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  1. I like the look of the SK Greenland jacket but just not sure I could justify that amount on a jacket.
  2. No sorry none to try as there new they have one black action one nickel left in stock they only had 3 total but there great guns I would have come up but I'm working nights till Monday now. I used the silver pigeon hunter club gun as a bit of a test to see how a 28inch felt and recoil wise
  3. Yeh I was planning on doing that tonight I just got carried away with watching Netflix haha I have seen almost metion somwere there's only roughly 100 been imported to the uk at the moment is there any truth behind that ?
  4. It has a good solid feel for a light gun and comes up so well for me it was just comfort the a400 excal traget I shot was very nice but I think if I would have got that regretted it within a coup,e of weeks compared
  5. I put 50 through it this afternoon shot brilliant I've left the auto safety on its not bothered me yet but this could be changed I went for the black action looks brilliant couldn't be happier and there's not many around
  6. Not posted or been on in awhile started shooting again and just purchased above Gun and all I can say is absolutely brilliant light weight and recoil is no worse than on any other I shot 3 guns this morning and this was by far the best in my opinion so all in all big thanks to arron and the team and kelbrook for a not rush or obligation talk without forcing sale just helpful people.
  7. Looks like aa diablos to me but I've only shot .177 so could be a different brand in .22 sorry not much help. I would hit the roof if sombody did that to my cat and said air rifle would be shoved up there ****
  8. If your welding skills aren't up to the job I would say buy a pre built used frame plenty around its going to be your daughter in there a vital weld snapping could cause a bad injury other thank that I say crack on would be a good project. John Website to try get a frame from is swapz.co.uk they swap anything and everything you could get one for somthing you want rid of anyway and there for free.
  9. That's a hare isn't it ? Edit just saying not having a go I could be wrong I'm on phone .
  10. Could you pm me the name and shop of the artist looks like some amazing work and wouldn't mind raking to him about a couple of pieces I want doing thanks. John.
  11. I'm not pro hunt but i tserves the dosey cow right it was her own fault.... You can't take part in some country sports and look down your nose at others just don't partake If you don't enjoy or agree with it I will be signing anything that appears for cps not drop a case involving this.
  12. Different people have different problems you could argue they put them selfs in harms way (not that I'm saying that) but just because sombodys life looks ok from the outside it's usually a different matter behind closed doors.
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