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  1. Bit late in the day but Happy Birthday fellow Ginge. 🎂🎂🍺🍺🥳
  2. Oh gawd, I haven’t got another stalker have I?
  3. Jaymo

    Air con unit

    Plod will think that either you have started your own ‘grow’ business, or that Dave -G has moved in and the foil is to help with his wacky conspiracy theories and stop them reading his mind 😉
  4. Jaymo

    SxS 16, bore.

    Can you move to Norfolk please 😂
  5. Jaymo

    Energy Price Cap

    It evolved into Council tax of course. Same tax, different name but now more expensive than Poll tax would have been.
  6. Jaymo

    Energy Price Cap

    Benefits or not, you will still have to pay for your energy usage. Better getting sent to prison- fed/watered/ no tv licence/ free water and free heating.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11090267/French-police-foil-migrants-looking-sneak-Channel-puncturing-dinghy-KNIFE.html Seems not all of them are ‘assisting’!
  8. Your also assuming that your local dealer /Decathlon will accept your UK SGC. Some do, some dont. Both my local Decathlons when I lived there wouldn’t, but I had local license too so no biggie. My local shop on the other hand sold, everything without a desire to see anything but my money.
  9. You just confirmed what we all knew 🤣🤣🤣
  10. This Government desire is to use it, the one sitting across the house have even more wacky ideas.
  11. I thought I saw them going west on ‘aka laka daka street’
  12. Received a reply from SIL and the account is different from what was in the ‘family chat’ so I retract my earlier comment. This is what she just wrote. ‘We had the delay of getting to Folkestone because of Operation stack but then because we were flexi we were straight on the next train. Way back we had quite a long delay because a train had broken down and they had to get everyone off which then caused a back log. It is VERY busy at both terminals’
  13. SL, lovely and on the ‘wish list’. There is one for sale locally but didn’t dare stop to see the price.
  14. Were they on the early morning return? Just re reading the ‘family’ group chat and there is mention of ‘bloody Dutch n Belgian trucks n cars’ blocking routes and unable to charge their car due to Dutch ‘non ev’ parking in the charging points to go for food at roadside restaurant. Don’t like making a statement based on a WhatsApp so I’m going to message her directly. Am always happy to admit and apologise if I have it wrong.
  15. They do the trip annually l- had terrible queuing on leaving at Ashford the previous week and said their return was almost as bad and not their usual experience.
  16. From my sister in law who came back last Saturday via the ‘channel tunnel’, yes they were. Now explain that one when it’s the UK Border Force in action there?
  17. Jaymo

    Foot Ball

    It’s great… Were all splayed out on the couch. Such a different style and less fouling than with mens footie.
  18. I know that much. I was being coy about the reference and comparison.
  19. I don’t know what you mean 😉
  20. Steering wheel? You muppet. It’s a control column and reminiscent of Concords - think that’s how it’s being sold to us?
  21. We all like a ‘Brazilian’ Feet dry Aaaaah, hotel time ( can’t afford the food here, almost forty quid for a basic pizza n beer)
  22. Official secrets act an all that 😉 But suffice to say. Unlike Mels guess, I’m about to ‘turn n burn’- more like gracefully cruise on up to Norway
  23. It’s been non stop for past year…
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