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    Shooting clays, pigeons, occasional other game

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  1. Chris_S

    Lamber chokes

    I have a flush CYL and FULL for sale...
  2. Chris_S

    Benelli chokes

    I have some black-oxide briley extended benelli chokes in SKT/IC/LM for sale, should cover most types of shooting? They were £60ish each I think but would take £125 posted for all three.
  3. Chris.

    See TR1 post, you can get get flush Brileys from Chris Potter Guns.

    1. Chris_S

      Beretta Mobil Choke

      Did you find one? I'm looking for one too...
    2. I'll take this please if still available?
    3. Chris_S

      Lanber Choke

      I have a Lanber flulsh SKT/CYL ( no notches) and a full choke (1 notch), will sell both for £35 posted.
    4. I'll take this please
    5. I'll the other if still available.
    6. Chris_S

      Easyhit bead

      So, with both eyes open I see a single bead but it lines up between my eyes meaning the lead I see isn't the lead that I'm applying...
    7. Chris_S

      Easyhit bead

      I think I need to try out one of these to see if they help my eye issues does anyone have one they don't need? Thanks
    8. I'll take this please, PM me with bank/paypal details please
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