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  1. It says £5.95 on the box 😂😂😂😂
  2. Either you lead a very sheltered life, or are retired as it was happening in so many other professions and that’s only the ones I know of 😉
  3. Yes, they stopped us helping ourselves to the barcart…..
  4. Also a point to note is that for driven boar etc that they use 18.5” barrel slug guns- one of these on a sling, slung upside down could have these lethal consequences.
  5. More ‘dirty’ for is addictive and withdrawal problems Yes you can. Chemist4u does the combined pack. Think Boots does just the pink ones?
  6. Amitriptyline, is an SSRI and widely used as an anti depressant, but also for pain relief and used for severe headaches in some. Only available on prescription I’m afraid. Migraleve pink and yellow tablets have I been told, been effective as both pain relief and anti nausea properties too. Hope that you find a solution soon.
  7. Confiscated more like 😉
  8. I’m wondering where all my darkroom equipment went from the late 80’s. Spent many an hour messing about with developer and fixers…
  9. Jaymo

    DJI Mavic Pro

    Great price and a great ‘bird’. I have the Mavic air already, otherwise I would be having this one.
  10. I’m not allowed to mention the JLR follow me around, breakdown vehicles. Apparently JLR owners can get a bit tetchy….
  11. When you click on a profile using an iPhone for instance, just scroll down to ‘member profile’ and their location ( if provided) will be there.
  12. I thought your bike came with its own dedicated Rickman breakdown service vehicle, that follows you everywhere for the inevitable 😂
  13. Have you turned the heating down as she has cooled off…
  14. It stands for ‘f I’m good’ just ask me’ Come on, get with it!!!!
  15. An article from 2018!!!!!
  16. Wouldn’t have had the same visual impact of a small inflatable crossing the Channel. By portraying that there will be lines and lines of migrants, it had the desired ‘marketing’ effect.
  17. Which Christmas cracker did you get that one from…….
  18. Thought the messiah and his helpers, were guaranteeing that you would be able to take back control and stop what the picture depicts!!!!!!
  19. My thoughts and feelings too. Look at all participants, except for bo n caz, they are all over a meter apart and outdoors. ( just seen the twin kneeling in the grass, same bubble?) Nice summers day is prob better than conducting business inside- Cheese n wine I hear you say, when I worked for the NHS, it was this and more, all paid for by the tax payer too.
  20. None of my purchases are because I ‘need to’ 🙂
  21. That’s the problem, I’ve treated myself a bit too much. That would be my fifth 12g purchase in three months, I’m a magpie 🙂
  22. I must have viewed this a gazillion times today in the hope that someone has purchased it….
  23. Very nice. Not sure as to when I would likely to be up Nottingham way though.
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