you one to check
  17. Mutiny


    How disappointing, I’ve been eyeing up an F16 for a while now and was hoping to get one early in the new year. Is this a batch issue or more of an ongoing problem?
  18. Yes no charge, glad it's the newer one or I'd just be removing the electrics altogether and using the key
  19. I've spoken to the distributors, and mine is the newer style solenoid (thankfully) so they're sending me one and a circuit board, which I thought was good of them
  20. What happened with the buffalo river engineer, no use? Same fault as mine
  21. I bought mine (14 gun) for the space inside - less chance of rattling guns off each other and damaging stocks etc
  22. I tried this, but I got prodded somewhere a man should never be prodded ? Pin moves freely, I took the lock mechanism apart and hooked the motor up to a battery but it didn't do anything..... So I'm going to say motor is dead Yes all bolts move smoothly, and nothing looks like it's been catching
  23. Cheers Mungler, it had a Duracell in but I changed it anyway and it's just the same. Tested the plug off the back of the small circuit board which runs to the pin release and it gets 6v when you press # to finish entering the unlock number
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