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  1. Does anyone have a remote dummy launcher for sale please
  2. Does anyone know of a rabbit pen in and around Worcester for a bit of training? cheers
  3. Bought one now guys thank you
  4. what's your price on that please
  5. I am after a half decent thermal spotter that isn't going to break the bank, does anyone have anything they are looking to sell?
  6. 410 hushpower waned, as close to Worcester as poss please but willing to travel
  7. 13 last Friday and 46 last night on the lamp with a .22lr 59 in total.
  8. Can people see this post?
  9. I am after a browsing t-bolt in .22 please preferably with moderator. Cheers
  10. I have a lightforce blitz atm but find it very dull compared to the nm800, what's the best blitz on the market? I have a good mounting bar so if I could get the same light just a more up to date version that would be perfect.
  11. so whats the best lamp to buy for foxing and rabbiting?
  12. Afternoon all, i am after a new scope for my HMR, what have people got for sale, looking for something decent at a good price obviously!
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