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  1. Hi how many chokes with gun regards Dave Nixon 

  2. Hi any photos of the gun regards Dave Nixon 

  3. Brilliant gun Ken but I just don't go to the clay ground anymore .
  4. Change of mind going to give it another go sorry for any inconvenience .
  5. Price drop now £800 , also selling my Browning B525 sporter one , giving up shooting .
  6. Thank you Butch it is a cracking gun , just not my cup of tea best regards Dave .
  7. My gun sorry for description error, its a Browning ultimate partridge . Don't even know if there is a ultimate pigeon regards to all DN
  8. Sorry butchdickason I don't understand the misleading comment . The gun is called a Browning ultimate partridge . regards Dn
  9. Yes it is I made a cockup I think regards to Stonepark
  10. Hi is the SX4 still available regards Dave.
  11. Hi do you ever travel down the M62 , Its a long way for me at Doncaster regards Dave Nixon

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