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    Cockers all forms shotgun shooting
    Winchester shotguns and collectables from the era of Winchester 101

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  1. I joined knobs to support them heard nothing first 12 months so didn't renew when not a member got lots of emails about shoots
  2. Last time I was at premier guns Doveridge they had a lot of old 101 Winchester stocks
  3. have our shooting organisations invited her to see for herself
  4. I do not understand the BBC because they made these people just make some more
  5. muffin

    Gat Gun fly swatter

    Never seen one myself got some darts my brother and me used them in the house years ago
  6. muffin

    dog panel

    Anyone have a galvanised with door 5 foot x 6 foot dog kennel panel Lincs ideal
  7. muffin

    410 wanted

    Have mine for 40 quid someone on hear said they would have it never came A single 410 marked Topliss Notts shs side safety folder had it 40 yars shot 100 rabbits as pitted now as when I bought it
  8. sell you mine English Topliss straight stock side safety single had it 40 years shot 100s rabbits do not use 40quid
  9. muffin

    Winchester 101

    Have a few what you after Game Gun Clay Trap etc
  10. muffin

    Long shot

    Have an original one spoke to the chap who was making them at Shooting ahow
  11. muffin

    Runnakop clothing

    Have some would like some more 44 ish ideally brown What you got
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