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  1. Hah, cheers for replies, some silly sod left the wood in reach of the new puppy which is now fast asleep after it's game. Cheers D
  2. Has anyone got a for end for an AYA no 3. Dog has destroyed mine mid restoration. Cheers Dean.
  3. Hello does anyone have a Nikko Indy Shadow or Damacus barrelled 12g. Couple of guns I'd really like to own. Thanks Dean. Essex.
  4. 4.10 Chokes, make unknown. £15 quid for all 3 if any use to you. Essex
  5. Remington 4.10 extended chokes. Full, Lmod, Skeet, Imp Ctrl. £40 posted.

    Set of Winchokes

    Has anyone got any Whinchokes for a 101 12g Xtr. Cheers Dean

    Oster Clippers

    Hello Interested in these. Do you know their age please. Thanks Dean
  8. Thanks Roy, any idea of age. Is it cased and how much please. Cheers Dean
  9. Looking to see if anyone has a Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 sporter they want to move on. 30" preferred. Right handed. Im in Essex. Cheers. May consider a 686e or gold e.
  10. Message me if you need any more pictures. Thanks Dean
  11. Hello. I've tried a couple of local RFD recently and their not keen on transfers these days. They advised that certificates need to completed by the seller so it means sending certificate to seller, RFD will then courier gun to your RFD and release gun to you when you provided completed certificate. Bit of a faff compared to how easily I've sent and received guns in the past.
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