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  1. Dogs

    Citroen berlingo roof rails

    Hi bud , what fittings are required ?
  2. Dogs

    Hatsan 30 " barrel

    Hi bud, may have one , depends on which generation Hatsan you have really ? In cheshire if any use to you ?
  3. Dogs

    Hi mate did you happen to sell the choke guages ? Cheers bob

    1. Dogs

      Briley chokes

    2. Dogs

      Benneli m2 cartridge follower

      Hi bud tried that and see what you mean the bolt prevents the lifter going fully up and prevents the cartridge lining up with the follower/tube, but unfortunately that is not the problem , the follower for whatever reason sticks solid , but thanks for the help bud cheers Hi bud, was thinking about aftermarket follower if all else failed , wouldn't happen to know where to get nc parts from would you ? Cheers
    3. Dogs

      Benneli m2 cartridge follower

      Hi bud will check that out ? but not sure how that would prevent cartridges bieng fed into the mag tube and making the follower stick ? Thanks bud
    4. Hi, lookin for advise regarding the above , now and again the follower sticks solid preventing the loading of shells into the mag tube, anybody had the same issues ? Cleaned it several times but still does it ? Common problem maybe ? Advise greatly appreciated
    5. Dogs

      TransK9 Dog Box

    6. Dogs


    7. Dogs

      HS STOCK

    8. Dogs


      Hi , looking for advice regarding the above, ? Dogs got a touch on his **** end , what's the best deal to sort it ? Advise greatly appreciated ? Cheers
    9. Dogs

      Wildfowling anglesey

      Hi , have been talking to a old guy who used to shoot at rhosnigher in Anglesey , was wondering if any takes place there still ? or anglesey in general ? Anybody on here have any recollections of such ? The old guy had some intresting story's
    10. Hi bud , yes ,got some 15 bore wads, not got any cards as yet cheers
    11. Cheers for that lads, much appreciated
    12. Morning , looking at loading some of the above in mag tech brass cases ? Would anybody know where to get data / loads etc ? Cheers for any info , much appreciated .