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  1. Good evening one and all It has been a while since I have posted on here and I wish I was posting with positive news. Sadly, whilst out shooting this morning, I received the sad news that ayano3 has sadly passed away whilst on a shoot yesterday (Friday). Graham introduced myself and a few others of the old Crown Shoot to the sloegasm and Irish Car Bombs when he visited the shoot back in 2013 The good lady and I raised a sloegasm to him during elevenses this morning. Unfortunately, we didn't get to sink an Irish car bomb to your memory this evening, but I will soon. My thoughts and sincere condolences go out to his family Sleep well my friend
  2. No offece taken old farrier ? You make a valid point magman and I will take it on-board ?
  3. Sorry to hear you were disappointed with your day lukepulford, I shall pass on your feedback to the keeper. I've shot there for the last 3 seasons (as both a single gun and part of the syndicate) and know what birds they produce, yes some drives are better than others in the respect of hight and challenging birds, but I believe that gives all abilities in the line a chance to bag a bird. Yes there is a bit of walking to pegs, as is the same for most shoots, however they do have a "gator" type vehicle to take guns to the pegs if requested. Not defending the video in any way, but it was a syndicate day and on that particular drive, the guns at the top of the hill move down with the beaters, so not wandering around at will as such, also the dog tied to the waist stops her running in (my fault for not training her properly)? Old farrier, did you notice the little 20 in the line? The video doesn't show the true hight of the birds and know you would enjoy that drive. Think of "The Nant" on the Crown and then add some more.
  4. Sorry, only just come across this post. I' on the 120 bird syndicate at Bodidris and have also booked few extra days there. The birds are very testing and this season they have a gun bus to take you around the shoot. Dave and his team do a great job flushing the birds over the line of guns. They have a few days left up for grabs for this season from small 50 bird days up to 150 bird days. This is a link to one of the YouTube videos of the shoot
  5. Go for it pal, don' forget to put the partridge in ?
  6. I believe he is asking for offers on single pegs with the intention of filling the line of guns. Ie. A team of 7 book a day @£800/gun, there are still 1, 2 or 3 pegs left to fill in the line - open to offers. I have to say, if I had paid £800 for a peg and someone joined having only paid half that amount, I would feel a little perturbed especially if they had the majority of the hot seats on the drives. He has a lot of birds on his shoots and I suppose he needs to get the best return possible.
  7. Very well made explanation. Personally if I could pay less tax, I WOULD. Good luck to anyone who can. As for the likes of Apple, Google ect paying small amounts of tax on their profits, they will be paying a fortune in income tax for their employees (Yes I know the tax is coming out of the employees wage, but at least they are employed). I found the panorama programme tonight to be very one-sided and I would wager that the presenter had a "few extra days" on the various tropical islands he visited to make the programme.
  8. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/317046-shooting-cabinet/?do=findComment&comment=2870300
  9. Have a chat with a few driving instructors and see if you can book a lesson every day, it may work out cheaper. I would think the first step would be to book the theory test and make sure he passes. Then apply for a driving test giving your first available date as soon as possible. In my experience of driving tests, you can apply today for one and not get a date for up to 3 months away. I wish him well, there is no better feeling than being out on the open road
  10. That's works out at £202.50 a brace
  11. A bean field has just been harvested this very afternoon close to myself. Only problem is that it is only 200yards from one of the pheasant pens of the local shoot. Don't think it will go down to well if I enjoyed an afternoon at that location.
  12. Stick it back on. The black ones are easy to spot. That being said, two got shot on the driven day we had a few years ago
  13. Split between no more than 12 on the moor I inquired with. Should also point out that it you shot a black grouse or Gray hen then there was a additional fine of £100 multiplied by your peg number. It can be a expensive day if you shot one of them.
  14. CENS now do an electronic plug for £299. "Proflex digital 1e"
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