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  1. Madness

    Red Arrows

    Good news for the guys who have the cafe at the viewing point
  2. Madness

    noisy planes

    Grew up two fields away from the end of the runway when the Vulcans were king, we would cycle up the road as kids and peddle like mad between the flashing road lights when they gave it big licks to take off and get blown off into the hedge bottom...... now live in the flight line of the Typhoons, not as noisey as the Vulcans and the roar doesn't last as long. They don't bother me as you get used to them.....yet the old girl 3 doors away whinges about my Harley warming up
  3. Check out some of the stuff on Lois Pryce, a British lass who did a couple of long trips and has written a couple of books too I believe
  4. Got a new bike in Feb and now can't ride it so it might as well stay in the living room
  5. Madness

    More terrorism

    Would you class ALF as far left?
  6. This country needs to buck up it's ideas and change the laws on trespass to criminal over civil in order to be able to have some form of control over these people before things get much worse which they will
  7. Question, if you pull stuff out of the river are you then responsible for it's disposal?
  8. It's the guy who makes and sells gun slips on the undercover market I need to get in touch with not the town estate thanks
  9. Bit of a long shot but does anyone on here know the chap who sells gun slips and bags at Melton Mowbray market on a Tuesday?
  10. Madness

    Lee press

    I'm looking for a lee single stage press if anyone has one lying around they don't want/use any more please
  11. No, should be a straight forward renewal. Forgot to mention that my HGV medical report costs me (well my boss actually pays it) alot more than the £30 they asked for to renew my fac/sgc and that's every 5 years too
  12. Just renewed mine with Lincs Police, both shotgun and firearms. Cost me £30 for the Doctors, and with the new online application system eventually negotiated I had my visit 3 weeks after my application went in, the Docs sent me a letter requesting payment 2 days before to which I went straight in and paid and my new certificates were delivered a week after my visit..........in all exactly 4 weeks from date of application and 2 months before my old certificates expire. Well done to Lincs Firearms licensing dept for sorting their problems out and getting back on track
  13. Met him once many years ago............lovely bloke, natural northern wit at it's finest RIP
  14. Madness

    Fox hunting

    I think you'll find the quad riders were hunt supporters rather than sabs Edited to add I follow hounds on a quad, with dogs on board and I also have been advised to wear a mask as the sabs post your face pics on social media starting a witch-hunt to find out who you are, where you live and if you have your own business they set up a campain of hate and malicious phone calls combinating in death threats and the sorts.........and they claim the hunts are the bullys
  15. Have a covering of snow here in Lincs, not much though but probably enough to cause traffic chaos in the town
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