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  1. I'll have a practice over the weekend and have a go at the crows again next week. Shot 20 a couple of weeks ago but last week only 4 although I could hear them behind me and in some woods to my right, they seemed preoccupied with other things. Had 12 flocked decoys out and the 4 that I shot were really keen to come to them. Just getting myself rigged up for crows as I can't seem to find any pigeons at the moment.
  2. Thanks for the fast replys guys. I will unpack it now and have a go, let's hope it gets me a bit more to shoot at.
  3. Just received my primos power crow " Crow Call " it appears it is for calling "Turkeys" not seen any where I go shooting. Have I been sent the wrong thing or are they also used for calling crows ?
  4. I start as soon as I get them around 8 weeks, retrieving, hunting etc as well as the sit stay heal basics. It's more play than anything serious but they get the idea, just don't over do it.
  5. Try feeding raw food it's said to help with skin conditions associated with feeding processed foods. Make sure to include bone for the calcium that your growing pup will need. My dogs are all fed raw and look great on it.
  6. Always thought they were carnivores ( look at their teeth ) but yes they will eat fruit etc at times.
  7. I do give them eggs now and again and whole herrings or mackerel, maybe I'm over thinking the greens thing.
  8. I would look for a whole new team of guns who appreciate what they are getting.
  9. My 12 dogs eat mainly raw chicken including bone, liver, lungs, heart, feet and they do look well on it. I have noticed that when we are out walking that they eat a lot of grass so I may give them some micronised flaked peas to get some greens in their diet. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
  10. As WGD said put his food down and if he doesn't eat it straight away remove it until the next day. You won't do it many times until he will eat anything that you put in front of him.
  11. Wouldn't feed wet dog food ever. My neighbours dog is fed on it and has just had all his teeth pulled at 3yrs old. I doubt your pup will starve to death. Try some tripe and chicken carcasses
  12. Covered run with plastic barrel laid on its side with hole cut in one end. Filled with shredded paper.
  13. I also had a call on Wed evening, 200 - 300 on the peas. Went on Thursday for 5 hours and only had one shot, I will be there again tomorrow, must be mad !!
  14. davew

    ess pups

    I agree, although I think they look better docked anyway. I have seen some pretty horrific looking sights when spaniels have smashed the ends of their tails and are flicking blood everywhere. They usually have to have the tail amputated anyway. Better to spend a few quid as pups and save all that. You could probably get another £100 on the price as well. Glad you found homes for them all, maybe this tail docking thing should have its own post.
  15. davew

    ess pups

    The market may be smaller but that larger market is for pet homes. Most people who want a dog for work won't look at them if they're not docked, just my experience with Cockers and Springers.
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