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  1. Too expensive? Make me a offer
  2. ianb4310

    Skeet Vest

    Not sure it measures 26 inches armpit to armpit I’m 6’6 19st fits me perfectly
  3. Deerhunter skeet/clay vest size xl very good condition £30 inc p&p
  4. ianb4310

    Skeet Vest

    Sealand 3xl skeet/clay vest very good condition £25 inc p&p
  5. Just to clear a couple of things up!! It’s a red bead sight not red dot sight sorry! I’m not trying to rip anyone off I just want what it’s worth . I had loads of interest straight away and couldn’t understand why then a friend put me in touch with a gunsmith who said I had underpriced it that’s why I was getting lots of interest !!
  6. No Sorry I don’t have 2 ! I thought I deleted the other ad. I have been told by a gunsmith I undervalued it before. I just want what it’s worth it’s still a fair price at £900 if someone wants to come and make a offer around that price it’s worth it.
  7. I can’t see that written on it but it does say special steels ?
  8. Ok I’ll have a look when I get home tonight
  9. Sorry I don’t know is there any way you can tell ?
  10. Thanks I’m not very experienced and I’ve since found out it is actually a sporter so I think ive quite significantly undervalued it.
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