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  1. Got some 16 bore from Clay n game , think they do 12 g also ?
  2. Not to sure but basc or some of the other orgs may have something , worth a look
  3. Any good to anyone ? £5 + post
  4. Hi bud , just asking , as the reloading I am doing at the moment has presented me with about 1/4 " of shot proud of the cup , which I would lmagine would not be subject to sufficient set back,, intresting to know what the dynamics of the loose shot against the contained shot, Hi mate, sounds feasible , "could" I suppose leave a "ring gap "in the pattern maybe ?
  5. Hi, just wondering what the pros and cons of loading plastic shot cups with shot which exceeds the top of the cup ? As most seem to do , any advise remarks etc greatly appreciated
  6. 5 karate kits (2 off tournament weight) good condition £35+ post, 4 x size 3 1 x size 4
  7. Hi bud, thanks for the data ,
  8. Hi bud sorry , only just noticed your reply. Other things going on and that
  9. Maybe here soon ? The plank on the bbc news this morning reckoned a home office source had advised him it was being looked at ? " In light of recent events "
  10. Hi the still one is medium to large, the other one is medium , I could post but I imagine it may cost a bit , irl get the sizes to you should you still be intrested
  11. still chainsaw kit very little use if any and another part kit made by dolmar (had use ) £140 also includes still hard hat with face shield +ear defenders, nr Manchester /
  12. Hi, looking to reload with green dot for 16 bore, maybe 7/8 or 1 Oz , does anyone have or know of any load data for such ? Had a go at some of the alien loads but component availability is a bit restrictive , thanks for any info forwarded , much appreciated , cheers
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