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  1. 13 last Friday and 46 last night on the lamp with a .22lr 59 in total.
  2. Can people see this post?
  3. I am after a browsing t-bolt in .22 please preferably with moderator. Cheers
  4. I have a lightforce blitz atm but find it very dull compared to the nm800, what's the best blitz on the market? I have a good mounting bar so if I could get the same light just a more up to date version that would be perfect.
  5. so whats the best lamp to buy for foxing and rabbiting?
  6. Afternoon all, i am after a new scope for my HMR, what have people got for sale, looking for something decent at a good price obviously!
  7. I use gamebore dark Storm 32/6 for game and blue diamond 28/7.5 for clays and can honestly say they are a match made in heaven.
  8. I have the 12 gauge version but looking to buy the 20 gauge if anyone knows of one for sale. Adam
  9. I have just taken ownership of a mule with a knackered engine so I'm looking for a new one, any ideas where I can get an engine for a 620 or a replacement that will fit straight in? Cheers Adam
  10. if drut doesn't have it i will please
  11. sorry i dont, you could always buy this and take it off!
  12. i have an FX200 FOR SALE IN GUN WATCH.
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