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  1. Good evening, I would love to take this lovely looking girl off you. She is almost identical to my little Sprocker girl.
  2. His profile says Derbyshire, still a big area.
  3. Update, folks got a email this morning. Live on the register just waiting for the manager to sign and post. Thanks for all the input. Paul
  4. Thanks for all the info people, tried ringing the FEO, no answer left voicemails, tried to send emails, returned undeliverable. May possibly go down to the Station. Once again thanks for the information Best Paul
  5. My friend, who has her own carpet supply and fit, would send one of her fitters local to us Sheffield, if you got all the gear £40, fitting only.
  6. Good evening all, put my renewal in with South Yorkshire police, interview was on the Wednesday 2nd August. All went well, I thinks. Nothing changed over the last 5 years, but not had any response from said force. My renewal runs out on the 29th October, any advise would be appreciated, anyone else dealing with said force similar time delays. Any advise welcome.
  7. Got a Daystate wolverine, had for over three years, never had a problem,
  8. bolly2201


    I personally use a Swann set up. Have a look at their website, some really good gear, also excellent after service.
  9. The petrol will have crystallised in the carb. Strip down and clean with choke/ carb cleaner. Should sort it. Best
  10. Thank you for the reply, emailed them as of Today Tuesday no reply. Best Thank you for your reply, Going to see them later this week. Best Paul
  11. Hello all, thought I would ask on here before scouring the web. Anyone out there involved in the supply/ fitting of new roof for Nissan 350Z Sheffield Cheers
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