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  1. I'm near Kidderminster and yes it is hard, but not impossible. I go down the "one off day" route.
  2. Looks like theres a few of us from Worcestershire lurking on here.
  3. I live near this shop and visited not to long ago to find the retail shop closed. Having spoke to the chap there he confirmed that the retail side of the operation and joined forces with Hartlebury Shooting at there shop, as previously posted. But they will still be working on there moderators from there Droitwich base.
  4. Zeus

    Clear out

    Hi What condition is the 1 magnet with arms, bag and 1 12 v 7amp battery £30?
  5. I think I need to get to a ground to try a few out first. Missed out on a bargain of a Maxus on the private sales section the other day.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have in my mind a Winchester SX3. From what owners have said they will cycle 2 3/4in Cartridges.
  7. Is there any downside to firing 2 3/4 inch catridges from a 3 1/2 inch chambered semi auto 12 bore? I want to buy a semi auto for pigeon and rough shooting using 2 3/4 cartridges but not sure if I should buy a 3 1/2 chambered gun to cover all bases.
  8. Does this factory have a bad rep?
  9. Cheers...I also guess that if I remove the feet and wings I could get more in neatly.
  10. Hi, Looking at getting a second hand freezer to keep shot birds in and trying to work out how many birds would fit in a 100 litre chest style freezer?
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