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  1. Dogs

    Auto A5

    Hi bud, got a few a5, s always struggle to date them properly , must make a proper effort, got a 16 love it, miss the speed loader which some of the 12,s have don't think they ever did them on the 16 ,s ? Let me know if you get sorted ,you may of started something 😂
  2. Dogs

    Punt guns

    Was there not a recorded instance of it somewhere ? Sure I read of it some years ago ?
  3. Dogs

    Punt guns

    Hi anyone know the " record " for birds taken with a punt gun ? In a single shot ? And where ?
  4. Hi could you send pics and would you post ? Cheers bob.wilcox@hotmail.co.uk, 07594732706

    1. Dare say a lee loader with a 16 or 20 set up may get you started, as fare as deprime , prime, and wad and powder drop,? Then roll turn ?
    2. Depending on what your doing , one of the models of mossberg is bored on the 10 bore side, very sought after by some, can't remember the model , number of my head ?
    3. It set of back to a car park about 3/4 mile away, one lad set off to see if he could pin point it, but found nothing, except several cars unattended of course !
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