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  1. Browning 525 sporter 12 gauge

    Just to clear a couple of things up!! It’s a red bead sight not red dot sight sorry! I’m not trying to rip anyone off I just want what it’s worth . I had loads of interest straight away and couldn’t understand why then a friend put me in touch with a gunsmith who said I had underpriced it that’s why I was getting lots of interest !!
  2. Browning 525 sporter 12 gauge

    No Sorry I don’t have 2 ! I thought I deleted the other ad. I have been told by a gunsmith I undervalued it before. I just want what it’s worth it’s still a fair price at £900 if someone wants to come and make a offer around that price it’s worth it.
  3. Browning 525 12 gauge

    I can’t see that written on it but it does say special steels ?
  4. Browning 525 12 gauge

    Ok I’ll have a look when I get home tonight
  5. Browning 525 12 gauge

    Sorry I don’t know is there any way you can tell ?
  6. Browning 525 12 gauge

    It’s a 2005
  7. Browning 525 12 gauge

    Thanks I’m not very experienced and I’ve since found out it is actually a sporter so I think ive quite significantly undervalued it.
  8. Browning 525 12 gauge

    It’s a trap gun
  9. iPhone 6 in GOLD 16g

    Sent you a pm
  10. Large Antler Pieces for sale

    Damn missed them again !!!
  11. Hi Does the load cover have the tabs that stick out at each end that hold it in position?
  12. Iphone 4s Unlocked

  13. Full set of golf clus ideal for starter

    Gainsborough But I'll meet within a reasonable distance
  14. Iphone 4s Unlocked

    Ok Please pm me