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    1. Jaymo

      1/4 unc bolts

      Can I have a new car please....
    2. That was a close shave, nearly placed a bid 🙂
    3. Oh, some of the ads in the mid 80’s- if only I had been in gainful employment and not in a school uniform.
    4. You mean tickle it’s naughty bits?
    5. Jaymo

      Lord Geordie

      Nothing stopping any ‘collection’ being used to fund something to ease his recovery? The system sucks when people are worrying over receiving money that may or may not, exempt them for the Government assistance that they currently receive!
    6. Well you should have placed the ad in ‘The Sun’
    7. Landing gear is only so you can use the plane again, todays ‘throwaway’ society and all them ‘spare’ ones parked up, means I can crash a few. Last week you didn’t have it up for sale as you were still ‘Banned’ 🙂
    8. Now you never said it had a Kwak motor- that would have made all the diff 🙂 Third dibs or £80.20p as a gazump
    9. Mine arrived today 👍🏻
    10. Assuming you take and pass the ‘Pemit du chasse’ including the practical exam, unless you hunt on a private domain
    11. They can contact my friends and wife- they know me and my filthy habits anyway. 😂
    12. Was just going to say that, I had the same
    13. Received my email from Browning saying my ‘goodies’ are on their way, no I didn’t have to buy a new gun either!!!
    14. Where does it say you actually have to purchase a gun? It says about intention to buy And not to actually complete a purchase? But there may well be the stipulation that your dealer once you purchase, releases your info back to Browning and they then dispatch said items to you?
    15. Can’t believe someone is moaning for getting something for free! What’s the world coming too?
    16. There is often a clue as to someone’s location when your filling out their SGC !!!!!
    17. Yep, give Eastgun near Brundall a call as was informed they were doing deliveries?
    18. Jaymo


      Local B&Q has some, along with all the accessories and chemicals. Ours is a copy of the Lay z spa, but has been great the past couple of years Go chlorine and not bromine is my recommendation
    19. British Gypsum were due to restart production two days ago- will take many months to catch up. Boards in 2.4m are in short supply but 1.2’s are avail in some places I’ve been too I was after plaster as per my earlier posting- was very fortunate to obtain a load. It was short dated but that didn’t matter to me, was asked to take all that they had. Sold some spare bags at the not extortionate amount of £15- knew I could have asked a lot more, but it just didn’t sit well with me.
    20. Aaaaaahhhh, the days when we youngster’s could buy knives and not be stabbing each other ( well, only accidentally when playing ‘chicken’ 🤣)
    21. Not just Bank Staff, I’ve witnessed some truly appalling behaviour at various outlets, and that’s just today ! Whats wrong with people? I just cannot fathom the outbursts, both verbal, but physical too!
    22. Had one shatter- got to see the distal phalanx on my right hand 🙂 One operation later and its almost normal!!!!
    23. Price of crude, still cost to further refine- transport and distribute. Dont think we will be seeing free fuel just yet!!!
    24. Jaymo

      Killing Eve

      It did indeed, with I believe the ability to Download future episodes. Were not going to binge watch, but wait for each weeks episode to have at least something to look forward too ( all these days seem to blur into one monotonous lost week)
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