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  1. To be honest a lot of roads I have been on have not just been motorways and A roads been plenty of B roads and our right into the country. I have seen the odd post but in general can drive for hours without seeing anything. But hope am wrong hopefully they are about in big flocks and hopefully split up and cover bigger areas soon
  2. Am a HGV driver and get around a bit on the last month I have been everywhere all over Yorkshire (North/East/South/West) also the midlands,Cambridgeshire,Leicestershire,Staffordshire,Shropshire and North Wales and Lancashire. I get a good view across the fields and watch out for pigeon all day everyday I cover thousands of miles and can’t believe that I haven’t s seen any real numbers can travel all over and see nothing. The most I have seen has been in Yorkshire heading towards Doncaster on the A1 on the rape apart from that nothing. So question is where do they all come from as nothing on fields or woods
  3. The last few years when pigeon shooting have always taken three bouncers and also full bodied crow and pigeon decoys. Fed up of carrying gear across fields was thinking this year of buying twenty flocked shell crow decoys and the same pigeon and leaving it at that. To be honest I know that bouncers provide movement but I get the feeling where I shoot oin Wales the crows don’t like them. Anybody else just travel light and use the basics. Will use the decoys then add dead birds to the pattern when I shoot them as we all know can’t beat the real thing. Do you think my bag size will decrease just by using shells
  4. Does anybody shoot near or around Malpas area near Whitchurch. May have a farm 250/300 dairy farm available to shoot on it’s got a couple of ponds on don’t think he grows serial crops but small woods nearby do you think you would get decent amount of crows and pigeon in summer anybody shoot around this area.
  5. Fiddich thank you very much for the information it is a good help to me I have filled in the application form as am looking to shorten the distance I travel to go wildfowling but looks like I may be better putting up with the travelling time to get some decent shooting. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Could you give me an idea why it’s not worth the money I appreciate your reply but anymore information would by useful. Cheers and all the best.
  7. Has anybody any information to give about this club is anybody on here a member? I have looked at the website but any other information that may be useful before I apply. Thank you in advance.
  8. Anglesey Wildfowlers looking for new members. Call Clifford on 0151 428 2469 for more Information and address to send off for application form.
  9. Anglesey Wildfowlers are looking for new members.Posting for a friend. Cost is £160 for year plus £25 joining fee. The £160 includes BASC membership. Plenty of foreshore shooting over three different areas. If interested call Clifford Spenceley (Chairman) on 0151 428 2469 for more information and to get an application form.
  10. Fantastic gun last somebody a lifetime good luck with sale.
  11. If a permission is rated for .22lr is it ok to use .17hmr on this ground am getting lots of mixed opinions.
  12. That's a good offer good of your club to help other wildfowlers.
  13. Got to be a hilux. Was teaching a mechanic to drive the other week he lived in Australia and worked as a mechanic over there. He said they had Hilux in for servicing some over 20 years old and not an oil leak to be seen anywhere and also some silly mileage on them and still original engines fitted. From an engineering point of view it's got to be the hilux for durability and reliability but I know they are not as flashy as the L200's etc but for me I need a vehicle I can trust and rely on. You pay more initially maybe but save in the long run on repairs etc. The L200s can start to have problems around the 100k miles I have heard.
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