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  1. On my last renew I was told that my smokeless powder was to go in the box too ? So because I had smokeless and black they had to go together, but if I just had smokeless it could go in the fridge for all they care What's all that about ?
  2. I would say a lot more than 100 quid on those chokes, ! Lovely gun ! Bargain of the week without a doubt ,
  3. Hi bud, can I have the first one ? in the pictures the boxed sporting gun one
  4. Seems above board what's up with yer, 😃
  5. Hi Would take them if still available , 🗯️
  6. Usual to come individual in packaging, are they supposed to be new ! ???, not right them bud
  7. Hi bud, can I ask the chamber length ?
  8. Hi bud, not looking to step on toes just curious,
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