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    Cockers all forms shotgun shooting
    Winchester shotguns and collectables from the era of Winchester 101

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  1. muffin


    My grandfather was at Gallipoli RAMC he came back many did not whatever the nationality I think he was their because he was in the RAMC He never talked about it much
  2. i have a used topliss 410 single straight stock side safety dont use it now shot 100 rabbits with it 30 quid Lincolnshire 01529460094
  3. n i have shot with a 7ooo field for years have 2 2nd one unused hardly done anything also have a Diamond grade sporter and another all in Winchester cases should downsize as getting to old
  4. Have a Browning 325 2 stocks original and shorter 850ish
  5. I put my 101 in an Ogdens leather he drew round it so it fitted do not like the top 3 inches bent over
  6. I have a 325 20 bore with 2 stocks intend to put on here
  7. look up dawsons doubles an ameican site he wrote the history of mod 23 and his site has European 101 and the like
  8. muffin

    Old traps

    got some gins various sizes from Badger to rat Juba and Imbra also
  9. muffin

    410 Shotgun

    got a single had it 40 years shot 100 rabbits with it Topliss folder
  10. muffin


    trying to put a gun in sales section it keeps telling me email already taken what am i doing wrong
  11. I joined knobs to support them heard nothing first 12 months so didn't renew when not a member got lots of emails about shoots
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