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    Cockers all forms shotgun shooting
    Winchester shotguns and collectables from the era of Winchester 101

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  1. muffin

    dog panel

    Anyone have a galvanised with door 5 foot x 6 foot dog kennel panel Lincs ideal
  2. muffin

    410 wanted

    Have mine for 40 quid someone on hear said they would have it never came A single 410 marked Topliss Notts shs side safety folder had it 40 yars shot 100 rabbits as pitted now as when I bought it
  3. sell you mine English Topliss straight stock side safety single had it 40 years shot 100s rabbits do not use 40quid
  4. muffin

    Winchester 101

    Have a few what you after Game Gun Clay Trap etc
  5. muffin

    Long shot

    Have an original one spoke to the chap who was making them at Shooting ahow
  6. muffin

    Runnakop clothing

    Have some would like some more 44 ish ideally brown What you got
  7. Shoot a 7000 field 101 do not look at other guns as I tend to think why. Buy another 101. if they made them today they would be 2 or 3 grand never seen many 7000 fields the one I shoot is supposed to be one of the last out factory lovely exhibition stock so when I saw another hardly used I bought it still hardly used, but better in my cabinet. have over years a few more DG a bog standard super grade and a 1500 xtr Have Winchester cases for all my O/U would recommend them as a good piece of kit and it is fun trying to find cases and cartridge mags and all from that era
  8. i have a few Winchester 101 cases Diamond grade and a few standard ones Try mgr guns Richard is a 101 advocate also try Geoff Wiltshire gunsmith he has a lot if 101 stuff I got my D G case off him you will have to look the www for number
  9. only got Thurs next week to come for 1500 Muffin[Stew]

    1. Some Winchester stocks on Winchester shotgun owners group on facebook not sure what they have
    2. Hi macwest good a years few back had a pair of tornado pilots gloves they where thin because they made to have an inner silk glove mine where green
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