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  1. HI bud, it's probably due to the previous 's x 's hammer gun I had , which held open until closed , you could be right ? If so , it just feels a bit of a blight on a nice gun really ? Are you suggesting the top lever may have a sear or something within the guns action ( if it is designed to stay open that is ) that may be the fault ? Thanks for getting back bud
  2. Hi, got a midland hammer gun which when open allows the cross bolt to go back into the action , which then of course requires you to use the top lever to clear it again to close the gun, just wondering if this is the case sometimes with these guns or theres wear somewhere ? Never had one that does this before and it spoils what is a lovely gun , would I be right in thinking the forward lump is responsible for retaining the cross bolt open and perhaps worn or is there some other area I should look at ? Anybody with a midland with the same issue ? Cheers
  3. His looking for one of the above if anyone has one for sale ? Cheers
  4. Used to be called ground rhino horn, but they stopped doing it as people started charging at landrovers !
  5. Looking at reloading with lovex powder , what's the general opinion ? Any good ? Post Title may be a bit odd but I bet it gets intrest ! F....n spell check
  6. Cheers bud, òrdered 2 just in case , thanks again 👍
  7. Hi , anyone got one of the above needing a home, cheers dogs
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