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  1. Hi all, I have an SX4 and notice on occasion it jams, the issue is always the same, it will fire the first shot, but then it will move two cartridges from the mag tube into the receiver, which causes it to jam. It has happened with 27gram up to 36gram 70mm cartridges with both short and long brass. I was wondering if this was normal, or is this something I can fix or is it a warranty job? Also, I noticed the gun upon ejecting a cartridge it ripped the brass a bit (i think this may be a separate thing and its only happened once but if anybody knows anything about this too that would be great). Cheers
  2. got an sx4, prefer the handling of it to the maxus (more weight forward and a thinner pistol grip) but do prefer the mag cut off on the maxus (so can swap out the beefy carts if a pigeon or something comes over when out on the geese etc). If you're used to shooting autos and are therefore used to the way they handle and can stretch the extra money, a maxus maybe the way. But i like my sx4, much prefer the way it handles and they have near enough the same internals so same gun in that sense.
  3. I have an sx4 in camo with a 28 inch barrel, its a great gun, handles slightly different to the sx3 that I have also tried. Its a bit more front heavy and being an over and under man I prefer the new forward balance point. I also prefer the slimmer handle as i dont really like big bulky handles so you can really get your fingers round it. It has the same internals pretty much as the sx3. I have this paired with a petternmaster code black goose choke (as its my fowling gun) which brings the barrel out to 29.5 inches, and I prefer that too, so maybe a 30 inch barrel would have been better for me. Only thing is I have only had it a few months and already seen the paint start to go on it. So you may be onto a winner with the black, as long as it doesn't rust too bad.
  4. just bought a Cabelas 4 in 1 coat from tidepool at the shooting show, looks good! has a big fleece underlayer that can be zipped out easy and the outer shell has a coating that repels the water, not sure how long that will last but has me fooled! look forward to getting some fowling done in it. got it for £165
  5. interested in anything really, would be happy with a cheap side by side or if there was an over and under/semi/pump at the right price I would probably go on that too
  6. Hi all, I am looking at getting hold of 10 bore, was wondering if anyone has one or knows of one they are willing to part with, seen a few on guntrader etc but was wondering if anyone on here has anything. Cheers.
  7. no its near Llanfairfechan just off the A55
  8. Hi all, I am looking to find information on the Penrhyn wildfowling club (north Wales). I was wondering if anyone had any contact details for the club? as I am hoping to possibly join. Thanks in advance, Freddie
  9. well, I decided to try a rubberised spray on the spring. Gave it 4 coats and now the spring doesn't vibrate against the mag tube, stopping the noise and it still cycles fine.
  10. Yea used to shooting benelli's so this chinging noise/vibration is minimal with those
  11. Hi all, I have just bought a Winchester SX4 and noticed when I fire it sometimes I can hear the spring in the forend ringing after each shot. I get this is a common thing in semi-auto shotguns, but finding it quite distracting at the moment. Do any of you have any ideas to how this ringing noise can be reduced, a heavy grease on the spring perhaps (although that may harbour dirt)? I am sure I will bet used to it, but wondering if any of you have any ideas. Cheers
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