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  1. Hope you are keeping well Ron. Because one brand has been to the moon & worn by 007. Sold my seamaster 8yrs ago wish i had kept it as price's have skyrocketed. Wanted another quality Swiss watch so got myself a Tudor black bay very nice. Paul.
  2. Dog fox this morning head shot @50m with my CZ 455 22lr as was out for walk round my fishing lake and was all i took with me. =30.
  3. Was not good in Kent blew my lorry off the road took out four small tree's a power pole , hit a big tree that stopped me from rolling down a six foot bank into a pond.
  4. Problem is one mans joke is another's insult. Haven't heard any gypsies complain about it. Thought the Netflix show was as funny as expletive. Hope he's as on form when i see him tomorrow night.
  5. If they are standing at side of road, i would carry on as normal and they can cross after i've made my turn. Have you seen how busy the streets in London are? You would never get anywhere with having to stop at every turn.
  6. This is all well and good until the car/lorry up you back end isn't watching and bang . Having to drive a lorry round must of the SE of England and a fair bit in London can see this causing no end of RTC'S and road rage,
  7. Montrose shooting breaks, had three good days with him in October.
  8. I brought one, and was about a week after i made the order and paid when i got an email to say it had been sent, then another two weeks until it arrived.
  9. 3 stupid crows this morning that flew straight towards me after i missed a goose. No more then 20yrd above me first triple for me. 36g steel 1's make a mess of erm. 2530.
  10. May want to invest in a lay out blind, and get in middle of field with a few decoys .
  11. Yep just got a face book ban for telling an anti who made same sort of comment glutting about it, what i thought of them. 🤬
  12. Me and the wife would move up there, tomorrow if we could we stayed in Ashden fen was nice.
  13. Lighten up dippy, you seem to love taking digs at others. Am up at 4;30 everyday when at work so the body clock is still on work time.
  14. Ha ha you know me Ronnie. Hope you are well. Been out on the bunnies lately? Just trying to get a one for one so i can swap that T/Hole CZ as a tad heavy and get my fac opened . Regard Paul.
  15. Away for a weeks break near Louth staying on a small farm. Little bit of fishing on their lake, then about 18:00 the Typhoons thought it would be a good idea to start their night flights. I love a fighter plane but not so much when their still flying round at 22:00 when i'm in bed . 😝
  16. fse10

    What to see.

    Myself swmbo & the dog are staying in a cottage up near Louth next week for the week. What's worth seeing, doing? Will be doing a little bit of fishing in the evenings as is a lake on site. Regards Paul.
  17. I work for Whirlpool, & if we are replacing an appliance which is faulty the disconnection & connection would be free.
  18. Nice write up & nice few hours out.
  19. I do push down on the rod to keep it tight in the guide hole. Use the yellow ceramic stone then a strop and they are razor sharp.
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