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  1. Hi bud have the 3 crowns 16 bore now sold .?
  2. Hi graham,  if you have any of the bowman wad fingers for sale by any chance I would be willing to buy some from you,,,    I use a 12 g and a 16 guage, cheers

  3. Hi bud, if you're willing to let me get one / some from you give me a shout , cheers Not sure how that would work out bud ? Might have a go and see out of curiosity ?? L
  4. Cheers will do Will let you know if owt sorts it bud
  5. Hi anyone know of any wad guide which would serve as a replacement for the brass type original , cheers
  6. Hi , anyone got 70 mm cases 28 guage for sale ? Cheers
  7. Got one of these sat morning in the post, had a test run this morning worked spot on and made all the difference can't fault it , when the missus goes out to the hairdressers next, ime going to set about the knives and forks and see what happens NOT ! Seriously it's OK , and made life a bit easier , which is all you can ask , so thanks again bud, pmd you 👍
  8. Think the adjustment is also adjusted by a metal shim underneath / along with the stock nut ? May be wrong sure somebody will be along , plenty of m2 owners on here ,
  9. Hi bud , sorry for the late reply , thanks for getting back , could probably use them somewhere no doubt, what shot capacity are they can I ask , pm me if OK ?
  10. 2 bags left £30 + £10 postage each
  11. Hi, anyone looking to move on any thing 28 gauge wise ? , starting off so anything considred, cheers
  12. Dogs

    28 bore r/t tool

    Hi anyone got one of the above up for sale, cheers
  13. Hi bud near Mossley / Saddleworth,   got 2 bags left bud,    wish ide more ,but bin a lot of intrest

  14. £10 signed for £15 all singing all dancing ,
  15. 180 gn Winchester .311 / 303 bags of 250 £30 + postage
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