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  1. Out on wheat stubble couple of weeks back in the night we was watching Charlie mooching through and mopping mice up for fun on thermal seems more around this year
  2. Yes very good rate I can remember hitting 136 pigeon on wheat stubble for a slab thinking to myself well that's a good average in anyone's book but when driving home I realised I miss 114 birds🦅. Bet he was buzzing with his rate.
  3. Quick update gun shop was very helpful in the end swapped 12g for kofs 20g-30" o/u and bought a ATA sporter 12g so I'm happy also think shops happy with second sale thanks all
  4. Farmer called us in today to shoot barley stubble which had couple hundred geese, crows and pigeons on our arrival plus couple hundred pigeons on newly cut rape fields so we decided two to shoot barley field and I'll shoot rape, very hard day on the rape stubble birds just wouldn't decoy so end up hit anything flying by, my mates had similar problem but the crows gave good high targets they ended up with 65 mixed bag and I hit 80 pigeons 4 crows
  5. Hi all, been out 3 times on barley stubble in last 2 weeks hit 143-136-111 always start with two dead birds on a magnet with 7 birds on for me best decoying tool in my bag mechanics peckers, magnets can be both negative and positive which normally after hour decoying will tell me which, on all 3 of them bags the magnet spooked them. Peckers look more natural movement has in not quick n sharp like flappers,magnets which gives the birds more confidence to decoy.
  6. Thanks boys but just can't see me using gun with confidence after this fixed or not may reject it ask for my money back put it towards another
  7. Just this morning had gunshop ring can't find any problems with the gun😒seems odd considering trigger goes rock hard on second shot every now and then though there be something offensive to a gunsmith in trigger housing, so asked where do we go from here told have the gun back to try again WHY if gunsmith haven't sorted this problem out I'm not shooting a dangerous gun. Looks like trying to avoid giving my money back or new gun well I'm not interested in another one of them so money back please, been told he'll speak to the manager due in at 9 to see if that's possible!!!POSSIBLE more like sorry sir here's your money back plus slab of cartridges or something for any inconveniences
  8. Yes that's what happened with my gun but lucky enough gun still pointed into field, be honest I've got no interest in gun working or not now it'll always be ticking away in brain box will it want it but got to give shop a opportunity to fix gun I guess, silver pigeon coming out tomorrow Bought gun from sportmans for newport I've got no problems with them took gun straight away going to gunsmith Monday. May ask for refund (not fit for purpose)
  9. Hi tightrope, it's definitely not a cartridge problem or bad primers has I said the trigger goes rock solid no movement has in no hammers engaging or any click any delay seems to be in trigger not hammer action, its very dangerous problem and I'm worried will the safed fail at any given time to.
  10. Anyone heard or seen this problem with I gun before? I bought a kofs 12g couple of weeks back just for pigeon shooting took it on its first outting yesterday, gun fired perfectly first 20 plus cartridges then first barrel away second trigger went rock hard 2/3 seconds after gun fired this happened 3 times on third occasion again first barrel away second rock hard trigger followed by 5 second delay then gun fired frightened me to death (didn't use gun after) taken gun down to shop this morning only for them to say bad primers which isn't the case I know then a hammer strikes which it didn't on them 3 times trigger went rock hard, been shooting for 40 years never seen or heard of a gun doing such a thing before so just wondering have anyone known of a problem like it.
  11. hi m8 looking or some thing to find shot fox in say sugar  beet  not up on all this themal stuff  what sort of distance will it see at night

  12. hi all, looking to sell my flir 240 scout thermal imager had him for new and still works like the first day, very clean and carrying case,battery lasts 3/4 nights without charging, still got box and bits that came with it, good bit of kit at very low price £450. tele 07708052770
  13. just had reply from nitesite today and its seem hawke sidewinder the one
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