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  1. Evolve82

    Google Home Mini

    Haven't found that one! What is the item number or link please?
  2. Evolve82

    Google Home Mini

    I am after 2 Google Home Minis. Looking to pay about £20 each please if anyone can help?
  3. Ok well, Ill be happy to get out with you if you let me know the date. Also happy to return the favour on any of my permissions too.
  4. Would love to be part of this if the opportunity is available please?
  5. Any links to exactly what you are selling please? Not too familiar with go pro but am after something I can record my dog training and shooting on.
  6. Evolve82

    Pigeon Rotary

    Says Scotland (middle to south) on profile.
  7. What is the lop on This? My boy is a small 7 year old and his single barrel .410 is too heavy and long for him.
  8. Evolve82

    Pigeon flapper

    I'm interested in buying a flapper. Looked at ff5 but is too much money. Anyone got an older model to sell as I am just starting out and have been advised a flapper is better than a rotary. Needless to say do the have one of those either!
  9. Sorry sold early this afternoon.
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