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  1. Always been told: STARS; army sleep under them, navy navigate by them, RAF grade the hotels by then them
  2. 5 months in southern Italy over the summer all courtesy of her majesty. Doesnt get much better than that. Lovley Hotel aswell 😅
  3. Has anyone done this yet? My nissan is one of those effected. Is it worth it? What does it entail? ATB Pete
  4. Bit out of my price range 🤑
  5. To all the miroku fans out there, have a look at the new MK11, thing of beauty.
  6. He is looking sell it not for your opinions.
  7. Hi all, on the look out for a nice condition a620 norfolk/Suffolk area. Wood or synthetic. Cheees pete
  8. At this rate we can have a PW meet up at chalk farm 😅
  9. Thanks, I dont really hear anyone saying anything bad about the 612, so I'm going to go for it. Am I right in thinking they take a mobil choke?
  10. Hi 243deer. Thanks for the offer. We must be local to each other as that's where I shoot. I'm in swaffham. ATB Pete
  11. Hi all, Does anyone own both or used both? Looking for some reviews. Cheers pete
  12. Went to the clay ground yesterday, my mate had just bought a new 20b ATA arms 28" with extended mobil chokes. I had a go with it and was really surprised, didn't feel like it was a sub £600 gun. Lovley wood on it to. Done some research an it seems ATA are the 3rd most imported gun into the UK after beretta and browning and you can see why. Think I may need to add one to my cabinet. ATB Pete
  13. Bit to far, could of put you in contact with a good guy
  14. Hi all, For a one man band, offering services like (groundworks) as opposed to a product with no chance of charging VAT etc as below threshold. Is sole trader better than a LTD company? I'm after some advice from people that have been there and done it. Cheers pete
  15. All sorted now thanks to alfieri and his wife. ATB Pete
  16. Yeah I was going to get a gunsmith to fit. I see avalon do a beretta spacer for field guns and a microcore pad to go on top. Just wondering whether if these would do the trick
  17. Okay mate thankyou. I see kick eez do a 30mm pad
  18. Can you not put a say a 30mm pad straight on?
  19. Hi all, Found a gun i really like, however the stock is 13 1/2", how easy is it to extended this to 14 3/4". Is it just a case of putting a bigger pad on? Cheers pete
  20. Cheers mate I've had a look on guntarder not much in the area. Cheers pete
  21. Hi all, Looking for a silver pigeon game, 28". Either fixed 1/4 and 1/2 or multi. Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire. Sub £1000 Cheers pete
  22. On the green in Lulworth cove is one of my favourite places, also can't beat overlooking castle acre in Norfolk either. 2 of my favourite places
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