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  1. Remington sp10. 30" barrel, 3 choke s , used but in good condition , bolt buffer and slide buffer ok. Good old goose getter, needs a new home £850. rfd to rfd available
  2. Dogs


    These any good to anyone? good condition, smoke free home £20 + post by
  3. Hi bud have the 3 crowns 16 bore now sold .?
  4. Hi graham,  if you have any of the bowman wad fingers for sale by any chance I would be willing to buy some from you,,,    I use a 12 g and a 16 guage, cheers

  5. Hi bud, if you're willing to let me get one / some from you give me a shout , cheers Not sure how that would work out bud ? Might have a go and see out of curiosity ?? L
  6. Cheers will do Will let you know if owt sorts it bud
  7. Hi anyone know of any wad guide which would serve as a replacement for the brass type original , cheers
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