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  1. Where's basc in this ? Have I missed them or have they just not bothered to take advantage of the slot on the news ? Managed to show a clip of there wildfowling film , is that it ?
  2. Did you get my message about taking your wads at cost plus postage?  Email me on martin.batt@virgin.net please.

    1. Dogs

      Charge bars

      Hi looking for some bowman or mec charge bars for a ongoing lockdown project , cheers
    2. Yep ,found em , how many you want ?
    3. Got a bag about somewhere will sort soon as and get back to you ,
    4. Hi anyone wanting to get rid of a 2 1/4 ounce lead mec charge bar ? Have some smaller ones if anyone after swapping ?
    5. Prefer the American cases myself , especially federal,
    6. Hi bud, sorry for late reply , from memory I would say so yes, black finish , stepped , threaded bar, cheese head screw adjustment slot on top of threaded bar ,along with lock nut , hope that helps bud, one of those things you don't really look at , and take for granted , until you loose the ****** ! Thanks for getting back , cheers
    7. Hi bud, don't think they have owt to do with the old reloading gear now tried them in the past when I was after 16 bore bits , but thanks anyway, certainly concentrates the mind this lockdown business doesn't it , garden s not been so tidy in 20 years, and the home brew beer kit keeps beckoning, oh and the cars spotless , cheers bud speak to you soon hopefully thanks again,
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