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  1. Whitebridges How much for a setup like that??
  2. Very nice ,,what scope you got on it ? Thanks for the reply's ,,toss up between the T3 and the howa...what are Remingtons like ? Thanks for the reply's ,,toss up between the T3 and the howa...what are Remington's like ?
  3. Hi all. Can anyone give a review on a .204 cal that they currently own or have owned.
  4. Has anyone got a Hatson Escort semi auto for sale hull area ...cheers
  5. Ok ....i see your point ...should not be to long now 9 weeks since security check ...but if you can sell i will understand ,,,,i will keep an eye on it
  6. hi mate .. i will have it .....could you put it to one side for me .....awaiting cert....should be with me very soon.....i live about 2hrs away
  7. Merry Christmas .. Hi All i am looking for a H&R 12 Gauge Single shot,,,anybody know any UK outlets ? Thanks
  8. bagem

    hw100t or aa s510

    Thanks guys .. These are my 2 fav/ anyone selling ?
  9. Hi guys .. I am looking for HW100T or AAS510.. pm
  10. bagem

    Bresser N.V

    Nice one .catweazle ....thanks
  11. bagem

    Bresser N.V

    Hi blunderbust .. Yes it is the lidl Bresser ,,just seems a shame it can't be used in conjuction with a scope ,,there has been a lot of hype about this unit ,but has anyone got one working as an add on ??/cheers
  12. Hi all .....i know there has been a lot of discussion about this ...but can somebody please tell me /show me how to use the bresser nv with a scope /please ..thanks
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