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  1. Maybe ? If so, the goons might see how bent the ***** is
  2. Good hope it cost him a fn fortune
  3. Dogs

    8 bore auto

    Maybe a bored out ithaca ? Lot of that going on back then with the Spanish s x s , s , intreasting though , bet it turned out to be a lot of work to do , but a bit pointless really
  4. Dogs

    8 bore auto

    Bet finding them was intresting to, especially on a night flight, maybe you had to train your dog !
  5. Dogs

    8 bore auto

    That action Looks a bit Sp10 / ithaca , maybe ? Bet that was fun to use ?
  6. Common with some housing associations,/councils , few lads I know just don't say owt, one of which goes out with his gun in a fishing holdall to fool the neighbours, don't think there is much council / police interaction in regards to the issue ?
  7. Yes I got a fair few bits some time ago from them, great shame !
  8. Hi, don't know if I am doing something wrong but the shipping from them is through the roof ! Used to get stuff from them at reasonable cost but things have changed by looks of things ?
  9. Dogs

    16 bore clear cases

    Hi anyone have any available,to load non toxic ? Cheers
  10. Hi looking for some clear 16 cases to load non toxic ? Any available ?
  11. Hi bud cheers for that, been using/ loading Mr deakin 's "bottle top seal " through my 8,s for some time, and he told me about the Winchester set up ,didn't know about the spacer wad though ? Knew they were a good cartridge from past use , but to tight to cut one up !
  12. Hi bud, following with great intrest, can I ask , what's the odd looking thick wad out of the Winchester case ?
  13. Will ring em Monday cheers
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