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  1. Hi bud it's a robinson of hull,
  2. Hi anyone have , or know where I can get one from ? Looking for one that fits to the bottom rib and screws into it ( holes already there, 3 off ) obviously had one originally so shouldn't be to difficult to reinstate if I can find the right one that is ? Many thanks
  3. ******** need to get a life,/job law of averages dictates these scumbags will have a level of success ,
  4. Heard he's been arrested for dodgy building deals and witnesses intimidation ? O dear !
  5. Hi, looking for a scope rail for a no 4 enfield, heavy duty locking wedge type, i think parker hale made a version , solid fitting and possably the only ones that work .
  6. On my last renew I was told that my smokeless powder was to go in the box too ? So because I had smokeless and black they had to go together, but if I just had smokeless it could go in the fridge for all they care What's all that about ?
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