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  1. For sale a two gun cabinet as good as new. Buyer collects from Hornchurch Essex Price £50 Price £50
  2. Yes Retro i guess a left over memory from my game shooting days A loverly bag
  3. Nice game cartridge bag for sale dark marron Collect from Hornchurch Esex £30
  4. Where about are you located ?

    1. Peter Darrant

      Peter Darrant



      Also have a gun and cabinet for sale if interested

    2. craig1982


      Thanks for the reply. but sadly I'm North of York. Sure it will all sell fast.

  5. Well i am about to retire from the shooting world after many years and intend to consetrate on my fishing in my retirment years. I intend to sell my kit as one lot and i have everything you can imagine Pigeon magenite with 2 new batteries and carry cases 2 Flappers Decoys shells and full bodied Cradles 2 nets with 6 teliscopic poles in a sholder strap case 500 32rgam 6 cartridges plus a Berreta carry case with a further 200 cartridges Seat Plus lots of other bits in a nice camo kit bag Sold as one lot £250
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